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How To Edit Videos On Slow Low End Laptop/PC Like Pro!
74 views · Nov 14, 2022
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In this video, I am going to show you how to edit videos on slow low end laptop and PC like pros using kdenlive.

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00:00 Possibilities
00:34 How to Install Kdenlive Video Editing Software
00:45 Kdenlive Interface Explained
01:55 Project Settings & Configuration
03:24 How to Import Footages in Kdenlive
04:40 Clip Monitor In and Out Options
05:06 Save Project Option
05:44 Delete & Razor Tool
06:17 Selection Tool
06:44 How to Add Multiple Audio & Video Tracks
07:32 Group/Ungroup Tool & Sync Audio With Video 
08:22 Duplicate Footage 
08:35 How to Add Text
09:24 Background (Color Clip) 
10:05 How to Add Transition On Video & Audio
11:24 Video/Audio Effects
11:37 How to Blur Whole Footage OR Specific Area
12:06 Zoom & Rotate
12:34 Zoom In & Zoom Out Using Keyframing 
13:10 Crop From Left/Right, Top/Bottom
13:37 How to Add Circle Effect 
14:09 Add Effect Directly On Track
14:37 How to Change Speed of Video Footages
15:08 Color Grade 
15:35 How to Add Background Music 
16:17 How to Copy Effects From One footage to Another 
16:39 Undo & Undo History
17:00 Full Screen Preview  
17:18 Kdenlive Keyboard Shortcuts 
18:03 Manage Cache Data 
18:26 How to Export/Render
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