How to Change Default Font In Word & Set New One

Working on Microsoft Word with the typical default font “Calibri” or “Times New Roman” sometimes makes it boring while working on it and literally I also don’t like it too much, So I will definitely like to change this default font to another font and if you also want to do it then these few simple steps will be helping you to do it.

I am doing these steps on Microsoft Word 2019 but most probably it will work on all versions.

1. Open Microsoft Word

2. Click on Blank Document

3. Press Ctrl+D to open the Font dialog box.

For Mac users, you can use Command+D

4. Now change the font from here, like I have changed it to Microsoft Sans Serif but you can change it according to your choice.

5. Now click on Set As Default

6. Now select any of these options

If you want to set the default font for only the document you opened for that time then select the first option and if you want to set the default font for every document you create then select the Second option. Like I have selected the second option then in my case, whenever I open Microsoft Word and create any document, the default font will always be Microsoft Sans Serif, I don’t need to change it every time.

7. Click Ok

Note:- If the Ctrl+D shortcut does not open the Font dialog box, then you can click here as shown in the picture.

After doing all these steps, you are done! Now your default font is changed from that typical default font to your favorable font.

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What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word-processing software that lets you create, edit, view, and share your files with others quickly and easily. Many users use it on a huge scale in most official as well as educational organizations like Schools, Offices, Colleges, Government Organisations, etc. It provides various tools to make word processing easier.

What are alternatives to Microsoft Word?

Since Microsoft Word is a paid software so all users may not pay for it for that, there are some alternatives for this like Google Docs, Libre Office, WPS Office, Zoho Docs, Apache OpenOffice, etc.

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