How Download Manager Works & Provide Better Downloading Speed?

If you have been using a PC or smartphone then you must be using a download manager or heard about it at least. But did you know how the download managers help you attain optimum download speeds?

What is Parallel Downloading?

Parallel downloading means that the file you want to download will be established from multiple connections and the file is going to be downloaded in parts. This results in much faster download speed in comparison to regular downloads. These days a lot of chromium-based browsers have added this feature. 

It is not enabled by default so you have to do some digging. But here I am sharing the guide on how you can enable this in your Chrome browsers. Let’s check this out.

  • Simply open the chrome browser and click on the URL box 
  • Paste the following address “chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading” and hit enter 
  • Now you’ll see the parallel downloading option first in the list. 
  • It would be set “Default”, click on it and set it “Enabled” 
  • And you’re done. 
chrome flags parallel download

Now whenever the file you are trying to download takes more than 2 seconds, Chrome will create multiple connections for it to download faster. 

How Download Managers Work Practically

When you want to use any download manager, always install its extension in your browser as well. What this will do is that it will automatically catch downloads from the browser and start them in the download managers. This will save you from finding the download links and copy-pasting them in the download manager. 

Now you can also change the number of connections you want to create for the downloading file to take place. For example, if you’re using FDM, you can head over to the preferences options to make the changes. In there, look for the “Traffic Limits” and you can choose among low, medium, and high. I’d suggest you stick with the default options for the best results. 

FDM traffic limits in preferences

So, in normal circumstances, when I go to download any file, I’d get the speed of 1MBps. Now let’s say I have set the number of connections as 2. This will create two parts of the same file, and each one will be downloaded for around 1MBps. So, this will decrease the time of downloading by half, approximately. 

Note: This will work up to some extent. You can’t always decrease the download time by 3-4 times. 

When you download any file using FDM, you can visualize the parts that are being downloaded. It doesn’t happen in a queue, but rather it will download the parts of the file randomly. This will be represented in the form of blocks. With this method, you utilize the bandwidth optimally and save a lot of time while downloading. 

Why Should You Use A Download Manager?

I have shown you how you can enable parallel downloading in your chrome. Now you might be wondering by installing a separate download manager then? There are a lot of things that you will miss if you don’t use a download manager. Here are a few for example. 

Download very large files without any error

Most of the time large files create problems while downloading in a regular browser. A download manager can save you from that hassle. 

Pause and resume downloads whenever you want

You can pause and resume downloads without any errors. This also protects the downloads in case of any internet disconnection. 

Schedule the download according to your preferences.

Sometimes the internet is fast only for a certain time, which in most cases is at night. So, you can schedule the downloads for that specific time and it will begin according to the set time. 

Change download URL when expired

You can easily change the URL of the downloading file in case the existing link expires. Your download will be resumed from where it was left. 

Scan the files for any virus or any other ransomware

You can protect your PC from any malicious attack using the download manager’s protection section. There, you can set up your antivirus program if you have any installed and it will automatically scan them and send your notification after downloading. 

Manage all your downloads in one place

In case you use multiple browsers, like me, then you can install the Download Manager’s extension on your browser and it will help catch all the downloads and start them in the download manager itself, all the time. 

Limit your download speeds

You can limit and set download speeds in case you don’t want to allocate your whole bandwidth to the downloading. This will help you browse the internet in the background. 

Automated sorting for multiple files

When you are downloading multiple files, it will help you sort them, based on their file type, or time of downloads.  

So, that’s all for the topic of download managers. I hope you find it useful and if you have any queries, you can drop them in the comment section below and I will try to resolve them.


How does IDM (internet download manager) work?

IDM, like any other download manager, works by creating multiple connections and downloading the files in parts to give you fast downloading speed in less time.  

Do download managers really work?

Yes. Download Managers do make a difference for downloading, especially when you want to download large-sized files. 

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