11 Hidden Settings In Windows That You Should Know

1. Dark Theme

Windows 10 gives you a lot of power over colour schemes. You can set the Operating system to either dark mode or light mode. This option changes the shade of the Start menu, taskbar, settings menus, and other programs that are compatible with these theme changes.

Dark mode Windows 10

Applying the dark theme in the windows program is a demand now and one can easily do it in Windows 10 and below are the steps to do so. 

  1. Click on start button then go on to settings gear
  2. Click on personalization option
  3. Then go on to select the color option 
  4. After that scroll down 
  5. Now you can find the option to set it to dark or light mode 
  6. Then you are done

2. Focus Assist

Basically it is a feature which allows the users to stay focused on a particular activity in the system by disabling the pop-up notifications in the screen which is a great feature to avail.

Focus assist

So, to avail this feature following are the steps:

  1. Search in the windows section “Focus settings”
  2. Then click on the icon 
  3. Next you will see various options to customize focus assist 
  4. Choose either “Priority only” or “Alarms”
  5. Select the “Priority only” option for better experience
  6. Customize the priority list
  7. Then you are done

What’s more?

Users can check the Automatic rules for more flexible experience when Focus assist is on. Also, in the priority list users can select the particular app, contact and services to not be disabled.

In addition, when you turn the full-screen mode on from the focus assist settings then you won’t get any notifications as well. 

3. Change Accent Color

Accent is the color which is highlighted in the borders of a window or the colors which are highlighted in the taskbar and also in the action center and in many more areas.

Accent Color Windows 10

Below are the steps to change the accent color

  1. Search for accent in the windows search bar
  2. The you will see a color palette 
  3. Select the required color from the palette
  4. You can also select a custom color by entering the #code
  5. Then you are done

What’s more?

Below the color palette you can see the option to enable or disable the effect of accent in taskbar, start menu, title bars and action center. 

4. Make and Receive Call

This is another unique feature which can only be availed by Windows 10 and Android users for now because the rest of the OS in the market does not feature this.

Basically, there are few requirements such as – Bluetooth connection, “Your Phone” app on both Windows and Android smartphones with the same account logged in.

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Following are the steps:

  1. Download the ”Your Phone” app on both the devices
  2. Make sure you are logged in to the same account from both the device
  3. Connect the phone via Bluetooth to the system
  4. Make sure to sync the data of the phone multiple times with the app
  5. Then you are done.

Now, you can take action for your incoming call through your system when connected to the mobile phone.

5. Night Light

When we are continuously writing, reading something or even working in the system then it becomes difficult for our eyes to cope up with the screen because of all the vibrant colors and it is also not healthy for our eyes.

Night light Windows 10

Basically, it changes the color scheme of the whole screen into more of a yellowish tint or a warm tint which allows the users to comfortably use the system for a longer period of time with less effect on eyes.

Steps to enable the night light and adjust accordingly:

  1. Search for night light in the settings option
  2. Adjust the intensity level of the night light effect
  3. Schedule the time
  4. You are done

What’s more?

You can see some advanced options to schedule the night light and also you can set it as per the sunrise and sunset time.

Or on the bottom of the window you can set a timer according to your comfort and it will be activated and deactivated accordingly. 

Alternatively, if you set the intensity according to your comfort level then you can directly turn the night light on from the notification shade itself.

6. Performance Booster

Basically, in this setting the system lets you select the mode for either performance or appearance which is quite needed these days because with time the system becomes slow which annoys most of us. 

Performance Booster Windows 10 1

So, to boost up the performance following are the steps:

  1. Right click on “This PC”
  2. Then click on properties
  3. Select the “advanced settings” option in the left corner
  4. After you are in advanced section select the performance option
  5. Then in the visual effects section click on “Adjust for best performance”
  6. Or click on “custom” with “Smooth edges of screen fonts”
  7. Then click on the apply button and you are done.

Basically, it is the setting that disables all the smooth transitions in the whole OS to offer you an optimal result in case of performance. In short, you are compromising something to achieve something. 

7. Increase Performance

Here is another trick which can be performed to increase the performance without compromising any visual or transitional effects. 

Ultimate performance unlock Iwndows 10

Following are the steps to increase performance:

  1. Search for “powershell” in the windows search bar
  2. Click on it
  3. Now simply paste this command in the powershell- “powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61”
  4. Now you can enable “Ultimate Performance” option from the power settings
  5. And you are done

8. Calculator Tips

Windows has many features to offer and calculator is one of the best tools many users are unaware of because many of us use mobile phones to convert and calculate. 

Calculator Windows 10

But, Windows features the best calculator with real-time conversion rate and values which is fascinating. 

  1. Search for calculator in the windows search bar
  2. Click on calculator
  3. Then click on the options bar
  4. You will see many converters there
  5. You can also get benefitted with real-time conversion rates if connected to the internet

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9. Remove Junk Files

Many people are unaware of the fact that junk files and unwanted driver files take up a lot of space in the storage and eventually the RAM too which decreases the speed of the system.

To clear the junk files Windows has an in-built tool which can easily clear the unwanted files for you. 

Storage clean up Windows 10

To avail this tool following are the steps:

  1. Search for free space or storage settings in the windows search bar
  2. Then look for storage sense and click on free up space
  3.  Then turn the “storage sense” on
  4. Click on the option ”Change how we free up space”
  5. Then change the removal of temporary files to 30days
  6. Then change the storage sense to run once a month
  7. And you are done.

10. Set/Change Default Apps

There are times when many files are not supported in many applications to view. So, at this time the user can easily select the apt software from the default app settings and easily avail files and many features without any hassle.

There are 2 ways and Following are the steps:

Default app Windows 10
  1. Search for default apps in the windows search bar
  2. Below you will see various options 
  3. Select the required app to be selected by clicking on the particular service or media
  4. And you are done


Default app set Windows 10 1
  1. You can also right-click on the particular file
  2. Select the option “open with”
  3. And select the required app to be opened with
  4. From there you can also set it to default or only open it for once

I would recommend the 1st process if you always wish to use some particular set of apps. And if you wish to use different apps at different times then 2nd one is also a good choice.

11. View Hidden Files

This feature could be one of the most useful ones because hiding files from other naïve users in the system is quite fun and safe as well. Although, there are files which are already hidden by the system.

So, to hide files or to view the hidden files following are the steps:

  1. Open any folder or This PC
  2. Look for the Title bar ribbon at the top of the window
  3. Then click on the view option
  4. Then look for hidden items option
  5. Disable it or enable it as per your needs

Steps to hide a file:

Hide files windows 10
  1. Right-click on the particular file or folder
  2. Click on properties
  3. Look for “hidden” option in the “general” section
  4. Click on the hidden option and apply 
  5. Now the file is hidden
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