Grammarly Review: Really Remove Grammar Mistakes?

If you’re a blogger or writer, then you might have come across a tool named Grammarly.

As the company says that Grammarly is a Free Writing Assistant, we’ll review it in-depth and at the end of the review, you’ll know all about Grammarly.

So stay connected with us and follow the article minutely so that you get the whole of Grammarly.

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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an English writing tool that makes correction in sentences and makes writing 100% accurate. Basically, it is a grammar-based software which has been launched on 1st July 2009.

Whenever you write articles using Grammarly, it checks all the mistakes in the articles and gives you proper suggestions to correct it.

The Grammarly software checks every mistake which is required for an accurate sentence like Grammar, Spelling, proper word choice, punctuation mark, etc. it checks all these mistakes and gives you a suggestion to correct it.

So that’s how one can write any type of English articles with full accuracy without any mistake.It doesn’t matter whether you’re bad at English or not, you can write English at up to 99.99% accuracy level.

Grammalry error check

Grammarly is available for any device like if you write on desktops, then it has its Extension for Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and almost any platform.

For smartphone, there’s a Grammarly app which you can use it to write anything in the English language. So it is not limited to some devices, whether your smartphone, desktops or tablet, you can easily access to Grammarly to correct your English writing.

Talking about its features, Grammarly comes with two types of plans Free and Paid.

The Free plan is for a lifetime which offers many features but of course, Advance Plan offers more than Free.

So if you’re a beginner at English writing, then there’s no need to make any investment, you can get started with Free Plan and improve your English writing skills.

How To Get Started With Grammarly?

Getting started with Grammarly is very easy.

Get Started With Grammarly

As I mentioned earlier that Grammarly is available for every platform.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, then there’s a Grammarly application that can help you out in writing English and for desktops, you can install its Extension.Now let’s go in detail and see how to use Grammarly to write fearless English.

As most of people use smartphones and tablets nowadays, Grammarly application is available for them.

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, Grammarly is available for all. It is a keyboard that suggests you exact correct word and remove grammatical mistakes while writing anything in English.

If you use desktops for writing or chatting, then Grammarly Extension is available for browsers.

How To Get Started With Grammarly In Smartphone Or Tablet?

  1. To get started with Grammarly in smartphone and tablet do the following steps:
  2. Open PlayStore if you’re using Android and iOS Store if you’re using iOS Device.
  3. Search for Grammarly in through Search Bar
  4. Click on Grammarly and Install it
  5. As soon as installation gets completed, Open the app and Create Your Account. If you already have then log in with your account.
  6. Now Click on Enable In Setting
  7. Switch Grammarly Keyboard ON
  8. Now Click on Input Method and choose Grammarly.
  9. After doing these steps, you’re ready to use Grammarly.
  10. Open any writing or chatting app like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You can write error-free English.

How To Get Started With Grammarly On Desktop?

Getting started in desktops is very simple.

Open any browser like Chrome or Brave, etc.

For Chrome:

  • Open Web Store
  • Search Grammarly for Chrome in the Search Bar
  • Click on Add to Chrome and its extension will be added

For Firefox:

  • Tab on Open Menu (Three Line Icon in Top-right Corner)
  • Click on Addons
  • Now Search for Grammarly for Fore Fox in the Search Bar
  • Click on Add to Firefox and an extension will be added to your Firefox Browser.

How To Use Grammarly For Grammar Check?

Grammarly For Grammar Check

Grammarly is very easy to use.

However, the using process is slightly different for Smartphone and Desktop. For Smartphones and Tablets, it is in the form Keyboard.

To use Grammarly in smartphones and tablets first, do all the setup and setting that I have mentioned in the getting Started With Grammarly Section. After doing that, you’re ready to use it.

Step 1: Now open any application in which you want to write something like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it works on all platforms.

Step 2: As you have activated Grammarly Keyboard through Input setting (mentioned under getting Started section), Grammarly Keyboard will appear.

You just start writing whatever in your mind and it will continue to display your mistakes.

Step 3: Then on the left of the keyboard, it will count your mistakes in numbers and display the correct word in the suggestion section.

The mistake will appear on the Grammarly logo.

It will not only mark your mistakes but also auto-corrects it. The phrases you want to write will automatically appear after writing half of it.

It is just like a normal keyboard like you use it your smartphone but it has lots of extra features like marking and correcting your mistake, doing auto correct and proper word suggestion.

In desktops, Grammarly is a little different than a smartphone form. Here, it is not in the form of a keyboard.

Step 1: In desktops, you just start writing anything and will start marking your mistake with a bold red color underline. Now to correct it, you just need to put your mouse cursor on that word and the correct word will be displayed along with a few more options.

Step 2: You can click on that correct displayed word to remove your mistake or you can click on more options to get details of your mistake.

Step 3: If you’ll click on “See More In Grammarly”, all your mistakes will be displayed with the correct explanation that what is your mistake and how you can correct it. So that you don’t make that mistake further.

Step 4: In the right corner, you can check your overall score and Correctness and Clarity level. So these things can really improve your English writing skills. So that is how you can check Grammar on Grammarly.

Grammarly Apps

Grammarly Apps

Grammarly has launched some apps for desktops. These are apps specially launched for specific platforms.

Currently, there are only three apps that Grammarly has launched so that the user gets a better experience while using it.

These apps work on particular platforms like Ms-Office, Windows and browsers. The following are the three apps that Grammarly has launched:

Grammarly For Microsoft Office

Grammarly For Microsoft Office

If your usage is limited Ms-Office and you’re an office person who only uses Ms-Office like Word, Excel, etc. for your office work, then you can install Grammarly For Microsoft Office. It is an add-in for Ms-office.

It does not only work on Word and Excel but also integrates with Outlook, so you don’t need to worry about email.

With the help of Grammarly For Microsoft Office app, your email will be grammatically correct as well.

Grammarly For Windows

Grammarly For Windows

If you need Grammarly on the go, then you should install its apps for Windows. This will create a shortcut on your homepage through which you can quickly access your document.If you keep your document on the homepage so that you don’t waste time and do your work immediately, then its windows app will be a great option for you.

Through it, you can just open your document and start writing or editing quickly with the help of Grammarly for Windows app.

There’s no need to check your writing by browsing the site, your document will be checked on the go.

Grammarly For Chrome

You might have heard about Chromebooks. Basically it is a laptop that works on Chrome OS. Everything done on that is through the Chrome browser, so for that device, Grammarly’s Chrome extension will be an asset for them.

Not only Chrome users but also the person who uses Chrome browser for blogging, chatting, or doing any writing work through chrome, Grammarly For Chrome app is a very essential tool for them.

Grammarly App

Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard
Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot
  • Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Screenshot

The interface of Grammarly is really simple. It is different for various platforms and devices but overall, it is simple and easy to use and understand.

The interface of Grammarly Keyboard for smartphone and tablet is simple. It is like a regular keyboard. You just have to write your texts and it will display the correct word for every mistake on the left side.

Talking about Chrome Extension, there’s nothing hard to understand.

You just need to add it to your chrome browser through the chrome web store and that’s it, you’re ready to go.

Write anything wherever you want, Grammarly extension will automatically start working at the back-end and your mistake will appear with a bold red underline.By moving your cursor on the underlined word, the correct will appear and mistakes will be corrected.

Coming to the Ms-office app, the interface is a bit different from other apps. First, you’ll need to install its app for Ms-office and login to it.

A new Tab of Grammarly will be added to your Ms-Word. At the top left corner, click on open Grammarly to activate all options and a dialog box will appear on the right side of the document page.

There you can check your mistake, explanation of mistakes and also correct that. So this app will take your time to understand it as it is a little different from other Grammarly apps.

Pros & Cons

There’s nothing perfect in this world. Everything comes with some Pros and Cons and with Grammarly, the same goes. So going in detail of Grammarly review, let’s check its Pros and Cons. 

Easy To Use The Free Version is Limited
At a time Correction Forcing for Upgradation
Understand by Explanation
Highly Accurate
Fully Customizable

Pros of Grammarly

Easy to Use

Grammarly is very easy to use. One can get used to within a single day. You just have to install it in your device and it starts working so efficiently.

If you’re using it through extension, then it automatically detects your wrong spelling or grammatical mistakes and shows that word with a bold red underline. By moving your mouse cursor to that word, the correct word will appear and you can select that correct word.

In the case of mobile, the same interface is here as well. But the correct spelling will be displayed as suggested word on top of the keyboard. So it is very easy to use.

At a time Correction

The main advantage of using Grammarly is it’s at a time correction feature. You don’t have to wait to check your writing whether it is correct or not. You keep writing your article and it will continue to show you mistakes word-by-word with just a fraction of seconds.

With most of the other tools, you’ve to write the whole article and then by clicking on the Check Grammar button, you get results but with Grammarly the case is different. It shows real-time correction.

Understand by Explanation

In case you’re not satisfied with the correct word or correction is shown by Grammarly, you can check its explanation so that you understand it completely.

Let’s say you write the word “grammar-based”. So hyphen is missing between grammar and based. So by clicking on it, then Grammarly will tell you why hyphen is needed there along with the use of the hyphen.

So you can check the explanation of your mistakes so that you avoid those mistakes in the future.

Highly Accurate

The accuracy level of Grammarly is so high that you can blindly trust on it. Grammarly is the best in its market. It is far more accurate than Ms-Office Spelling and Grammar Correction. Most of the people use it to check the results given by other grammar correction tool. So you can assume that how accurate it is.

However, it failed to understand what you’re trying to convey sometime and in that case, it shows comma, the hyphen that you don’t need but other than that, it is highly accurate.

Fully Customizable

As it is software, it does not understand the way we do. So sometimes, it shows the correct word or character as a mistake or sometimes it shows only mistake without giving any correct suggested word.

So in that case, you can add that word to the Grammarly dictionary and Grammarly will always avoid it as a mistake.

Suppose you want to write “Time-up” with a capital T in word, then Grammarly will display it as a mistake and by clicking on the ADD TO DICTIONARY option, it will be added to the dictionary and Grammarly will never display it as a mistake. So it is fully customizable.

Cons Of Grammarly

As I said that nothing is perfect, Grammarly to has a few cons which should be resolved in order to increase its reach. Now let’s dive into the details of Grammarly Review and check out its Cons.

Most people use Google Docs for their office use and Grammarly does not work. So this could be a great problem for both users and Grammarly.

The Free Version is Limited

The free version of Grammarly is very limited and doesn’t offer many more things that you need. The free version comes with only Grammar and Spelling Check which is good but for those who want to improve their English skills, they have to buy its Premium Version.

Most of the important things are hidden which can be unlocked through an upgrade to premium version only. One of the main important things in English writing is word choice and Grammarly provides the word choice feature with a premium version.

Grammarly is not offering any other feature with free version because most of the people think that it checks Grammar and spelling only and they use it for only grammar and spelling check purpose but those who have used its premium version know that is giving only 10% of its features with Free Version.

So Grammarly should give something more for its users with the free version.

Forcing for Upgradation   

As you start using Grammarly, you’ll soon get irritated by its forcing for upgrade features. Your email will be filled with the spam of upgrade alert. Moreover, they advertise through extension as well. So soon you’ll be irritated with all of that.

But it does not force like hell that you can’t use it, they just do a normal advertisement which is enough that a working person would get irritated.

Pricing Of Grammarly

The pricing of Grammarly is divided into 3 categories viz. Free, Premium and Business. There are minor differences in pricing between Free and Premium but there’s a huge difference between Premium and Business plan. 

Grammarly Plan and Pricing

Moreover, the pricing displayed on the official site is monthly, annually and quarterly billed price which means you’ve got to pay according to your requirements. The price might varies country by country.

Grammarly Pricing

Free Version: $0

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s completely Free

Premium Version: $4.13

Per month if billed annually. So you have to pay $49.56

Business Plan: $15

Per month if billed annually. So you have to pay $180

Free VS Premium VS Business

Earlier, the Grammarly has introduced a new plan called Business which has a lot more features than Free and Premium. So we will compare all three plans in this Grammarly Review by Pricing section.

Free Version Of Grammarly

Talking about Free Plan, Grammarly offers decent features and the Premium version has only a few features extra than the free version. The Free version doesn’t come to have an ineffective vocabulary, plagiarism detector, it comes with a premium version only. 

If you write just for fun on social media or you’re in the blogging field, then free is very good for you. You don’t need a premium version. The following are the features you’ll get with Free Version:

  • Grammar and Spelling Checks
  • Wordiness
  • Tone Detection

Premium Version Of Grammarly

But if you want to improve your English writing skills and have a desire to learn mistake-free English writing along with perfect Word Choice, then the premium version would be better for you. 

It offers the perfect word choice, plagiarism detector and increases your vocabulary. One more thing, you’ll get correction alert through a pop-up in the premium version.

So the premium version is only for those who want to improve English writing skills. The features you get with Premium Version apart from the free plan are:

  • Ineffective Vocabulary
  • Impoliteness
  • Overused words
  • Plagiarism Detector

Free Version Vs Premium Version

Grammalry Free Vs Grammarly Premium

Business Plan Of Grammarly

Talking about the Business plan, it is for an organization. For those who have company and a team of writers should go for the business version. Both Free and Premium Version are for single users with one account but with Business Version, you can have a team of 3-100 writers.

Moreover, the business plan has some great features related to Team Management Tools like

  • Admin Panel through one can monitor everything
  • User Management through one can manage its team
  • Priority Email Support for constant email support and many more.

So Business Plan is only for Company. If you have a popular News Website that has lots of writers, then Business Plan will be a perfect asset for your writers.


Can I use Grammarly Offline?

No, you can’t use Grammarly offline as it is online software and works through the internet. So your device must be connected to a stable internet connection in order to use Grammarly.

Will my text show up as plagiarized if I use Grammarly?

No.your text will not show up as plagiarized as it will not be indexed on the web.

Is Grammarly compatible with my Apple Mac desktops?

Yes, Grammarly is efficiently compatible with Apple Macbook. You can use the native app for macOS as well as Safari extension.

How does Grammarly review text so quickly?

The algorithms of Grammarly combine with powerful cloud-based desktops which allows it to process your request and check your spelling and word so quickly.

Does Grammarly offer a trial?

No, Grammarly does not offer any trial version. However, you can get started with Free Version and later on moved to Premium or Business Version.

What do I need in order to use Grammarly?

No, Grammarly does not offer any trial version. However, you can get started with Free Version and later on moved to Premium or Business Version.
There are various requirements for different platforms.
For Grammarly Editor and Browser Extensions:
Google Chrome – Version 38+
Apple Safari – Version 9+
Mozilla Firefox – Version 39+
Microsoft Edge – Version 15+
For Microsoft Office and Desktop:
Compatible OS – Greater than Windows 7
macOS – 10.9 or Higher
For Grammarly Keyboard:
Android smartphone should support Lollipop i.e. Android 5.0
Apple devices should run on iOS 9.3 or Newer

Does Grammarly support Google Docs?

Yes, Grammarly for Google Docs works perfectly fine but now google docs also provide grammar checking.

Does Grammarly support languages other than English?

No, Grammarly supports only the English language till now.

What are the limitations when using Grammarly?

There are different types of limitations with Grammarly
Device limitation: it’s one membership support up to 5 devices.
Page limitation: You can check up to 100,000 characters including spaces. If you use Grammarly for Microsoft Word and Outlook, then there’s no limit.
Upload limitation: Your document size should not exceed 4 MB.

How many devices can I use Grammarly on?

The membership of Grammarly supports up to 5 devices.

How much time can I use Grammarly in a month?

You can use Grammarly to check 300 documents in a 30 day period.

Do I Recommend Grammarly?

I have gone through in detail of Grammarly Review, I must say that it is one of the most important writing tools that everyone should have. I strongly recommend Grammarly because it is true writing assistance. You can correct your English and thus your English writing skills will be improved.

The premium buyer will get the benefit of vocabulary improvement which is the icing on the cake. You don’t have to buy English grammar books or going to English classes, you can learn to write English by sitting at home.

Moreover, Grammarly gives you confidence by which you can write mistake-free English and chat with friends on social media without any hesitation of being wrong. As it works on every smartphone and desktop, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

So these are the few reasons by which I strongly recommend Grammarly. It is an asset among writing tools. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer or social media user, you should have Grammarly in your device.

Now we have come to the end of Grammarly Review, I hope you’ve understood all the info provided in this article. If you still have some doubts, then feel free to ask your question in the comment box.

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