Google Chrome Review: Best Browser?

Google Chrome is the most complete and fantastic browser that you can ever put your hands on. Among five, three users use google chrome for their day to day internetwork.

That makes it the leading web browser software in the market, According to Stat Counter and Net Market Share estimates Chrome is sharing 68% percent of web browser market share worldwide.

Google Chrome is now a cross-platform and multi-language web browser developed by Google providing its support to different platforms and it comes 47 different languages, but with its initial release in 2008, it was only built for Microsoft Windows later it was updated to work over other platforms like Android, macOS, Linux, etc. Chrome is built over chromium, an open-source platform also a product of Google.


Google Chrome is extremely popular for its clean and simple to use interface. It only provides the things which are necessary to their users which makes it a very user-friendly and most lovable web browser of the market. It provides lots of customization options like change home screen background, colored themes, font and font size, etc. it comes with a bookmark this page button in the search bar and a bookmark bar at the top where you will find links to all your favorite sites.


On its home screen, you will find a mini search bar in the middle which also includes search by voice option and followed by a favorite and most visited sites sections, mini bar combined with the main search bar at the top is called Omni bar.

While using Google chrome you will find a very easy to navigate tabs implementation at the top of the browser. Even with multiple tabs open, you will find no difficulty navigating through them and you can even drag the tabs to make it a separate window.


Google chrome is equipped with lots of important features and with its latest update it has increased the number of its features. Some important features worth mentioning are:

Articles For you: This is the brand-new feature of chrome browser app where you can save your unfinished or important articles for later reading. If you want you can also share these articles with your friends and colleges.

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot

Built in Flash and PDF Support: Google Chrome comes with a built-in flash and PDF viewer to help their users, you can open and view any PDF file and can save it to your drive or download to your computer with just one click.

Desktop Site: This is another cool feature of Chrome App where if enabled it tricks the website and shows us the desktop view on the mobile.

Extension: Chrome does not come with lots of inbuilt features and to help its users in terms of features it provides a huge base of third-party extensions that are very useful and easy to integrate with the chrome browser. On its chrome web store, you can find extensions related to almost anything, and simply clicking add to chrome you can integrate and use it to help yourself with the problem.   



Chrome is considered an extremely fast browser that you can have for your day to day work. Without any extension and third-party plugins, it works like a breeze. Providing results related to your search term in milliseconds, although the absence of the ad blocker, or you can say the number of ads showing on a particular site will surely going to impact the page loading speed.


Chrome is a very heavy software even in its ideal state it consumes lots of data and system resources, talk about its App or Desktop version both are comparatively heavy when compared to another browser like Brave or Firefox.

It couldn’t perform to its full potential if it doesn’t get the required system resources. If you are a user, with low system memory and a fairly older version of processors then keep that in mind that you are going to find difficulties running the latest version of Chrome and if you do then the experience will not be the same.

Default Search Engine

As you know Google Chrome is a product of Google and Google Search Engine is also a leading search engine in the market. This makes sense when Chrome comes with Google as a default search engine. Although it provides four more search engine options that the user can choose from which includes Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo.



Chrome is one of the most secure browsers that you will ever work with, although its security features and elements are always a debatable concept raising questions does it really secure your information or your system from being affected by malicious content present out there on the internet.

To answer this question, I can say that the Chrome browser is designed in such a way that it keeps its working and site code sandboxed that keeps your system out of their reach.


If you talk about the safe browsing features, it’s no less than an anti-malware or anti-phishing protection that you can find in the other browser. You will see a red warning page stating that the website you want to visit is not secured by HTTPS if you try to visit any bad site. The problem arises when the site contains both types of content HTTPS and HTTP content, in this case, chrome fails to detect and doesn’t flag any warning sign like Firefox.

It also flags a warning sign stating that this file can harm your system when you try to download content that is considered not so secure or if the source is not secured by HTTPS.


For privacy reasons Google chrome provides a “do not track” option which you can turn on to stop being tracked by any third-party trackers or websites. But if you ask me, it’s of no use as ultimately it does nothing, if you check the do not track settings then chrome developer clearly states that some website will still collect your data and use it to show you personalized ads and improve your security.

And on the other hand, it also lacks an inbuilt adblocker. As google revenue mostly depends upon ads revenue that they get from their advertisers it does not provide any ads blocking feature although you can download any ad blocker extension from the web store that will surely provide a better experience.


Incognito Mode

Chrome incognito mode is only best for local security, it will not save any cookies, history, or any kind of data related to your activity on site that you will visit in the incognito mode. But it does not stop you being tracked by third-party trackers like Brave which does let you surf the internet anonymously using inbuilt Tor features or the Tor browser which is totally a privacy-centric browser.  

Sync Feature

One of the most important and most demanded features of a web browser is the sync feature which will sync and save your password, browsing history, autofill, and more and help you set or use your browser very easily and with a few clicks across all devices.


In this contest, Google chrome is very user friendly and provides an effortless setting of the chrome across all other devices. By default, the chrome sync setting is set to “sync Everything” which includes apps, autofill, history, password, themes, etc.

This chrome provides a better and consistent user experience across all the devices you want to work on. 

Developer Tools

If you ever get to have a conversation with any developers you come to know that Chrome is the only choice for them. This is because with the huge market share and a leading support chrome provides every latest update and latest technology support that a developer wants to work with. 

Within its developer tool, it provides lots of features that other browsers haven’t given much of a thought. Making it the only browser that is best and suitable for development.

Pros and Cons of Chrome Browser

Advance sync feature
Resource eater/ heavy software
Simple and clean interfaceFaster battery drain
Loaded with various customization optionsNo inbuilt ads blocker
Fast loading speedFails to flag warning if mixed request is received (HTTPS & HTTP)


Is google chrome any good?

Yes, google chrome is one of the best browsers that you can use for your day to day work. If you consider the loading speed and performance more than any other aspects that browsers provide like adblocker, anonymous surfing, etc, then chrome is the best choice for you. Chrome provides a great level of security to protect their users from unwanted elements on the internet and with-it excellent sync feature you will be able to have a consistent support form the browser across all the devices

What are the disadvantages of using google chrome?

Yes, Chrome has some of the disadvantages that its user has to face. If you are using chrome you must own a good and capable system otherwise you will get frustrated with the sluggish and slow performance.  Chrome takes up lots of system resources and drains your battery even faster. You won’t be able to block ads or stop other websites from collecting information about your activity on the internet.

Do I need both google and chrome?

Chrome is a Web Browser, a software that provides an interface so that you can surf the internet whereas Google is the search engine through which you search for things you like to see. Both Google and Chrome are the product of the same company Google. As a result, you will get google as a default search engine in chrome.


Google is an extremely fast browser and provides various important features and tools. Providing protection from harmless content out there gives to you the best browsing experience.

With its advanced sync feature, it provides a better and consistent user experience. With its simple and sleek design and with a store full of extensions it will continue to provide help and support to its users. Although you must consider that Chrome is a heavy software and will drain your battery faster. 

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