How To Disable or Turn Off Google Assistant On Android

Google Assistant has been one of the most essential features in Android smartphones and being honest, is quite useful at times. However, being an AI tool it is not 100% accurate all the time. There will be times when it will pop up without any reason. That’s because of voice recognition which detects some words similar to that “Hey Google” or Google. 

There are times when you don’t want Google Assistant to interrupt in the middle of doing something. So, this article is all about how to turn on and off Google Assistant in Android. Go through the steps and you might not be interrupted by the Assistant while studying or whatever you might be doing.

Turn Off Google Assistant Using Google App

Yes, Google Assistant can be easily turned off from the settings available in the Google app itself. There are some settings which might let you believe that it is turned off but the below-mentioned way is the real deal.

1. Open the Google App.
2. Tap the Profile Picture on the top right.

3. Select the Settings option.

4. Look for Google Assistant and open it.

5. You can see Popular Settings and All Settings headings.

6. Scroll down a bit and look for General and open it.

7. Now, toggle the Google Assistant button off.

8. And your Assistant is turned off. 

Follow the same steps and just toggle on the Google Assistant button at the end and you can get back with your Assistant.

Disable Google Assistant Access From The Headphones

If you tend to use headphones and earphones regularly, you must have experienced that, sometimes the buttons tend to activate the Google Assistant by default and all of a sudden you begin listening to the Google Assistant’s voice which can be irritating for many. Here is how you can turn it off. 

1. Open the Google App.
2. Tap the Profile Picture on the top right.

3. Select the Settings option.

4. Look for Google Assistant and open it.

5. Then scroll down and navigate Devices.

6. There you can see the wired or wireless devices connected.

7. Now, select the device.

8. And turn the Get help from Google toggle off. 

9. You are done.

Similarly, follow the steps to enable Google Assistant function on your headphone buttons.


Does the Google Assistant work when the data/screen is off?

It can respond to your commands when the screen is off but can’t take action unless you unlock the phone and no it won’t work when the data is off.

How can I permanently remove Google Assistant?

Practically, you can’t remove the Google Assistant from your android device permanently until and unless you are changing the OS.

Is Google Assistant always on?

Well, when the data or the phone itself is turned off it is not on. Other than that it is always on and listens to your command. 


Hence, these are the ways you can turn Google Assistant off on your Android device. Most people tend to use it, but if you are hyper-concerned about the disturbance or the privacy then, I recommend you turn it off because it can be as useful and as irritating at the same time. 

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