Glary Utilities Pro Review: All In One PC Tuneup?

Is your PC getting slow or getting laggy? That is because we all tend to use our PCs all the time for various purposes. This can slow down your PC as your hard disk is filled up with unwanted data and registry files. 

You can simply make your hard disk perfect with any software. But, why do you need extra software to defrag your hard disk & update your software when you got everything in one software named “Glary Utilities ”.

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Glary Utilities Pro Review

The Glary Utilities Pro is software that is designed to leverage your PC and improve your system’s performance. It helps you to easily overcome crash and freeze issues.

It is very popular for being the all-in-one utility software. It is full of various innovative tools. In this article, I will provide a full detailed Glary Utilities Pro review and will help you decide if it’s worth using or not. Here we go: 

What Is Glary Utilities Pro?

Glary Utilities is a pc optimization utility that helps you to optimize your pc, remove unnecessary files, manage your startup programs, defrag your hard disk, and many more.

Glary Utilities Pro 1

The most interesting part about this software is that it provides software updater and defragmentation as well whereas other pc optimizers charge extra money for these two features but you can find those within this software. It also protects your privacy and helps you to customize your system to suit your needs.

I would say this utility software is easy to use and improves your system’s performance in just a few minutes. 

Why do you need Glary Utilities Pro ?

I am personally using this software and would say that this software is really worth it. Honestly, After installing the Glary Utilities software is here to take care of every minute PC issue. From speed-boosting service to troubleshoot fixation. 

It will really give you a new user experience every time you work on your computer. It can scan and analyze your PC issues much faster and more thoroughly than before. Its various tools are really handy. 

It’s my go-to software when things get sluggish. I have been using this software and recommend you to use it for the smooth running of your PC. 

User Interface

Talking about the interface, the Glary Utilities Pro software is a well-organized interface that allows users to easily choose from several tools. There are 20+ tools but I didn’t feel chaotic, and I had no trouble finding tools often as everything is well sorted. 

Glary Utilities Pro Interface

The interface will surely impress you because most users like it clean and simple on the home screen and free from unwanted mess.It is really pleasing to the eye due to its basic and simple design. You will easily get all the tools on the main home screen. Everything is just one click away to access the tools and other options. 

Not only this, but the software also supports a variety of in-built & custom themes that can be activated from the shirt like icon on the top. The software interface is intuitive and can be customized with different themes, including uploading your own themes.

I would strongly say that those who like clean and simple interfaces would love Glary’s interface. The easy to interface and tune-up package makes the navigation process easy and smooth. Everything feels realistic & raw rather than unwanted animations and pictures. 

Overall, I would say, the interface is quite simple and clean that makes it very attractive and easy to use.


The Glary Utilities is flexible for use. You can easily customize the software according to you. There are some quick ways to personalize Glary and tailor it to your usage habits. 

It has given the ability to change and set custom background wallpaper as per users’ choice. Also, you can change the overall view of tools with a single click. You can do changes to personalize the software.


There is a shirt icon on the top of the software. Simply click to get the theme options. You can switch between a variety of attractive themes. There are plane themes too for those who like simple ones.  There are a few preloaded themes which are quite attractive.

Glary Utilities Pro Themes

These themes change the appearance of the whole software. Also, if you need a more personalized feel then, you can add your own custom themes from the disk. 

You can also adjust the transparency of the applied theme. These theme customizations give a variety of customization options according to your needs.

Change View

Some of you may find the main interface as cloggy and didn’t want to spend time in finding the tools. So, the software allows you to change the view. 

Change View Option In Glary Utilities Pro

You can change the view by clicking the dot icon at the right panel. All the main tools and features will be there in a single screen. 

Features of Glary Utilities Pro

The Glary utilities provide you so many features in one single tool let’s check what they are.

1 Click Optimization: Using one click optimization you can easily fix any shortcut issue, remove trackers , browser cookies, remove temporary files, repair your disk and not only that you can also select or unselect options according to your understanding by clicking on options. 

1 Click Optimization In Glary Utilities Pro

This is convenient that Glary Utilities provides an all-in-one place to use all these useful features.

Windows Registry Maintenance: The Glary Utilities allows you to perform various Windows Registry tasks. I think it’s good to fix registry issues as they could cause problems with your PC down the line. It can perform the following tasks :

Repair: It cleans up your registry to improve the system’s performance. It cleans up registry junks, and repairs registry errors. It removes the unnecessary references of registries. 

Registry Repair in Glary Utilities Pro

Defrag: The defragmenting of your registry will speed up your computer by clearing unoccupied space in the disk. Defrag must be done occasionally for smooth running of your PC.

Registry Defragmentation in Glary Utilities Pro

Backup: It makes a copy of your system’s registry. You should back up the registry for restoration in case it gets corrupted.  You should take regular backups to avoid data loss.

Registry Backup in Glary Utilities Pro

Restore: After you’ve backed up the registry, you can restore it with the help of this option. Simply click and restore the registry files. It will take a few minutes to restore your backed registry files.

Registry Restore in Glary Utilities Pro

Driver Management: The driver provides a software interface to the connected hardware devices. Thus, It is very important to make sure your computer functions correctly by keeping your drivers up-to-date.

Driver Management in Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities does a good job of providing drivers manager tools that you need to make sure your drivers are working correctly. The driver management tool allows you to do various operations like : 

  • Backup Drivers
  • Uninstall Drivers 
  • Restore Drivers
  • Update Drivers

All these options help in proper functioning of the system drivers. I recommend doing these to your drivers once you get them working.

Program Management: The program management can be easily done in the Glary Utilities. In terms of managing your installed programs, It helps you to:

Uninstall Programs: You can uninstall programs yourself in Windows and it’s really easy. So, in my opinion, this isn’t too special. But, you can use it to save time in uninstalling. 

Uninstall Manager In Glary Utilities

Update Software: However, the software updater is nice since most programs will only tell you they need to be updated when you actually open them. It opens a web page having detailed info of software with updates. 

Software Updater in Glary Utilities Pro

Advanced Tools

Under Advanced tools you can find a lot of options to optimize and manage your pc.

Clean Up & Repair – Here you can find a lot of tools to clean and repair your pc on your own.

Clean up Repair In glary Utilities

As you can see in the screenshot below there are a lot of options like disk cleaner that helps you to remove junk files, duplicate files finder that helps to find duplicate files in your storage device and much more.

Optimize & Improve – In this section you can find options to speed up and improve performance of your windows 10.

Optimize Improve In Glary Utilities Pro

Option like startup manager help to identify and limit programs and applications that you don’t want to run when you start your windows.

Disk defragmentation helps you to defrag your hard disk so you will get better performance from it and there are many options like software updater and check disk that helps to check disk for system error and bad sectors and not only that it also helps you to fix them!

Privacy & Security – Take a closer look at the screenshot below and you will understand what you will get inside this section.

Privacy Security In Glary Utilities

Using Track Eraser you can remove cookies,history,and saved information from all installed browsers in your system. You can also use options like file undelete to recover your data.

Files & Folders – Using files and folders option you can analyse your disk space,quickly search required files and split big files into small parts.

Files Folder In Glary Utilities

System Tools – Here you can find options to get information about your system and you can also create backups for your registry files before changing  anything inside registry files.

System Tools In Glary Utilities

Portable Version

The Glary Utilities Portable is a full-featured portable freeware version of Glary Utilities. The portable version of Glary Software can run from a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive. The portable version does not need to be installed on a computer to run. It can run for portable drives on any compatible Windows PC, making it a great option to portable PC toolkits. 

Glary Utilities Portable Maker

To get the portable version you have to go to the menu option and then click on the portable version. There you will get the generate button, clicking it will generate the portable version for you. It will be saved to your desktop by default or you can change the path too. 

The portable version helps you save some time while at the same time, allowing you to use a computer without leaving software data in the registry or disk. 

Automatic Maintenance

Your system always craves regular maintenance but, there are certain times when you miss that maintenance and fixation. 

To help you out, Glary Utilities has automatic maintenance that does automatic cleaning and fixing your system on regular intervals which are set by you.

Auto Care In Glary Utilities

In this, you can schedule the time on executing automatic 1-Click Maintenance from the ‘Auto Care‘ option. You can find the Auto Care option from Settings in the menu button. Simply schedule the date by daily, weekly, and monthly from Monday to Sunday according to your preference. 

Overall, I really loved this feature as this avoids manual maintenance. It is quite a user-friendly feature and less hectic too.

Restore Center

With the other cleaning operations with Glary Utilities Pro software, you can also restore them by using Restore Center. After you’ve backed up the registry, you can restore it with the help of this “Restore Center” option.

System Restore In Glary Utilities

To find a Restore Center, you have to open Glary Utilities. Then, click the Menu icon on the top right. In that, select Restore Center which is the first button in Menu. There you will have two options to undo changes and system restore. Now, you can do any of the operations according to your need.

It also allows you to select a backup that you want to restore or completely delete. Even you can schedule it by the Options button.

Context Menu Manager

To manage and view installed software or extensions Glary has an excellent tool known as Context Menu Manager. It is really a powerful utility tool that can clean your PC and give it a speed boost. 

Context Menu Manager In Glary Utilities

When you access it and you’ll be able to permanently remove or disable context menu entries. Also, You can optionally enable/disable any entry that you don’t need. For this, you have to simply click Remove if you’re sure you don’t want it anymore.

To get to the context feature in Glary Utilities click on Advanced Tools -> Clean up & Repair -> Context Menu Manager. 

Overall, In my opinion, it is a very good cleaning and optimizing tool for your PC at a single place.

Disk Clean-Up

This option removes the junk data from the disks and recovers disk space. It allows you to select the software/folders and shows how much space of junk files found. 

Disk Cleanup In Glary Utilities

It also allows you to rescan junk files, as well as clean up all the unnecessary files. The disk clean-up is like removing unnecessary burden from your disk.

Uninstall Manager

In this, there is a powerful but easy-to-use Windows Add/Remove option known as Uninstall Manager. 

Uninstall Manager In Glary Utilities Pro

It combines a professional range of tools to improve the efficiency and speed to uninstall your unwanted software in batches. It offers a more user-friendly way to remove unnecessary software and improve your device efficiency.

Duplicate File Finder

It scans your hard drive for duplicate files and hunts down multiple copies of the same file. Then, delete duplicate files to the Recycle bin. 

You can also filter your duplicate search results by file type.  It is a quite lightweight and quick way to utilize your space.

Shortcut Fixer

With this, you can correct the errors in your start menu and desktop shortcuts. When you run these shortcuts, the corresponding software or document will open. 

Shortcut Fixer In Glary Utilities Pro

But, sometimes the target is removed or deleted leaving the error. Hence, You can use a Shortcut Fixer to solve the issue.

How To Use Glary Utilities To Optimize & Improve 

In this option you will find tools to speed up and improve performance of your computer. 

Disk Defrag: The disk defrag is an easy to use tool that can defrag your computer and optimize disks for peak performance efficiently. It utilizes the empty fragments in your disk for efficient use of your disk.

Disk Defragmentation In Glary Utilities Pro

It has a quite good interface that displays empty blocks with fragmentation percent. It is an extremely easy and fast tool to defrag your disk.

Memory Optimizer: This one is another great tool that monitors your computer in the background and clears the memory whenever needed to increase the performance of your system. 

Memory Optimizer in Glary Utilities Pro

It also displays the CPU usage and memory usage through a graph. Overall, a great tool that tells how much memory you’re using. 

Check Disk: The Check Disk option scans your disk drives to find and repair disk problems. Also, the errors detected will automatically be fixed in order to prevent data loss. 

Check Disk in glary Utilities

It will give you the whole analysis of the process. In my opinion, a very good tool to optimize your disk and improve overall performance of your PC.

Software Update: Software Update is a free tool optimized to inform you of available software updates for your computer that keep your software up-to-date. 

Software Updater notice in Glary utilities Pro

It scans your computer and notifies you when there is a software that hasn’t been updated to the latest version.

Privacy & Security

Let’s look at the Privacy & Security tool which has everything you need to erase your computer history and maintain security from unauthorized access of data.

Track Eraser: It is a powerful tool that can secure your privacy from the intruders and don’t let others to trace your activities. 

Tracks eraser in Glary Utilities pro

With this, you can erase all the traces and evidence that include cookies, browser cache,  visited websites, internet history, recent documents, and many more. It also clears residual data by clearing past activity records from the PC.

Malware Remover: Your computer is always prone to malware hence, Glary has got Malware Remover for you. It scans your system ad removes malware.

malware remover in Glary Utilities Pro

You have to change-view and simply click on the anti-malware option to start the scan. I think this tool is very helpful for daily PC users that are vulnerable to malwares.

File Shredder: This option will erase your files permanently. To maintain privacy and security, it deletes the data in such a manner so that no tool can recover it later. 

File Shredder

Glary allows you to manually add files or folders that you want to shred. To increase security, you can also set the number of times to delete files so that it’s impossible for anyone to get them.

Encrypt/Decrypt Files: I am very impressed with this tool. To protect your sensitive against malicious or unintended intrusions you can encrypt as well as decrypt them. 

File Encryption

For that, you simply have to add files and set a password to it for encryption. And for decryption, simply put your password and browse files at your desired location. Overall, it provides the safest way to store your information.

Files & Folders

Glary Utilities Pro provides lots of features to do various things with files and folders on your computer easily. The tools provided in this option are given below:

Disk Space Analyzer: It displays the disk space usage of your files and folder.  This tool is important by which you can organize your data and can easily view the data on your disk. 

Disk space analyzer in Glary Utilities Pro

You can view disks occupied by videos, compressed, and music at different locations in your computer. It gives the brief to understand your space management on disk.

File Splitter: This is a very unique feature that I have seen. In this, You can split large files into smaller manageable files called pieces and later combine those pieces to form the original file. 

File splitter in Glary Utilities Pro

This tool will give you a split file and join file options. Overall, a very useful tool for handling large files.

Quick Search: I have seen that Windows search takes a lot of time in finding folders & files. To overcome this, Glary has a Quick Search tool that can locate files or folders instantly by key words. 

quick search in Glary Utilities Pro

It displays real-time searching results which are faster than Windows search in your PC. Henec, a better option than Windows search.

Restore Deleted Files: There are several times when I have accidentally deleted my files or lost them due to bugs or viruses. In such cases, it’s a very good recovery solution.

File Undelete in Glary Utilities

It can get back your deleted files and folders. To retrieve, you can simply search the file and recover it.

System Tools

This advanced tool will allow you to do various system-level tasks. It is an easy way to manage and access these system settings.

Repair System Files: There are many instances when Windows system files get corrupted and you lose them. 

Repair system files in Glary utilities

For this, the Repair System Files tool runs the System File Checker in the background and scans for issues in Windows System files. After that, it restores corrupted files.

System Backup: It backups your programs, system settings, and files.  With the backing up of the operating system, files, and system-specific essential data, you can avoid the conditions like data loss or when primary system data is corrupted /deleted. 

System backup in Glary Utilities

System Restore: The System Restore will restore your computer settings to an earlier state. It can help fix problems that might be making your computer slow, or stop responding. 

System Restore In Glary Utilities 1

Remember, the good thing is it doesn’t affect any of your documents, pictures, or personal data. Overall, a great tool to increase the performance of your PC.

Undo Changes: If at any point you have to revert the changes that are made by Glary Utilities then, fortunately, you can do this in the Undo changes tool. 

Restore Changes Undo Changes In Glary Utilities

You can easily undo those changes and get back to the previous state. This tool is really helpful as many times we make changes by mistake or without knowing them. 

System Requirements

Before you install the Glary Utilities software you must know the minimum system requirements for the smooth running on your PC. So, here are the recommended system requirements : 

Operating System – The Glary Utilities Pro adapts to different Windows versions and supports them. 

It can easily work with Windows 10,Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 2008,Windows XP, Windows Vista. 

Also, It works with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows. 

RAM Requirements – Minimum 500MB RAM required.

Disk Space – 200MB disk space required.

Internet Connection – Yes, it is required to update software and some other tasks.

The best thing is, the system requirements of the Glary Utilities Pro are not too high. That’s why this software is preferable for all users with even low end devices.

Glary Utilities Pro Vs Glary Utilities Free

When I compare Glary Utilities Pro with Glary Utilities Free then there are lots of features that are provided in Pro version rather than free one.  

It would be overwhelming to list them all out here in this Glary Utilities Pro review. Here’s a side by side comparison at a glance:

Features FreePro
Program ManagementYesYes
1-Click MaintenanceYesYes
Registry MaintenanceYesYes
File ManagementYesYes
System ToolsYesYes
Driver Management YesYes
Free Technical SupportNoYes
Automatic MaintenanceNo Yes
Deep Registry CleanNoYes
Automatic UpdatesNoYes
Deep Clean and FixNoYes
Scheduled MaintenanceNoYes
Automatic clear privacy tasks NoYes
For commercial useNoYes


The Glary Utilities Pro is a Windows maintenance and optimization software that provides you over 20+ tools. I recommend you to purchase this one of the top-rated programs in its class. 

It is available for a regular price of $39.95 with 90 days money-back guarantee. The successful buy will provide you a 1 Year Subscription for Up to 3 PCs. Also, there are ongoing sale offers hence, provides the best offers to buy. 

After a successful purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email then, simply download, install and run the program. After that, click Activate Now in the lower-left corner. Then click Refresh and type the username and license code supplied in that email.

Pros & Cons

Easily undo changes done by this softwareSoftware updater is also not much accurate
Easy To UseDriver updater is not accurate
Prevent SSD To Defrag
Portable Version available
All necessary features included

Do I Recommend Glary Utilities Pro?

Yes, definitely I recommend glary utilities pro to anyone who wants all necessary and required tools to speed up their pc in one single software. At that discounted price, I would recommend buying the pro version to enjoy the premium features.

Most of the utilities nowadays provide separate software for defragmentation, software updater and charge you extra money, but in this tool you will get everything in one combo that’s very nice!


Is Glary Utilities any good?

The Glary Utilities Pro is one of the best software to improve computer performance. It is good enough in maintaining your PC and provides quick repair to your system. Hence, a good choice for improving your PC’s performance. 

Which is a better CCleaner or Glary Utilities?

In my opinion, Both software provides almost similar tools & features. But, Glary Utilities is significantly cheaper than CCleaner and provides 90 days money back guarantee. Hence, it’s smart to go for Glary.

Does Glary Utilities work with Windows 10?

The Glary Utilities run on almost all versions of Windows. Also, It works perfectly with Windows 10 too on 32- and 64-bit editions. So, you can simply download and install on Windows 10 computer.

Glary Utilities Pro Really Improves Your Pc’s Performance?

The Glary Utilities has  over 20+ system utilities to improve your computer performance. I have used this software and would say that it really optimizes your PC for smooth running. It is an all-in-one utility for cleaning your PC. Overall, a great tool to improve your PC’s performance.

Is Glary Utilities Safe? 

I have been using Glary Utilities and would say it’s totally safe. It won’t introduce anything suspicious like malware to your computer. It has even malware remover to keep your PC safe. If you’re careful with what you’re doing and use the tools when needed, you’ll be 100% safe. 

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