7 Best Free Travel Apps For Android to Explore Places

Almost every other person has a smartphone all over the globe and only a few of them use it to the fullest. You can turn your smartphone into your travelling buddy or guide while you are exploring the streets of an abroad country. Apps these days can be your perfect assistants to assist you throughout your whole trip, not only can the apps manage your schedule but also save you plenty of time and money. 

Hence, in this post, I will be listing 7 of the Best Free Travel Apps For Android which you must have before you plan or begin your trip so you can explore cool places.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps not only helps you find routes to places and cities but also lists you some of the best attractions to visit in the city which allows you to explore the city effectively without wasting your time, you can also go through the users’ ratings to acknowledge a particular place, restaurant, etc. It also lets users share the route and embed maps with fellow travellers which comes in as a quite handy feature. Of course, it is the best route finder that you can use blindly in any corner of the world. 

In addition, you can also save places and remainders to visit the particular place. You can call it a mini itinerary manager. Also, saving some of the maps offline is possible which is quite helpful especially when you are travelling abroad.

Check Out: Google Maps

2. Google Translate

Google Translate

When you visit countries or even some parts of the country where the native language is different from your knowledge, you can get quite annoyed while conversing with people, which isn’t apt for you as a traveler. Hence, this is where google translate comes into play. You can also use google translate offline by downloading the language pack. 

There is a scanner mode that scans the text and translates it into your desired language, conversation mode, which allows you to understand the language more efficiently. Also, it lets you save some common phrases which you are probably going to use more often in your trip, further you can translate those phrases to whichever language you wish to. 

Check Out: Google Translate

3. Skyscanner


Skyscanner is inarguably one of the best apps to book flights all over the world. At times this app tends to provide ridiculously cheap flights to almost any corner of the world, you just have to be flexible with the date which is quite possible and this way you can plan a perfect trip by saving plenty of money off of your flight. It also specialises in finding you a last-minute flight with decent pricing. Skyscanner also tends to search over more than 1000 websites to find you the best deal for your flight.

They also have partnered with some of the major airlines which feature good discounts and deals over various flights. Recently, they also stepped into the car rental service. Hence, you can get a cheap flight and a good car rental service with great service and features. The UI tends to be clear and easy to use, which makes booking easy and flexible.

Check Out: Sky Scanner

4. TripIt


If planning is not your strong trait, TripIt is one of the travel apps that may interest you the most. Allowing access to your inbox, the app collects all confirmation emails and creates simple itineraries that will be very practical for you. In addition, it includes maps and also alerts for the next activity to carry out, even it also tends to alert for bookings that have to be made or can be made for the itinerary. 

In short, you can relax and rest assured when you use Tripit, with the real-time alert system there is hardly a chance of mistake. The UI of this app is also quite basic yet effective which just increases the productivity of this app. Go for it blindly if you have issues managing the itinerary of your trip.

Check Out: TripIt

5. Couchsurfing


Unlike other travelling apps listed here, this app is a special one. It is more like a community where travelers and hosts can help each other and inspire travelers. It is designed just like a social media platform, you can add people from different countries. This app also verifies the user for some security reasons which is not mandatory but a verified profile gets more preference.

The host is the one who gives you a place to live and also acts as a guide in the place. This way the person gets to know you and your culture which is quite beneficial for the community and the particular person as well. In short, people’s references and ratings have a greater influence on you getting a host. Paying the host is not mandatory rather it depends upon how you deal with the host and how he reacts or charges you.

Check Out: Couchsurfing 

6. Booking.com


This is the best probable app you can get to find you a good hotel while travelling. Be it, reasonable pricing or exceptional service or prime locations even luxurious stays, every aspect is covered by this app and one can find and book a single-bedroom to a personal suite in this app. But, it is known for the deals that it provides which is just exceptional. You can categorize hotels according to your needs and in some way or other, this app will find you a perfect match for you and your needs.

It also features an option that will suggest a few flexible dates where you can get a cheaper rate or a discount. Hence, you can even plan a budget-friendly trip using Booking.com, it is handled by the top travel guide company i.e. Booking Holdings Inc, so you can expect pretty much exceptional service.

Check Out: Booking.com

7. Uber

Whenever you travel abroad, the chances of getting scammed by a taxi driver is quite often and this is where Uber comes in and shows you a flexible and transparent mode of charge for your ride. All you have to do is select the location and proceed, within minutes you will have your Uber at your feet to get to your destination. It also saves a lot of time when compared with a taxi service, so all you have to do is sit back and behave like a good passenger. 

Check Out: Uber


What is a great travel app to help find things to do while traveling?

Google Maps can help you find some of the best attractions of a particular place and also list local activities which can be done to have a good time while you explore the place.

What is the must-have feature a good travel app should have?

One of the must-have features for a good travel app is an option to manage and track the Itinerary of your trip. This saves you a lot of time and keeps you updated on what has to be done and what is done.  


These were the 7 must-have apps on your android device while you are planning for a trip around the globe. Hence, if you liked this post then share it with your travel buddies and let them know how they can make their traveling experience much better by using some mere apps on their smartphones. Head over to our website for more such posts!

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