5 Best & Free Sticker Apps For Whatsapp

While it may be true that Whatsapp has become the biggest chatting platform, it still lacks many parts, like stickers. But the good news is that it lets you add stickers from any other sticker apps and use them in the chats. And the number of sticker apps on the Play Store is huge!

So, to make things easier for you, I have compiled a list of 6 of the best and Free Sticker Apps For Whatsapp. You can use these to add ready-made sticker packs or create your personalized ones. So, let’s check out these. 

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1. Sticker.ly 


Sticker.ly is one the best sticker apps you can come across today. It has a huge library of WhatsApp stickers uploaded by thousands of designers and regular users. You can find almost all the trending WhatsApp stickers, from funny ones to inspirational quotes. You will never run out of options. 

If you didn’t like any and want to create your own, then it’s possible here as well. It gives you the freedom to design your own stickers using editing tools. You can use the auto-cut feature and instantly add captions and funny effects to the picture. Overall, an amazing sticker app that’s worth trying. 

Check Out: Sticker.ly

2. Stickify 


Similar to the Sticker.ly app, Stickify offers a huge collection of WhatsApp stickers from various genres. You can find all the trending ones from all the different categories. The categories include TV shows & movies, food, Kpop, anime, emojis, games, and many more. It’s probably the only few sticker apps that bring so much variety under one roof.

There’s hardly any trending sticker that you won’t find here.  It lets you create your own stickers as well. You can take the help from the editing tools available and create a custom sticker in no time. To sum it up, it’s an amazing Whatsapp sticker app that won’t disappoint you. 

Check Out: Stickify

3. Wemoji


Wemoji doesn’t technically have any sticker pack, but it lets you create your own. This is probably the best sticker maker in terms of features and functionalities. The one feature I love the most is freehand cropping where you can accurately but out the faces, people, and other objects for the sticker. 

There’s a whole bunch of advanced features that make things easier for you to create stickers. You can use the different fonts, emojis, and many effects to have an awesome custom sticker. It lets you organize everything so you don’t have to worry. Overall, a pretty advanced app that is worth checking out. 

Check Out: Wemoji

4. WASticker: 3D Emojis

WASticker 3D Emojies

If you use an android and want to try out the 3D style emojis of iOS then here’s an app for you. 3D Emojis Stickers app lets you experience 3D stickers based on all the emojis. You can find so many sticker packs of different characters and enjoy the 3D stickers on Whatsapp. 

You can save your favorites one is a custom list. While you can not create your personalized 3D emoji here like iOS, it’s still not bad. The ads here can be annoying sometimes, but not a deal-breaker though. Overall, it’s a great app for anyone looking to experience 3D iOS stickers. 

Check Out: WA Stickers

6. +999K Anime Stickers

999K Anime Stickers

If you’re like me who loves Anime then this sticker app may just be the perfect one for you. +100000 Anime Stickers app has a huge collection of over 20,000 anime stickers and they keep on adding new ones every day. From Naruto to Tokyo Revengers, you will find every mainstream and underrated anime. 

There’s a community of Anime enthusiasts where you can find custom-made stickers by the users. The collection is huge and you won’t have any trouble finding the stickers of your favorite anime. To sum it up, it’s a great app for every Anime enthusiast for innumerable WhatsApp stickers. 

Check Out: ANIME Sticker App


Are WhatsApp stickers free?

You can find both free and paid stickers for Whatsapp. But the majority of them are free and it’s better not to buy the paid ones as the free ones are enough. 

How can I make my own WhatsApp stickers?

You can use any sticker maker app like Wemoji. You have to select templates, or your own images and use tools like freehand cropping, apply effects, fonts, and create your own custom Whatsapp stickers. 

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