6 Best & Free Fitness Apps For Android

If you’re looking to become physically active, get to the gym and track your calories, then there are a few fitness apps that can help you get on track. I have compiled a list of 7 of the best fitness apps that you can use for a variety of things, from tracking your daily calories to tracking your weight or height changes. 

I have also included some apps that can help you find the right workouts and explained videos on postures and tempo. So, let’s check out these apps and see how you can use them for the best results. 

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1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal has been my top choice for so many years, and it continues to be better. This is someone who wants it all, from keeping track of workouts, planning the routine, to tracking calories intake. This can help you change your unhealthy habits and make you meet your personal goals. This app truly feels like a personal coach. 

It has a huge database of over 11 million different food items, including some of the restaurant loggers that will keep track of all the macros when you go out to eat. Just enter the items you had and it will add them to your daily intake list. The interface isn’t very intimidating either. Overall, it’s a really great app, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced. 

Check Out: MyFitnessPal

2. FitNotes


FitNotes is a renowned app that you can use to keep track of all your workout logs. Basically, you can choose an exercise, note how much weight you will do, and for how many sets and reps. It is a nice way to keep your routine organized. This can save you from wandering around in the gym trying to figure out what exercises you will do next and with what weight.

It also has a calendar, backup and restore deleted data, and more. The interface is quite simple and easy to comprehend. This is especially great for everyone who already has a workout routine and wants to track it. All of its features are free to use and that makes it one of the best free fitness apps to use right now. 

Check Out: FitNotes 



JEFIT is similar to FitNotes, but with a lot of extra features. You can keep track and make a routine with this too, from over 1300 workouts to choose from. But the most useful feature I found was the inclusion of videos for all the 1300 exercises which can be really helpful for beginners. You also get a rest timer, body measurements log, workout planner, and more. 

This app can plan a workout routine for you as well, based on whether you’re a newbie or advanced. But I think this app can be more useful for beginners at the gym who want to take their fitness journey seriously. Most of the functionalities are free to use. The UI is fairly simple as well, and overall, a must-have app for beginners. 

Check Out: JEFIT 

4. Runkeeper


If you don’t have time for weight training and you choose to do cardio instead, then this app is just made for you. Runkeeper can track walks, long runs, and other physical activities like cycling. From a casual evening walker to a professional marathon runner, anyone can use this app with ease. You can also join challenges and earn rewards in the app.

It takes help from your smartphone’s GPS to track your route and distance and keeps track of your everyday physical activities. You can plan custom training in the app based upon your requirements, and also choose from pre-saved routines. So whether your goal is to run faster in marathon races or to lose weight, this app is ideal for everyone.

Check Out: Runkeeper

5. Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout No Equipment

Home Workout – No Equipment is a self-explanatory fitness app. This app can help you build muscle, lose fat and stay fit without having to visit the gym. You get a grid of different kinds of bodyweight-based home workouts to keep yourself in shape. You can avail of over 100 detailed videos and animations of all the basic workouts that you need. 

You can check out videos and workouts for targeting specific parts like chest, biceps, shoulders, to even full-body workouts. This app can be a lifesaver if you’re stuck at home or don’t have time for the gym. Other features include a workout planner, progress tracker, warm-up, stretching routines, etc. I personally loved this app because of how easy and detailed it is.

Check Out: Home Workout 

6. 7 Minute Workout 

7 Minute Workout

If you are not able to squeeze out time from your busy schedule for fitness then I’m sure this app is going to be of your help. Seven, like its name, features decent 7-minute workouts that require no equipment. You can target all the parts of your body like chest, biceps, legs, etc easily with its researched and effective exercises. 

You get a video tutorial for each of the workouts, which is essential for someone just starting in. You can customize so many things like rest times, plan a workout routine, daily reminders, and more. This may not be the most advanced workout planner, but if you’re looking for a quick session to break the sweat and burn a few calories, then this is the perfect app. 

Check Out: 7 Minute Workout 


Are fitness apps useful for home workouts?

“Home Workout – No Equipment” and “7 Minute Workout” are the most useful apps for home workouts. These can be useful for people who have less time for workouts or don’t have any fitness equipment. 

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