9 Best Free Addictive Android Games

Video games are dopamine triggers, and we all love that. But it can be difficult to find the right android game which you can spend countless hours on without getting bored. Even with tons of options on the Play Store. But there are hardly any games in which you can sink into it for hours without realizing it.

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1. Freeze Rider

Freeze Rider

It’s a basic level-based 2D game that can give you Fortnite vibes. You’ll be a knight who can collect the ice cubes along the way and you’ll have to use them to pave a path forward to reach your destination. You’ll be in a new scenario after every 5 levels, which can give you a fresh new start and doesn’t feel repetitive. 

The gameplay is simple, you only need to swipe up to create an ice ramp to make your way. You also have to collect keys along your way which you can use to prize from a chest, earning your gold rewards. Overall, it’s a great game and easy to pick up for the newbies. An excellent choice for relaxing and having fun. 

Check Out: Freeze Rider

2. Tiny Hope

Tiny Hope

Tiny hope is a fun-to-play puzzle-based game that can hook you up for hours without end. In the game, you will be the last droplet of water and you need to get to the cloning machine in order to rehydrate the whole planet and everyone depends on you. It also gives a strong message of the importance of water, especially for the children.

You’ll have to get through difficult situations and you can convert yourself into steam and ice as well whenever needed. The controls are easy and it’s not very hard to pick up as well. The puzzles are fun and addictive. After completion of each level, it will give you a wise message about how valuable water is for every creature. Overall, it’s a good game for all gamers from all age groups. 

Check Out: Tiny Hope

3. King Tongue

King Tongue

King Tongue is one of those few games which don’t look very appealing in screenshots and you only understand the buzz after playing it yourself. It’s based on a storyline that says the bananas have declared a war against the monkeys. The cartoony visuals make it a fun-looking game and the graphics are good enough. The sound effects make it even better. 

What I love about it is that the gameplay is simple to learn but mastering it can be difficult. You have to use your tongue to knock the bananas out, use it for trajectory, move around in awkward motions and kill them. It can seem difficult sometimes. The difficulty and types of enemies increase with each level. Overall, a pretty good game and will give you a good time.

Check Out: King Tongue

4. Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a fun experience, just like its original game which was launched in 2010. It’s quite similar to that but there’s a bit of fun new wrinkle that elevates the whole gameplay. You still have to cut the ropes, but this time you will do it to feed the starving green blob Om Nom. 

It involved various difficulty levels and each of them would hook you up for hours. When starting the game for the first time make sure you don’t start the premium trial which it will ask you to. Simply skip it and you’re ready to start your game and progress. Overall, it’s a fun game to play and kill time. 

Check Out: Cut the Rope

5. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an arcade game that can give you nostalgia. This will remind you of the old-school games that we used to play in our childhood. You basically just have to hop the chicken and help it cross a busy road. It is an endless game, so the difficulties keep on increasing as you travel further and the speed of cars will keep on increasing.

The gameplay and controls are quite simple. The graphics aren’t very high level, but again, they don’t need to be. The block-style graphics look appealing. You have to do the same challenge over and over. But there is a balance between challenge and simplicity, which doesn’t make you frustrated with it. Overall, I loved playing this game and would recommend you to give it a try as well. 

Check Out: Crossy Road

6. Drag’n’Boom


In Drag’n’Boom, you will take control of a baby dragon who is on a mission to collect gold and kill knights, archers, or other enemies along the way. The whole game is based on 2D and it is quite easy to learn the gameplay. You can tap, drag and release the left side of the screen to control the movement. Doing the same on the right side will take you control over the dragon’s fireballs. 

As you move to higher levels, you will get special powers like Slow burn, which can slow time. The graphics are intriguing, colorful, and vibrant on the eyes. I loved the sound effects as well. The game seemed quite easy, I would have loved it more if it was more challenging. But overall, it’s quite fun to play and seems enjoyable.

Check Out: Drag’n’Boom 

7. Ordia 


Ordia is a visually appealing game with only three color palettes. It crafts a minimalist gameplay experience across a very strange world with a unique atmosphere of its own. You will be a strange single-cell organism and you have to make your way out by holding onto the blue blobs only, which will constantly be in motion. The game is quite easy to pick up.

There are strange-looking waterfalls, bushes, and other things that add details to the game which would have looked dull otherwise. The graphics are decent enough, but there’s certainly room for sound effects to be better. The haptic feedback elevates the gameplay. Overall, a pretty fun game to play and it’s quite relaxing at the same time. 

Check Out: Ordia 

8. Vertical Adventure

Vertical Adventure

Vertical Adventure is a 2D-based game that has been my favorite for so long. If you’ve played the old-school 2D games, then this game will definitely give you nostalgic feelings. Here, you have to dodge the red dot and proceed with bouncing onto the white dots, which will gain your points. As you proceed further in the game the difficulty levels will also increase and you will discover new elements.

The gameplay is quite smooth. You literally glide through the gaps and reach the finishing line. It will seem minimal overall. The graphics and sound effects are good. You can enjoy it better with headphones since you will hear meditation sound effects. Overall, this is a pretty relaxing game and can certainly be your stress buster after a long and hectic day. 

Check Out: Vertical Adventure

9. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash

If you love  Sonic The Hedge, then this game can be appealing to you. Sonic Dash is an endless runner game where you will take control over Sonic and run through places, dodging the hurdles and collecting the points. This will remind you so much of the Temple Run games. You will also get superpowers by having certain collectibles in the game.

As this is an endless runner game, you would run to beat your own highest score. It is a face-paced adventure in Green Hill Zone that I absolutely love playing. The graphics and effects are great, and sound effects make the game even better. If you haven’t tried the game yet then you should play it right away. 

Check Out: Sonic Dash


What are the best high-quality Android games?

BGMI, Genshin Impact, Asphalt 9, and NFS No Limits are some of the best high-quality Android games.

What are the most underrated android games?

Tiny Gladiators 2, Orbia, Lifeline, and Monument Valley are some of the most underrated android games.

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