4 Ways to Fix Memory Card Not Showing on Mobile

Did it happen again? Your memory card is not showing again on your mobile, in this article, we’ll be going on how to fix it! So just make sure your card is properly inserted into your device and let’s get started!

1. Restart The Device

It might happen that your device’s operating system is not able to read an external drive that suddenly connected, giving your phone a quick restart should fix the issue. If it doesn’t carry ahead on the article.

2. Rub The Pins Of The Card Gently With The Eraser

Rubbing The pins of the card gently with the eraser was a good old method back then, you will be surprised to know it still works! Rubbing the pins of the SD card with the soft eraser helps remove any kind of dust particles accumulated near the pins of the SD card which often block the connection, a gentle rub with the eraser should remove all the dust.

3. Wipe Cache Partition

Wipe cache partition has always been an effective way of clearing out the device cache deep down from the operating system. Wipe cache partition only clears the temporary junk files created in the system while not touching your data. The process to perform a wipe cache partition is different on different OEMs available out there, but here is a general process of performing it.

1. Connect your phone with the charger first then power off the device.

2. When you see the charging animation of your phone, hold down the power button and volume up button at the same time until the recovery menu fades in.

3. Now select the “Wipe cache partition” option from the option available, Wipe cache partition should not be confused with Wipe Partition as it is the same as format and thus deletes all the data, so make sure you select wipe cache partition only.

4. Then click on “Yes” and you have successfully performed the wipe cache partition.

5. Now finally click on “Exit” and try your card again.

4. Format Using PC

Try connecting the drive on your windows pc and see if the SD card is working normally there.

If yes then back up the data first by copy-pasting the contents of the SD card to some other safe place on your pc then finally perform the quick format by following up the steps below:

1. Right-click on the SD card drive inside the file explorer then click on “Format”.

2. A menu will pop up, make sure the file format selected is FAT32, and click on the “format” option.

If it does not show up on the file explorer or not performing as a normal SD card, check on the Windows Disk Management application:

1. Hit the windows key and type “create and format hard disk partitions” and open the application up, it might ask to run with admin privileges just click “yes”.

2. Then see if your card is shown up there, delete its volume by right click then “delete volume” and press “yes from the pop-up. Keep in mind this will erase all the data inside your SD card so make sure you recover the files inside using software like Recoverit before deleting the volume.

3. You have to create a new volume now, right-click on the card drive then a “New Simple Volume”.

4. A new menu will pop up, click on next until you see the finish option, now click that “Finish” option. And this fixes all the issues.

5. Check if your memory card is visible in your smartphone then copy data from your PC to your microSD card (If you copied your files before formatting)

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