Firefox Browser Review: Best For Privacy?

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User Interface

User Interface

I always believe that User Interface is the first impression that is half responsible for the success or failure of any browser. Hence, the interface of every browser should be easy for its users to get started within a few minutes.

While using the Mozilla Firefox browser, I found its user interface pretty simple yet attractive enough to grab the attention of the user. Everything is arranged in the proper manner to achieve minimal effort of users while browsing.

There’s a big URL Box at top with both default and self-customized tools at its right side. The top right has a hamburger icon to open Menu along with a Setting icon just below it.

The home screen displays Top Visited Sites in the card format. The bottom of Top Visited sites contains Highlights. You can hide these by clicking on top visited sites and highlighting icons respectively.

Another thing that I like in its interface is Sidebar. You can have a sidebar on the left or right side, it’s on you which shows History and Bookmarks.

The interface of Firefox browser is light and smooth, nothing extra or unwanted elements on the home screen.



Mozilla Firefox is a feature-rich browser with some of the awesome features. It has almost everything that an internet user needs. There will be no shortage of features.

HTML5 Video Preload: Mozilla Firefox is the only browser over the internet that has the ability to preload an entire HTML5 video. So if you have weak internet signal, nothing to worry with Firefox

Independent browser: It is among only a few browsers that come under zero control of Google. Other browsers use Chromium that controls Google but Firefox uses its own rendering engine and is completely independent.

There’s a list of feature that comes with Firefox

  • Mater password
  • In-browser Screenshots
  • Pockets for saving articles
  • Autoplay Blocking
  • Strong Privacy protection
  • Allows installing Add-ons in Android
  • Large number of Add-ons available
  • Font resizing

Reading Mode: I have seen Reading Mode in many browsers but honestly speaking, I haven’t seen Reading Mode like Firefox. The latest Firefox browser has Reading Mode that not only converts a webpage in reading paper but also provides some extra features for better reading.

When I enabled reading Mode by clicking on Book Icon in the URL bar, the webpage got converted into a reading paper with Three Options at the top left. These options are,

Type Control: This option allows controlling the size of Font, Content Width, Line Height and Color Scheme. So you can manage all to have ease while reading.

Listen: Clicking on this Headphone icon enables the Audio version of the webpage, which means You can hear the text of the webpage. So if you don’t want to read, then you can listen to the whole webpage.

Save To Pocket: If You want to read the webpage after some time or if you get some urgent work while reading, then there’s an option to that webpage in Pocket. You can click on the Pocket icon at the left corner of URL box to see all your saved web pages.

I personally like the Listen features of Mozilla Firefox Browser, it’s something that makes it different from other browsers.

Master Password: Master password is the biggest companion of Privacy Protection. While using Firefox browser, I found master password one of the most important features of it. It keeps your browser’s data safe from intruders.

Master Password

The Master Password of Firefox browser is used to protect all sensitive data such as passwords. On having a master password, you won’t be able to Login or access any saved data without entering this master password.

Keep one thing in mind that forgetting Master Password can put you in great trouble because you’ll be restricted from accessing sensitive information.

Protection Dashboard: Firefox browsers have various security tools and each keeps doing its job behind the scene while you browse. Protection Dashboard collects the reports of all blocked Social media Trackers, Cross-site tracking Cookies, fingerprinting and Crypto miners by the security tools.

Protection Dashboard

You can check the daily and monthly report.

Password Management: Password management is a tool that keeps your passwords, sync data of all devices at one place. Whether you want to Copy, Edit or Delete a password, everything can be managed from Password Manager.

I liked this feature very much as I keep playing with my password daily, just for security purposes and if you have the same habit like me, then trust me, this feature will help you a lot.

Firefox Monitor: Mozilla Firefox Browser has recently introduced Firefox Monitor in its update. It automatically alerts you if you get into any data breach. We surf hundreds of websites daily and data breaches are so common that any of the website’s data can be breached.

That’s why it becomes extremely necessary for us to know about data breaches so that we could take proper action on our security.

Security: Along with privacy, having strong Security is also a major aspect of browsers as the Internet is filled with Malicious contents and their entry in your PC or laptop can cause major damage to your data.


But fortunately, Firefox browser has lots of security features that stands tall against any malicious content. It has:

Do Not Track: This option that asks websites and disallows tracking. You can set it to Always by going to Settings and then Privacy and Security tab.

Generate strong Password: This features suggest you extremely hard passwords whenever you register to any website. I always use this feature because it increases security level.

Master Password: It is the only key of stored data in Firefox. It secures the sensitive information completely because no one can access those data without a master password.

Disable Autofill Logins and Passwords: Nowadays, most websites steal your login credentials by using the autofill feature. They create secret and invisible Login forms which you can’t see but autofill features fill that form without your permission which can result in huge loss. But having an option to enable or disable Autofill is a great feature.

DoS: DNS over HTTPS is an extra layer of protection that resists internet service providers from selling its user’s data.

Data Monitor: It monitors whether any of the visited websites have gone through Data Breaches or not. If yes, then it’ll automatically send you an alert so that you can take proper action on it.

Password management: This allows checking, deleting or editing of all saved passwords in the Firefox browser.

There are lots of tools and features that combine to form a strong security wall against malicious content and thus saves your data. I personally feel that Firefox is among those browsers that have a strong security wall.

Private Window: When I used the private window of Firefox browser, I didn’t find anything special with it. It’s almost similar to other browser incognito windows. Its Private window erases history and cookies and password as well. I would appreciate it if it masks location as well, just like Brave browser’s private window.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Firefox has brought up all the developer tools at a single place. It includes various web developer tools such as

  1. Toggle Tool
  2. Inspector
  3. Web Console
  4. Debugger
  5. Network
  6. Style editor
  7. Performance
  8. Storage Inspector
  9. Accessibilities and
  10. Application

There is some more Remote Debugging, Browser Console, Responsive Design Mode, Eyedropper and Page Source. More tools can also be added by clicking on the Get More Tools option.

Honestly speaking, I am not a core developer, so I didn’t test all tools but I am sure that these tools are truly beneficial for developers.

Customization Flexibilities


I have used many browsers but if I exclude Vivaldi, I can definitely say that none of the browsers offers customization like Firefox Browser. Most think that a web browser is only for surfing the internet but only few know that Customization Flexibilities are important aspects of enhancing users browsing experience.

Talking about Firefox, it has a drag and drop customization feature. If you want to change the positions of quick tools at the side of URL Box, you can do that easily.

You want to add any tool to the Quick access Tools, you have Drag your desired tool and drop it to the empty Space. If you’ve added many tools in the Quick Access section and you want some gap then you can add Flexible Space.

Customization option also allows managing Title Bar, Drag Space, Menu Bar, Bookmarks, and Themes etc.

Speed and Performance

Surfing the internet requires two things, one is Internet Connection and other is a Browser. Since the internet’s speed is rapidly increasing, the browser has to be fast enough too so that it matches the internet speed.

A lagging browser can spoil the browsing experience even if you’ve good internet speed.  Talking about Firefox Browser, I put it on a speed test just to check its performance. The result of the test explains that the Firefox browser consumes less RAM even than Chrome.

Less RAM and CPU consumption provides good speed with smooth performance. Even when I opened 15+ tabs, the performance was smooth. I didn’t get any lagging issues while switching between tabs.

Platform Availability

There are billions of Mozilla Firefox browser users and most of them vary in platform usability. Some use Windows, while some use MacOS and Linux. Therefore, it has to be available for every platform to comply with the needs of its each user.

The best part of the Mozilla Firefox browser is that it is available for every platform. However, it has some limitations with Operating System versions.

Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot

For Windows: The OS Version should be above Windows 7 with a minimum of 512 MB RAM and 200 MB disk space.

For Mac: The OS Version should be above10.9 with 512 MB RAM and 200 MB disk space.

For Linux/GNU: The following packages or libraries should be available. Absence of any of the below  package or libraries will not allow running Firefox

  • GTK+ 3.4 or higher
  • GLib 2.22 or higher
  • Pango 1.22 or higher
  • X.Org 1.0 or higher (1.7 or higher is recommended)
  • libstdc++ 4.6.1 or higher

Having following packages will provide optimum functionality

  • NetworkManager 0.7 or higher
  • DBus 1.0 or higher
  • GNOME 2.16 or higher
  • PulseAudio

So if you’re a Linux user, then must have these packages or libraries.

Privacy and Ads Blocker

Privacy and Ads Blocker

Ads is the biggest fun spoiler of the content. According to research, a person sees an average of 4000+ ads a day. I know that ads are a primary source of income but still it’s very frustrating.

That’s why most of the browsers nowadays come with inbuilt Ad blocker but that’s the only place where Firefox browser lacks. However, there are lots of advanced Ad Blocker addons that you can use to enjoy the content.

Another thing that is an equal partner in crime as ad blocker is Trackers. Trackers are the biggest threat to your Privacy. They work as spies on the PC. But fortunately, Mozilla Firefox comes with inbuilt tracker blocker.

A tracker-free zone can easily be created using Firefox browser. It gives full control over tracker blocking like you can manage Content Blocking and privacy toughness level too. You can select levels between Standard, Strict and Custom to maintain your privacy.

The Standard level blocks only Trackers in private windows whereas Strict option heavily blocks trackers and may cause some sites to break. The Custom option is best for privacy because it provides a manual setting for blocking Trackers, Cookies, Cryptominers and Fingerprinting.

Firefox also encrypts everything such as browsing history, passwords, account info, etc to maintain privacy of its users. 

Resource Consumption

Managing resource consumption is an important quality of a browser. A browser is a must have thing for the PC or laptop and that’s why, it has to be resource efficient that even a low end device user gets a decent browsing experience.

That’s the reason, all browsers developers optimize its browser for less resource consumption. I have tried using Firefox browser with many tabs open and I found that it consumes only 1.5% -2.0% of CPU.

So I can assure that even if you have a low end PC, Firefox Browser will work fine.



Majority of internet users work on multiple devices and multiple platforms. Some developers use all platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac and Linux at the same time. If Firefox browser is installed in all devices, synchronization is the only feature that connects all.

Most browser syncs only History and Bookmarks but Mozilla Firefox browser syncs even Opened Tabs and Passwords. However, syncing in Firefox is different for Android and iOS

  1. Android Devices (Smartphones and Tablets) syncs Bookmarks, Tabs, History and password
  2. iOS Devices (iPads, iPhones and iPods) syncs Bookmarks, Logins and Browsing History

How to sync in Mozilla Firefox Browser?

First you need to create a Firefox Account in order to sync. So to use sync in Firefox

  1. Click on Firefox Account icon
  2. Signup to Firefox using email and password
  3. Confirm email confirmation link
  4. Click on My Account Icon
  5. Look for the Sync Now option and click on it.

So that’s how you can use the sync feature.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Firefox browser has everything up to date that an internet user needs while browsing but as we say nothing is perfect and in Firefox’s case, I found some flaws while using it. Some flaws are so important that I can’t afford ignoring those in this Firefox Browser Review.

Pros of FirefoxCons of Firefox
Strong Privacy ProtectionDoes not support multi language
Quick ScreenshotWeak virus scanner
Open Source 
Android Version also allows Add-ons Installation 
Extremely Customizable 


Is Chrome better than Firefox?

It would be quite unfair to give a clear statement but by seeing past records, I think chrome is better because we compare both on general factors such as Interface, speed, feature and security, the Chrome would emerge on top. However, Google hasn’t revealed much about the security of Chrome, so we don’t know more.
But there’s a separate fan base for Firefox and people are slowly shifting to Firefox because of its rich features and ultimate security.

Is Mozilla Firefox a safe browser?

Of course Yes, it’s an open source browser with excellent privacy and security features

Is Firefox the best Web Browser?

Definitely yes, I use it as default browser and with my experience, I can openly say that it is the best web browser. Its speed is great, security is top notch, and customization is abundant.

Is Firefox owned by Google?

No, on contrary, Firefox is among the rare browsers that Google doesn’t own. It’s completely an independent browser.


I have been using this browser since 2017 and so I have good experience of it and because of that I have shared my honest opinions in this Firefox Browser review.  

Honestly speaking, Firefox has now completely changed. Previously, it was slow, heavy and had less security as well but the Firefox browser that we see today is not completely changed. It is now fast, feature-rich and an extremely secure browser over the internet.

Its features such as HTML5 Preloads, Tab and password Sync, Advance Developer tools, Font resizing, Less Resource Consumption, etc are something  that deserves appreciation.

Today is the time Google controls chromium based browsers but Firefox is among rare browsers that is completely independent of Google.

I review browsers on Interface, Speed, features and Security factors and I’m feeling glad in saying that Firefox doesn’t disappoint on any of these factors. I know there are some flaws like unavailability of inbuilt ad blocker, advertising with pocket features which cannot be ignored but I’m pretty sure that it will be fixed in upcoming updates.

So my final word will be ‘’you must try Mozilla Firefox browser once’ and I can assure that it is nowhere less than Google Chrome. That’s it in this Firefox Browser Review, if you have some doubts regarding this browser, feel free to ask in the comments, I’ll try my best to clear your doubts.

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