Filmora X Review: Best Video Editor For Beginner?

Video editing is something we all need, sometimes for editing family videos or for professional things like youtube. But most editing software is quite complicated and not easy to pick up. That’s where Filmora X shines with its simplistic interface. 

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What Is Filmora X?

Filmora X by Wondershare is an amazing video editing tool with so many modern features. It has a large collection of royalty-free music and videos to add to your projects. It is a professional-grade video editor but with easy controls and easy to learn. When you start to use this software, you’ll realize Wondershare’s approach of encouraging creativity without requiring any expertise. 

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Filmora X Interface

Wondershare Filmora X interface

Wondershare Filmora X resembles most of the video editors out there. You won’t see any fancy overdone interface, but rather a polished and soothing design that will help you get the most out of your creativity. There are a lot of options made in subcategories, rather than stalking all of them together. This makes them easy to find and use. 

In the layout, you’ll find the top left of the window with all the options and features which you can drag and drop. The right part of the screen displays the preview of the media you are working on. The bottom part is your timeline and all of your media will be in the form of layers. You can customize the size of all of these according to your convenience. 

Free Vs Paid

The free version has all the features that you’ll find in the premium version. The only difference you will find between the two versions is that the video editing with the free version will have a huge watermark in the bottom part of it. Of course, this can be a big deal-breaker for most users as this makes the video look unprofessional. The only way to remove that watermark is to pay for the premium, which is a one-time buy. 


Filmora X packs all the basic features that you will look for. These include splitting, aspect ratio, cropping, brightness, and volume controls, adding music, etc. But it also comes with so many advanced features that you will love trying out. Here are some of them.

Dark Mode: You can please your eyes with Filmora X’s new dark mode which works quite well throughout the software effectively. 

Motion Tracking: Filmora X now enables you to add an image/animation to the moving object without any problems like ghosting.

Media And Effects Library: Filmora X has so many royalty-free music, videos, titles and other presets so that you can use them all with a single click. 

Wondershare Filmora X media library

Zoom and Pan: You might have noticed how videos zoom in and out so smoothly that it makes them seem natural. With Filmora, you can easily do that. 

Stabilization: Having a smooth and stable video is the utmost important thing. This has stabilization features that will change the feel of any video.

Shortcuts: You can create key binds and other shortcuts using new hotkey commands which will increase your work efficiency.

Wondershare Filmora X shortcuts

Keyframe: You can easily personalize any video with keyframes to change the scale, position, opacity, and rotation of a clip.

Green screen: If you are a YouTuber then this will change the level of your videos forever. You can layer so many backgrounds and things using a green screen. 

Color correction: Filmora’s color correction is so well designed that many professional video editors use it only for this feature. 

Wondershare Filmora X color correction

Tilt-shift: The tilt-shift effect is what you’ll find inexpensive cameras. But Filmora X can replicate the same effect quite easily. 

Audio Ducking: Using this feature, you can add music in the background and have a fading effect or ensure the viewers listen to the dialogue or monologues.

Picture in picture: Adding videos on top of other videos will make it look more professional and modern. You can add so many other things on the top.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Pleasing interfaceCan’t add custom transition effects or filters
Easy to access all the featuresDoesn’t support vector graphic files
Supports up to 4K video.Can’t export parts of the timeline
Huge library of music and videosThe preview windows sometimes lag
Effective text editing tools
Both one-time payment, and subscription are available
Inexpensive premium

Pricing & License

Wondershare Filmora X plans

The pricing of Filmora X starts at US$19.99 for a month. You can avail of the annual subscription at US$ 51.99. You also get the option to buy the software for a lifetime at US$79.99, which in my opinion, is the smartest option. You can use all the features whether you’re using a free version or premium, but the premium will get rid of the water and offer a few add ons. 

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With the lifetime plan, you get one-month unlimited downloads from the Filmstock Standard Library. There are no other differences between the plans, apart from the validity. Overall, I believe the prices are not expensive given the number of features you’re going to get.

System Requirements


  • Intel i5 or better CPU, 2GHz+
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB for HD and 4K videos)
  • 10 GB free storage space


  • Intel i5 or better CPU, 2GHz+
  • macOS v10.12 or newer
  • 8 GB of RAM (16 GB for HD and 4K videos)
  • 2 GB of GPU VRAM (4 GB for HD and 4K videos)
  • 10 GB free storage space

Impact On System

While I was editing a short 720p video, it was using about 2% of CPU, 570MB memory, and power usage was low. 

While rendering and exporting the same video, it was consuming about 30-40% of CPU and 1GB memory. The power usage here was medium.

I think the resource usage was quite low in the video editors’ standards. I didn’t face any lag while testing and it worked quite smoothly. 

Note: I have used a PC powered with an i5 9th CPU paired with Nvidia GTX1650 GPU, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD. Resource usage might be different for your PC according to the specification. 

Filmora X Editing Capabilities

The Filmora X enables you to have so much control over the video and audio. You can use all the basic editing features like cut videos, split, or combine them together into a longer clip. But it goes even further with advanced features to give you that professional touch on your videos. The features are so well made that you won’t ever have any problems using them, unlike other editors. 

The simplistic approach of the software can deceive a lot of users that it cant do advanced stuff. The software is totally packed with all the features. But the downside here is that sometimes it can be intimidating for beginners. I would recommend you follow a beginner’s guide from youtube or any other source so that you won’t stand confused about what to do. 

It is quite user-friendly, so you won’t be as clueless as you would be while using software like Premiere Pro. But I would have loved it more if it had included a go-through tour for first-time users. The rendering is quite fast as well. You won’t have to wait for hours anymore. And much like any other video editor, it has so many shortcuts which can be helpful in saving your time. 

How To Use Filmora X?

The good thing about Filmora X is that it’s not very difficult to use. You’ll learn it pretty fast and in no time you’ll be familiar with the interface. There aren’t many things that can confuse you, as most features are categorized into tabs, making it easier to find. Here is how you can use the software. 

You will be greeted with a simple interface that will ask you to open an existing project or create a new one. Choose a new project and you will be taken to the main interface. 

Here you will find the following four options to use.

Media Library: You can use this to import the media that you want to edit or add to your videos. You can choose images, videos or audio files. You can also use the same windows to display effects, transitions, and titles. 

Wondershare Filmora X media library

Toolbar: The toolbar is where you will have all the features to edit your videos. You can cut, edit, delete and change the speed of your video/audio. This makes editing easier for the users. 

Wondershare Filmora X toolbar

Timeline: The bottom part of the screen is where the timeline is. This is the place where you will be doing all the work and you can see your media in layers. You can add up to 100 tracks to this timeline. 

Wondershare Filmora X timeline

Preview: The top right side of the screen will have the preview which is quite useful to see the live changes you make to any part of the video. You can pause and play right there. 

Wondershare Filmora X preview
  1. So just add your local media in the media library. 
  2. Once you are done, drag and drop the media to the timeline you want to work on.
  3. You can edit the timeline individually and check it in the preview section. 
  4. Once you are done with editing, just click the Export button that is on the top of the screen. 
  5. You can customize the video before exporting it. Just make the changes, if any, and click on export
  6. The rendering will start and your video will be saved in the designated location. 

Do I Recommend Filmora X?

Filmora X is a strong competitor to other video editors like Premiere Pro. But what sets it apart is that it’s really fun and easy to use. I literally enjoyed editing on this software after having to spend some time with Premiere Pro. This might not be as advanced as others, but definitely, it’s overpowered for a regular user like me or any YouTuber who is getting started. 

But because of its simplistic approach in design, it lacks a few controls to fine-tune the editing. But with that said, my needs are not like those of any professional, and if you fall under the same category, then Filmora X is a must-buy. The price at which it’s available is insanely cheap and totally worth it. I will recommend you try this out and make editing fun.  


Is Wondershare Filmora X any good?

Yes. Wondershare Filmora X is one of the best video editors you can find. 

Which is the best video editor for Windows 10?

Premiere Pro and Filmora X are the best video editors for Windows 10.

Is Filmora X free?

You can use Filmora X for free but you would have to deal with a big watermark on your edited videos. 

What is the difference between Filmora9 and Filmora X?

The main difference between Filmora 9 and Filmora X is that Filmora 9 is made for professional video editors, while Filmora X is more for regular users who are looking for simple-looking editing software. You get more freedom to customize the effects you want on your videos. 

Filmora X
Filmora X Review

Filmora X shines with its simplistic interface. It is a professional-grade video editor but with easy controls and easy to learn. When you start to use this software, you'll realize Wondershare's approach of encouraging creativity without requiring any expertise.

Price: 19.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "Windows", "Mac"

Application Category: Video Editing

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