Filmora Scrn Review: Best Recording Software?

What is Filmora SCRN?

Filmora scrn from Wondershare is an easy-to-use screen recorder that is perfect for recording screen, or anything else you want to capture. Much more than a simple screen recording, it also includes a video editing suite tailored for screen recordings

Filmora Scrn keeps it simple with only the necessary tools that are enough for beginners. However, it also features some advanced options for professional editings.

In this article, I will provide a full detailed Filmora Scrn review and will help you decide if it’s worth using or not. We shall have a look at the important aspects in this review.

User Interface

In this Filmora Scrn Review, I am going to get you familiar with the user interface. Talking about the interface, I am quite impressed by its simplicity. Filmora Scrn sports a clear and pleasing user interface. So, as soon as you open up the app you will see three options: Get started, Quick Capture, and Video editor. 

Filmora Scrn interface

Once you click on the Get Started, you will be directed to the setup for recording where you can set various factors for recording. On the left pane, there are setting options for the screen, camera, audio, and advanced. 

filmora setup interface

You can simply set and choose according to your recording requirements. At below, there is a capture button to start capturing the screen. Everything is very clean and well designed for beginners too. 

Whereas the Quick Capture option allows you to capture the screen with default settings. It’s not difficult to figure out the options. If you’ve used any editing software and are familiar with standard interfaces, the setup, and capture, it will be a breeze. 

filmora Scrn quick recording Interface

I am really impressed with the intuitive interface. I jumped right into the app and started getting to work in just a few minutes. I didn’t even have to read any guides. So, a significant achievement by Wondershare. 

Hence, I would say Filmora Scrn places a huge emphasis on how easy and intuitive to use it.

The Video editor option is packed with some pretty great features, and like the rest of the Filmora Scrn app, it’s super intuitive. 

The editor is divided into 3 main subsections:

  • Top Menu – There are File, Edit, Export, Help, recorder, and export options.
  • Assets – these include audio and video, annotations, and cursor effects.
  • Properties – The properties of elements such as colors, display qualities, volume, length, etc.
  • Tracks – The main editing side of Filmora Scrn where you add elements, edit, and create the layout of your video.
Video Editing interface of Filmora Scrn

Moreover, the software is clean, minimalist, and quite pleasing. The Filmora Scrn has done a remarkable job creating such a lovely UI and workflow. It all just makes sense while being a delight to record and edit.

As more of a beginner to video editing, this is very essential. As nobody likes to go searching around through endless FAQ pages and video tutorials. 

Overall, I would say Wondershare seems to understand user needs, and they utilize proper design principles in their user interface. With easy-to-pull-out navigation panels and a minimal UI interface, Filmora Scrn is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. 

Get Filmora Scrn


FeatureFilmora Scrn
Multiple Imports Yes
Audio Settings Yes
Video CaptureYes
Video EditingYes
Custom Recording FieldYes
Tutorial FeaturesYes
Hotkeys Yes
Cursor Effects Yes
Social SharingYes
3D Video EditingNo
Brand OverlaysNo
Video Filters No
Video StabilizationNo
Media LibraryNo
FPS 15-120 fps in Windows/Upto 60fps in Mac
Highest Export Resolution1920*1080 px
Output Formats MP4, MOV, GIF etc
Record LengthUnlimited 

Full Video Editing Suite

The Filmora Scrn comes with every useful tool you’d ever need to edit your video clips to make them stand out.

After using this tool, you don’t need to open some other video editing software, simply import the raw clips for doing the editing job. It is equipped with a variety of professional tools for making your editing work more seamless and less complex. 

Moreover,  I will cover everything about this editor ahead in this Filmora Scrn Review.  


To connect with your audience, you can add text and other elements to enhance the learning experience for your viewers. In the Filmora Scrn video editor, there is a range of annotations that you can add to your videos. 


These are a selection of shapes, text, and images that can be used to add visual prompts onto the video to make it more attractive. There is also a favorites category so you can mark and quickly find your favorite annotations. 

In total, there are 80+ annotations divided into 6 categories. The categories are:

  • Banners
  • Blur
  • Bubbles
  • Captions
  • Arrows
  • Overlays

Overall, there is a good selection of annotations to pick and use in your editing. The only downside is that there are no animation effects that can be added to them.

Cursor Effect

There are 3 cursor effects that can be added to videos captured with the Filmora Scrn screen recorder. The effects can be added individually or combined.

Cursor Effect in Filmora Scrn
  • Cursor highlight – It displays a round halo around the cursor to make it highlighted.
  • Left-click rings – Show a ring around the cursor whenever you do a left-click
  • Left-click sound – It plays a sound every time you make a left-click.

For the cursor highlight, you can change the color of the desired part by selecting a color from a palette or picking a custom color from the screen.

The left-click ring options are the same as the cursor highlight. You can select the desired ring color and that’s it.

For the left-click sound, there is a common clicking sound. Unfortunately, you can’t change the sound effect, but you can adjust the volume.

Besides, you can change the effect without adding an effect. There are scale and opacity settings that are pretty handy.

Record Screen and Camera

If you are planning on making a tutorial video, or a game-play with your face in the video. Then you have the right tool as Filmora Scrn lets you record screen and webcam at the same time, with options to adjust the size, as well as the resolution. 

Filmora Screen and webcam recording

It will provide you with full control over how you want the recorded video to be. This recording video is super easy. When you start the app, you have the option to instantly record a video or go straight into the editor. There are options to set frame rate, camera, & resolution in the camera settings. 

Filmora Scrn Camera settings

You must check whether you want to record your audio, screen, or camera. If you want, you can even check all of the options. Each media will be saved as a separate file so that you can use it according to your need. 

For capturing the screen, the recording dialog box is also very simple, you can record the full screen and custom size. You can also adjust the size of the recording box or whatever you want to record.

Video Editing Settings 

The videos that are placed on the timeline can be adjusted and edited through the video settings options. You can easily change through transform options such as scale, rotation, position, and compositing that include blending mode and opacity. 

Video Settings of filmora Scrn

Also, there are border and speed adjustments options by which you have the ability to adjust the speed of video clips. It is really useful when you want to add a timelapse effect in your video clips. So, you use them wisely to add attractive effects to your videos. 

Audio Tools

The audio is the most important thing in the video clips. So, to control the audio Filmora Scrn has got audio settings. 

So, for each video placed on the timeline, there are two general settings that you can adjust for its audio.

  • Volume – You can change how loud the audio will be in the video.
  • Denoise – It allows us to remove background noise, with 3 levels of intensity. 
Filmora Scrn Audio Settings

I am really impressed to see a denoise feature in the Filmora Scrn tool. If you are someone who records a lot of voice-overs on videos, then this is for you. This is a super handy tool for removing unwanted noise from your videos. You can select the effectiveness of the removal process which is low, medium, and high.

120 FPS Recording

For gamers, a high refresh rate has become an essential part of gaming, however, not many recorders offer to record at the same refresh rate that can make your gaming sessions flicker.

frame rate settings in Filmora Scrn

Unlike many other screen recorders, this screen recorder believes you in giving complete control of settings for gaming sessions. If you wish, you can go for a very low 15 FPS, or you can turn up to 120 fps. 

It is truly lucky for gamers, the Filmora Scrn can provide a recording of up to 120 frames per second, making it one of the best screen recorders on the market to record your gameplay.

Picture In Picture Display (PIP)

One of its best features is the PIP, also known as Picture in Picture, which is an effect often used to overlay some smaller clips on a background video, which enables you to simultaneously display two or more video clips on a single screen. The PIP feature lets you add another picture or image to the existing one.  

PIP in Filmora Scrn

An example is adding a faceman while recording a tutorial or editing gameplay videos. It is extremely useful to make your edited videos stand out and make them more interactive.

Filmora Scrn Free Vs Filmora Scrn Paid 

As we have seen that many screen recorders have different features in paid and free versions, but surprisingly Filmora Scrn took a different approach. The free trial includes all of the same features as the full version. 

Filmora Free Version Watermark

The only limitation of the trial is that exported videos are watermarked so, their brand watermark is there on your video. 

This looks very unpleasant and the watermark is quite large that making your video unsuitable to use further. So, I would recommend you to use the premium version to get perfect and clear output videos. 

Filmora Scrn Trial Vs Paid version

To remove the watermark from your videos simply go to export. Then, select register and enter the email address and the registration code you were sent when you purchased the Filmora scrn as well as your email address. Your future videos will not include Filmora scrn’s watermark.

Pros and Cons 

In my opinion, even after having good sides not every tool is completely perfect. So, This is the part of my Filmora Scrn review where I share my likes and dislikes of the tool.

So, here I have provided you with a quick overview of the positive sides as well as the negative sides of this video recorder. 

Easy to edit video clipsLimited features are there
Screen recording works perfectlyThe app crashes on extreme use
Very intuitive designThere is limited video trimming
It supports up to 120 fps refresh rateNo animations or transitions
There are cursor effects.The zoom is not there
It supports various input formatsLack of advanced tools in Video Editor
It supports PIP.
Record from your PC and webcam simultaneously


If I start off with the good, there is a lot to mention. From recording video to getting into the editor, everything in the tool is so simple and intuitive. 

All the main features you need for a screen recording software and simple video editor are there. You can add a second image or video to your main video clip, like a facecam for gaming or tutorials. It also records from your computer and webcam simultaneously.


All of these are concerning the capabilities of the app, which may seem essential considering Filmora Scrn is mainly built for screen capture with editing. .

You’ll see a lack of transitions in the tool, there are annotations but they are quite static. Also, there is a split feature that will add a cut at a point, but there is no option to trim the part away. 

Device Compatibility

Filmora Scrn is available on the popular and most used platforms. You can only use it on Windows and Mac. Hence, you can simply download the Filmora Scrn for your computer through their official site. 

The interface of the app is consistent and similar regardless if you are on Windows or Mac. So, there is nothing different regardless of the platform.


Filmora Scrn for Windows

The Filmora Scrn is easily available for the Windows platform. You can simply download the software from the official website of Wondershare. An app so thoughtfully designed with a simple and intuitive layout. The Windows software is attractive and can be used without any difficulty


filmora screen for mac

Talking about the Mac, Everything just works effortlessly and smoothly. Many users have their point of view that the apps on Mac are quite different and better than other platforms. 

But, let me clarify that it’s not true as there is no difference, the design and working are similar to Windows. You can simply download the app from their official site. 

How to  use Filmora Scrn

Before I elaborate on how you can use this awesome recording app to complete your video recording & editing tasks, I’d recommend you download and install the software on your PC or Mac.

The Wondershare has a huge emphasis on how easy and intuitive to use Filmora Scrn. I jumped right into the app and started doing work in just a few minutes. I didn’t even have to read any guides until I got into the more complex parts.

There’s no learning curve needed for it. Also, recording and editing video clips with this software work out of the box. Simply open Filmora Scrn and select Get Started to set your recording parameters. There are some of the following things which one must know:

Quick Capture Mode

quick capture in filmora scrn

The quick capture option lets you record anything on your PC screen with the default settings from the app or the previous settings that you have made.

Screen Setup

In this Setup window, you can customize your recording settings. Like, you can choose your recording region and your frame rate. 

screen setup in filmora Scrn
  • You can choose whether to record your full screen, a customized region of your screen.
  • You can also indicate that you’ll be recording a game
  • Choose your frame rate anywhere from 15 to 120 fps.

Audio Setup

audio setup in filmora scrn

In this, you can choose whether or not to record audio from both your microphone and PC. Both will record by default, but you can change that by selecting don’t Capture in that. 

Camera Setup

camera setup in filmora scrn

Here you’ll find the camera settings. You can record from a webcam in addition to recording your screen. In the Camera options, you can:

  • Select your camera for recording 
  • Choose the resolution you want to record 
  • Choose a frame rate for your camera recording

 Advanced Setup

The advanced setup has got important settings. In the Advanced tab, you can change many factors like:

advanced setup in filmora scrn
  • Choose the location to save your files.
  • You can enable GPU acceleration
  • Select to auto-hide your controls while recording
  • Choose different encoder: AVC or FastJPG
  • You can set up hotkeys

Once you’re finished with the Setup window you can click the Capture button to start recording. 

Screen Recording

To begin recording, you just have to click the Quick Capture button from the start menu or from the recorder button from within the video editor. 

filmora video recording

Doing this will launch a small window with a few simple features that are needed for recording. You’ll find your standard recording UI button, screen display and resolution, and audio options. Everything is very easy to operate and record.

Also, if you need to record a tutorial video or gameplay kind of video, with your face in the video, Filmora Scrn lets you record both at the same time, with options to adjust the size, as well as the resolution. It provides full control over how you want the output video to be.

Game Recording

With changing technologies now players love to share their gaming experiences online and for this, they often need some video recording software. In my opinion, Filmora scrn is perfect for recording fast-paced games.

You can easily add a second image or video to your main video clip, like a facecam for gaming. You can also choose your game in the app and select the frame rate according to it.

Gameplay recording with Filmora scrn

It allows recording high-quality game videos on PC to meet your needs with the following factors.

  • It has a stable game recording performance
  • It can record frame up to 120 fps
  • There are advanced settings that customize your recordings

Overall, Filmora Scrn lets you record, edit, and perfect your best gaming videos in one easy interface

Video Editing

Wondershare Filmora Scrn comes with some of the most useful video editings features you’d ever need for editing tasks. I have earlier explained how to edit videos and the main features available in the editor. 

Nowadays, finding a good video editor built into the screen recording software is quite difficult for beginners. There are many useful features however, Filmora Scrn keeps it simple by ensuring ease in use. 

You can also import already saved videos on your computer and edit them with this app. Overall, if you are searching for a recorder with an editor combo then this is one of the best choices.

Exporting and Output

To export your video to your computer, simply click the export button and choose the preferred setting options. You have to select the format you want to export in. 

export in Filmora Scrn

After selecting the output format, you can also rename the output video and change the location on your computer where you want to save it. You can also change the output resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. Here are the video formats that are supported by Filmora Scrn.

Supported Output Formats:

Video FormatsMP4 (HEVC), MOV
Photo FormatsGIF
Audio FormatsMP3

Advanced Settings in Filmora Scrn

There are also some advanced features that will improve your screen recording and editing experience. These features can really improve your output video therefore, I recommend you check them before your recording tasks. Here are some of the advanced features:


In the general options, you can select the output video location. Also, there is a GPU acceleration mode that reduces lagging during video playback to the minimum. It determines how smooth the playback of your videos is going to be.


The Encode option possesses the quality of the output video. Here you have the options between AVC and FastJPG that you can set to high, mid, or low.  But, remember high quality will take much more disk space than low and mid.


The last one is Hotkeys, this is one of the important features that every user craves during recording sessions. You can set the keyboard keys for each kind of task like start, pause, add a marker, etc. It will make everything easy for you. 


Talking about the performance of Filmora Scrn, I would say it’s quite good and you will not face any sort of difficulty. It feels snappy on-screen recording and editing video clips. 

For more analysis,  I tried editing several video clips together and also tried this tool at the max refresh rate i.e 120 fps. As a result, no lag or glitch was there. 

It provides a very smooth user experience with no performance degradation. Overall, I would say that Filmora Scrn is one of the reliable video recorder tools. 

Filmora Scrn System Requirements

Before you install the Filmora Scrn tool you must know the minimum system requirements for smooth running on your PC. So, here are the recommended system requirements : 

  • Supported OS : Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 with 64 bit OS
  • Processor : Intel i3 or better multi core processor, 2GHz or above
  • RAM : At least 3GB physical RAM (8GB required for HD and 4K videos)
  • Screen Resolution : 1366*768 or better
  • Disk : At least 2GB free hard-disk space for installation (SSD-Solid State Disk recommended for editing HD and 4K videos)
  • Internet : Internet connection is necessary for software registration and access to online services.

The best thing is, the system requirements of this tool are not too high. That’s why this screen recording software is preferable for all users with even low-end devices.

Resource Consumption

I noticed that the Filmora Scrn performed really well in terms of CPU and memory optimization. You determine its lightweight nature from the fact that it only uses 0.1% of the CPU even after using it consistently.

memory consumption of filmora scrn

People say that screen recorders and video editors use a lot of computer memory due to heavy jobs but it has improved a lot as you can see above. This screen recorder is quite lightweight and feels no load on your CPU. 

Pricing & Licence

The Filmora Scrn offers a free version and paid subscription plans, which are well-priced and affordable. These plans are well suited for a beginner-friendly screen recorder and editor combo. 

The subscription prices are pretty reasonable, ranging from annual and lifetime plans. It is available for a regular price of 19.19 US $ for a 1-year license. Very popularly, there is another plan at 29.99 US $ for a lifetime license. 

I recommend you to purchase this one of the top-rated programs in its class. 

filmora scrn plans

Refund Policy

The refunds are available within 30 days under accepted circumstances. They have very strict refund policies. So, I would suggest you use the free version to test out the software before purchasing it.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important thing that any service must provide to its users. If you’re having trouble with Filmora Scrn with your account, that’s where customer support comes in. The support helps its customers through a web-based help site.

support in Filmora scrn

There are three ways to seek help you can opt for live chat, submit an online form, or do call. If you have any trouble or query just get to them. They will resolve your query or issues effectively and quickly. 

Moreover, Wondershare has a very active and large user community that will provide you with online resources too.

To check out, I asked about the refund policy on live chat. I noticed that they are really quick on live chat and get your answers precisely. Overall I would say that they are quite responsive and committed to users.

Do I Recommend Filmora Scrn?

Yes definitely, I recommend Filmora Scrn to anyone who wants a good screen recording and editing tool with all necessary and required features for effective recording and editing tasks. 

It is well-designed with a simple and clean interface that attracts you. Filmora Scrn from Wondershare is a trustworthy & useful tool that makes a great choice for beginners looking to get perfect video clips. 

Moreover, their customer service is outstanding and very responsive.  They can take many of our major complaints and provide solutions. So, there is no chance to get stuck into trouble. It’s a great choice that is geared nicely towards content creators and gamers. 

How To Get Started With Filmora Scrn

Beginning with the Filmora Scrn is quite simple and quick. You simply have to visit the official website of Wondershare Filmora Scrn and then select the appropriate plan according to you. After doing a successful payment, you can simply download the application. 

You’ll receive the registration code by email. Then, open the app and click on the register button and enter the registration code and licensed email. 

Once you are verified, you’ll be able to use the tool and export without a watermark. Remember, if you don’t want to use a paid one, then you can also go with a free plan. 

Moreover, You can easily download and install the Filmora Scrn. You simply have to click on the button below.


Is Wondershare Filmora scrn free?

The Wondershare Filmora Scrn has free as well as premium versions. The free and paid version has no limitation in recording time, but there will be a watermark in the exported video. 
So, I would suggest you go for the premium which is available at an affordable price.

What is the difference between Filmora and Filmora Scrn?

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing tool that helps users to create videos efficiently using a wide range of powerful editing tools. Whereas, Filmora Scrn is mainly a screen recording with basic video editing features. 
If you want a reliable tool for screen recording with editing features then, I would suggest you go for Filmora Scrn. And, if you are searching mainly for editing tasks then Filmora would be a great choice.

Which is better, Camtasia or Filmora?

Both tools offer recording and editing features. However, Camtasia does not provide a free trial whereas Filmora does provide a free trial. The Camtasia is quite expensive in comparison with Filmora. Also, Filmora is a professional-level video editor with an active user community. 

Both Camtasia and Filmora are good video editors at their budget. You need to carefully consider your needs, your purpose of use, and your budget to decide which tool is suitable for you.

Is Filmora Scrn good?

Of course, It is really good and worthy enough to put your time and money. Filmora Scrn is easy to use and clearly can give a very professional look to your video. You can record your screen and even edit them professionally. It comes with various amazing features that makes it good in all aspects.


In this Filmora Scrn Review, I have provided you all the details regarding this screen recorder. It has got everything that you need to record your video and perform editing. 

The recorded video output is impressive and perfect for gameplay videos or creating video tutorials. The interface is extremely intuitive and very user-friendly that offers a lot of features. 

I have used many screen recording tools, and always found a lack of balance among them, but Filmora Scrn works the best. All of these make it a worthy option for all classes of users. 

I hope you like this Filmora Scrn. Please share this article with your friends and in case of any queries or doubts feel free to comment below.

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