Filmora Pro Review: Really Professional Video Editor?

The growth of social media has influenced the new generation to try out content creation of their own. But for any beginner, the problem isn’t about what to record in a video, but the real struggle is a presentation on those videos in an effective way. Be it for your youtube channel or for personal reasons, video editing is something you must know.

Getting clueless in a video editor is a constant struggle every new user faces, but not anymore. Wondershare’s FilmoraPro is an amazing video editor that is targeted particularly at beginners for whom this might be their first-ever video editing experience. In this article, we are going to talk about the same and see why FilmoraPro is so popular among beginners and see if it’s worth considering. So, let’s begin. 

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What Is FilmoraPro?

Filmora Pro is a professional-grade video editing software from Wondershare, meant for beginners. But don’t be fooled by that, it has most of the advanced features that you might look for, from color grading to audio editing

Its direct competitors are Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and DaVinci Resolve, but FilmoraPro never disappoints its users. Or in certain situations, you would pick FilmoraPro over the likes of such advanced video editors. I loved FilmoraPro mainly because of its highly simplified user interface, which we should also check out in detail. 

User Interface

FilmoraPro interface

FilmoraPro resembles most of the advanced video editors. You will find a three-panel layout for source content, a timeline to work on the current project, a preview window to check everything in real-time. You can also full screen the preview window and adjust the sizes of other windows, according to your preference. It comes with an inbuilt dark mode, and you can also change the black borders of the window to light gray. 

You will find all the options on the top section of the window, categorized under different multiple buttons: Media, Titles, Transitions, Effects, Elements, and more. But I really appreciate Wondershare’s thought to include a tutorial option that can be accessed anytime by the user. It’s something that can really help beginners and won’t leave them awestruck. 

Try Filmora Pro

Free vs paid 

FilmoraPro is basically free software, but with limitations. Those are watermark and tech support. 

In the free version, you will find a FilmoraPro watermark in the bottom part of the video, which is obviously not something you would want in your videos. Also, when you have the paid version, you will have access to free tech support to assist you with any problem you may face.

Apart from these two, there are no differences between the free and paid versions of FilmoraPro.


In terms of features, FilmoraPro doesn’t disappoint you at all. Even after being beginner-friendly, it packs plenty of features for everyone. Let’s check out some of the major ones.

FilmoraPro effects

No limit on tracks: You can add unlimited videos and music tracks for the project. You can use as many transitions as you want.

Advanced Tools: You will find many advanced editing tools like ripple edit, slide, rate stretch, and more to edit your videos more efficiently.

ColorGrading: It has advanced color reading options. It works so well that many professionals use it for only grading purposes. 

Color Wheels: You have an intuitive color wheel to adjust the colors and make things efficient for color grading. 

Grouping: You can add labels to a group of different tracks and organize them with groupings.

Hotkeys: You can customize keys on your keyboard to do specific tasks in the software.

Split edit: You can edit specific parts of the video clips that affect the whole clip. 

Noise Reduction: You can reduce the noise from the audio clips with its noise-canceling algorithm.

Audio mixer: If you are into mixing tracks, you can easily do that here with the audio mixer feature.

Visual Effects: For cinematic looks, you can find many preloaded visual effects in the software.

3D LUTs: You can customize your own 3D presets and LUTs for videos and save them.

Better analyzing: You can use the histogram, parade, vectorscope, and waveform scope for better analyzing the clips and editing.

Pros And Cons

Like any other software, it has its own pros and cons. Let’s check them out.

Very easy to learn interfaceSlow export with 4K videos
Unlimited number of tracksNot so good customer support
Impressive transitions and effectsLogin required for exporting videos
Some stock video and music is includedNot supported for Windows 32-bit version
Animation support
The advanced color grading tool
Can handle 4K video editing
Uses less system resources

Pricing & License

FilmoraPro is free-to-download software but comes with a few limitations in the free version, as I already discussed. But there are two paid also available. 

FilmoraPro pricing

For US $89.99, you can get an annual subscription.

For US $149.99, you get the lifetime license of the software, meaning it’s a one-time fee. 

In my opinion, the prices are a little bit on the expensive side. I would have loved it more if it was reasonably priced. 

Check Out Filmora Pro

System Requirements

Processor: Intel Core i3 4th Gen or AMD better

RAM: 4GB or more

vRAM: 2GB or more (4GB for HD and 4K videos)

Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700; AMD Radeon R5 240; AMD Radeon R5 240

Storage: Minimum 1.2GB of free disk space

How To Use FilmoraPro

FilmoraPro is quite easy to learn and very user-friendly. So, beginners won’t have to run around looking for different things and not figuring out how to edit. Here’s a quick and short tour of how you can use it to edit your videos and save them in the format you want. Let’s check out. 


FilmoraPro starting

The first screen you see has two options, create a new project and open a preexisting project, which is sex explanatory. You can go ahead to create a new project.

Next, you need to import the files you want to edit with, like video clips, photos, music… So, click on the Import button on the media panel (bottom left on the screen) select all the files you might want to use and click open. 

You will notice all the files in the media panel. You can click on any media file now and see a preview of it in the trimmer panel, which is on the upper half of the window. 


FilmoraPro timeline

You can drag and drop media files right from the media panel to the editor panel and work on them. Videos are highlighted blue on the editor panel, and if it has audio to it, you will have another green rectangle highlighted under it. 

  1. You can play around in the timeline and preview it on the Viewer panel window on the top right.
  2. You also get a play head of white color which you can use to go to a specific timeframe on your timeline. 
  3. To trim any clip, you can by clicking and dragging from its sides and choose where you want to start and where you want to end. 
  4. Once you are satisfied with each clip, you can now add transitions, sound effects, background music, and arrange the clips in any way you want. 



Now that you are done editing and satisfied with the end product, you have to now export it so that you can upload it anywhere you want or simply play it on any media player. To do that, follow the below steps. 

  1. On the editor panel, click on the export button and then click on contents.
  2. This will take you to the export window. 
  3. Now on the queue, you will see the export file name, which you can edit. 
  4. You can change the format, preset, and output location where you want to save the file. 
  5. Once everything is set, click on ‘Start Exporting’
  6. When the export is done, you would be able to play the video using any regular media player and now you can upload it anywhere you want. 


Is Filmora 9 or X better than FilmoraPro?

It is a highly subjective question, but no, FilmoraPro is actually more advanced than Filmora 9 or Filmora X. Filmora 9 and X are targeted at beginners, whereas FilmoraPro has more advanced tools and features that may be used by experienced users. 

Can you use Filmstocks in FilmoraPro?

No. FilmoraPro has inbuilt effects and you can not use effects from Filmstocks in FilmoraPro.

Can you customize the workplace in FilmoraPro?

Yes. FilmoraPro lets you customize your workplace. You can change the size and location of panels, add new things in the windows, and more. 


FilmoraPro is a great option for new video editors who want advanced tools but don’t want to get overwhelmed. The software is easy to use and lets you edit videos in a very fast way without running into different issues. FilmoraPro will definitely give you a good editing experience.

There are no major drawbacks to using it. It is definitely one of the best and most affordable editing software. It can take a while to get a hang of the interface, learn all the tools and features, but I am sure the guide I have provided would have helped you to judge whether this software is for you. 

Filmora Pro
Filmora Pro Review

Filmora Pro is a professional-grade video editing software from Wondershare, meant for beginners. Even after being beginner-friendly, it packs plenty of features for everyone. FilmoraPro is a great option for new video editors who want advanced tools but don't want to get overwhelmed.

Price: USD

Price Currency: 89.99

Operating System: "Windows", "Mac"

Application Category: Video Editing

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