Edraw Max Review: Best Diagram Solution Or Not?

In the world of business, every field requires tools that can be used to build graphs, presentations, mind maps, etc. there are few available in the market that can help you with this kind of work. 

What Is Edraw Max?

Edraw Max is an all-in-one Graphic Design and Flowchart design software solution.  Which helps in creating flowcharts, network diagrams, mind maps, workflow diagrams, and other business and engineering diagrams.

With Edraw Max, you can create over 200 types of diagrams very easily with its rich library of templates. Putting in a simple words it is a reliable and cross-platform diagramming software through which you can create hundred plus diagrams and infographics.

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User interface

Edraw Max has an extremely intuitive user interface compared to all the software I have seen till now. Right from the time you load it, it will ask you about the type of diagram you are trying to build.

Edraw max interface

There are various types of diagram options from which you can scroll through and each category has subcategories and, in each subcategory, you will find tens or hundreds of pre-made templates.

You can select from the pre-made templates or you can opt for a blank chart, there is an option for that as well and when you click on any template you will be directed to the canvas.

There you will find a very similar interface like MS products, on your left you have the objects that you can add to you diagram and on your right, you have objects detailing you can add text, image, hyperlink, symbols, etc. there are various ways through which you can obtain your design or share it.  

Free vs Paid

Can have only 5 active documentsUnlimited Document
Limited FeaturesAccess to all features
Limited templatesAccess to exclusive templates
Limited export formatsSupports multiple formats
Limited SymbolsAccess to premium symbols
 Access to Dropbox


All in one Diagramming software: With Edraw Max, you are capable of building almost any kind of diagram you can think of for example flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, and a lot more. You can even create awesome quality graphics and wireframes.

Symbol Library: Edraw Max offers a pre-made symbol library that you use to create your flowcharts and wireframes and other diagrams. You can select from the available symbols or you can even import symbols that you have made yourself and can use them to build the diagrams.

Template Library: Edraw Max offers a tense and hundreds of pre-made templates related to each type of category which you can look into and use immediately to create your diagram or infographic. Each category has a subcategory and each subcategory has premade templates to help you get started. You don’t need to start from scratch which saves a lot of time.

Edraw max templates library

Data Import and Export: The best part of the Edraw Max is you can even import the diagrams from other software like MS Visio and modify it as per your need. It also offers various formats in which you can export your projects like PDF, docs, SVG, or PPT files, etc.

Publishing & Sharing: Edraw Max offers features and lets you share and publish your projects so that others can use them as per their need. You will find an option called Workbench where you find all your projects including the projects that you have shared or the projects other people have shared with you.

Edraw max sharing and publishing features

CAD Tools & Drag and Drop: It offers CAD tools to help the creators in their creation, modification, and optimization of the designs. It offers drag and drops features to create designs and diagrams very easily.

Edraw max CAD tools and features

2D Drawing & Image Editor: With EDM you can create 2D images, symbols, etc. you can even edit images that you have inserted in your projects or that you have created. Although there aren’t many editing features available, it is enough in the case of diagramming software.  

Pros and Cons

Good value for money compares to MS VisioA bit slower
Thousands of pre-made templates to choose fromSaved documents take time to fully open
All in one graphic designing and diagramming software 
Cross-platform support 

Pricing & License

Edraw Max is proprietary software that comes with multiple pricing and with a trial version. In the trial version, you will find access to some extra features, not all features, and can have five active documents per account in your workbench.

Edraw max pricing details

It comes with three Proprietary licenses;

Perpetual License: $169

Lifetime License: $245

Subscription License: $99

It also comes with NGO and Academic plans which offer a special discount to Educators, students, or schools.

Academia Discount:

Perpetual License: $149

Subscription License: $89

System Requirements 

Edraw Max is a cross-platform software that has its support in Windows, Mac, and Online.

The minimum system requirement to run EDM is:

  •  Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10 (32bit/64 bit), Mac OS X 10.11 or above, and Linux
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM and 4 GB disk space

 Platform Availability: Windows, Mac, and Online (Browser-Based)

Impact on System

Edraw Max is a cross-platform software that also offers web-based support to its users. If you have a decent PC that is capable of running Web Browsers then you don’t have to worry about system impact. However, if you want to run EDM locally then you must fulfill all the system requirements.

Edraw max system impact

I would recommend trying to run it on windows 7 and above because it seems a little sluggish, it might be the case of my low-end system hardware but hey! Now people are on Windows 10, not 7, and with powerful hardware. 

Edraw Max Vs MS Visio

In the business world, people are mostly using Microsoft products and for diagramming and flowcharting the first name that comes to people’s mind is MS Visio. Which is much costlier as compared to Edraw Max if you opt for the lifetime license. On the other hand, Edraw Max comes with hundreds of customizable templates. 

But taking into account and comparing both the software based on the features they both come out at the same level.

How to Use Edraw Max

To use Edraw Max for your diagramming or infographic purpose all you need to do is Visit the Edraw Max website. As Edraw Max is a cross-platform App you can go Online which is Browser-based or You can work with it locally by downloading it as per your PC.

If you want to work with on its online Editor:

  1. First Visit EdrawMax and Sign Up, there you will find tutorials on how you can work with EDM.
  2.  Click on get Stated and you will be redirected to the Edraw Max Online Editor.

If you want to download it on your PC then:

  1. Then Click on the download button to get on Edraw Max Downloads Page
Edraw max download center
  1. Click on more below the Wondershare EDM App
  2.  Select the type of Format you want to download and then click on download.
Edraw max platform availability

There are two download links available on the page; try another one if the former doesn’t work.

To know how you can work with EdrawMax you can go through the Documentation it will guide you with your work, you can find the docs in the resource section.


How do you use Edraw Max?

Edraw Max is cross-platform software you can use on your Windows PC or Mac or Even you work online on its Online Editor.

How do you save a diagram in Edraw Max?

To save a document in EDM is simple, go to Files Tab click on Save or Save As, it will prompt you with the type of format in which you can save your document select the format type (PDF, jpg, graphics, etc.).

How do you add text in Edraw Max?

To add text on a shape you can directly select the shape and type the text on it else you can click on the text button on the ribbon, then draw a text box on the shape and type in. To add text on a page again select the text button on the ribbon and draw a text box and type in the text you want to have.

Is Edraw really free?

No, Edraw Max is not free, it comes with a proprietary license. Although it offers a free trial with limited features

Edraw Max
Edraw Max Review

EDM is an all-in-one diagramming software that provides tens and hundreds of free templates for creating flowcharts, organizational charts, mindmaps, etc. Edraw Max is one of the best alternatives for MS Visio.

Price: 99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "Windows 10", "Mac"

Application Category: Diagramming Tool

Editor's Rating:
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