2 Ways to Adjust & Edit Margins in Google Docs

Margins are the blank space that is left on all 4 sides of the document, which makes the whole document look much more organized and professional. The margins have to be accurate enough to look good, depending upon the purpose you are adjusting them. Many of the users must not know where to adjust these margins which can make a whole lot of difference in the document.

Also, when it comes to Google Docs, it is the best you can get other than Microsoft Office. So, in this article, I will be mentioning 2 different ways to edit margins in Google Docs. 

1. Using The Ruler

There’s a ruler option on the top area of the Google Doc through which you can manually adjust the sides of the margin.
Here’s how you can use the ruler to adjust the margin,

1. Open Google Docs in your Browser, you must be signed in.
2. Select an existing Doc or just tap Blank to create a new one. 
3. Now, look for the Greyish part on the top part of the opened document.

4. After you take your Cursor to the grey portion it will change into an Arrow.
5. Adjust the margin by Dragging it to either of the sides that you want.
6. The same can be done on the right/top/bottom part of the document. 

2. From Page Setup Options

You can edit the margins by applying specific measurements in the page setup options in the Doc. The default margins for all the sides are set to 1 inch. However, it can be changed as per your needs.
Here is how you can adjust the margins from page setup options,

1. Open Google Docs in your Browser, you must be signed in.
2. Select an existing Doc or just tap Blank to create a new one.
3. Navigate to the File option in the top left area.
4. Look for Page Setup in the options and open it.

5. Now, on the Right side you can see the Margins(inches) and below it, you can adjust the margins accordingly. 

6. Enter the measurements that you want and Click Ok to save them.
7. Even if you think you’ve messed it up then you can set it to Default too from the page setup option. 


What is the main purpose of Google Docs?

The main purpose of Google Docs is to connect multiple users through one document and make online word processing easier than it is. 

What are the requirements for Google Docs?

You just need to have a Google Account and that’s all that is needed to use Google Docs in your browser.

Do Google Docs automatically save?

This feature comes in handy because, there are times when we run out of charge or power in our systems and our work gets abandoned, this is not the case with Google Docs, once you are online it continuously saves the progress and automatically saves it at last.


Hence, these were the 2 ways you can use to adjust the margins in a Google Doc. So, share it with the newbies who struggle to use Google Docs and help them get better at using it.

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