Driver Genius Review: Easy Driver Updater?

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What Is Driver Genius?

Driver Genius as the name suggests is a driver management tool or you can say, a software that can save you from a lot of trouble and time wastage that you do while finding and updating the outdated drivers to boost your PC health. Drivers are the workers if they don’t work properly then you might not be able to utilize the resource efficiently that you have in your hand.

Driver Genius is a very simple software that works as a driver updater, driver downloader, or remover, and with this tool, you can even create a backup of your drivers so that your PC doesn’t lose the pace.

After using it quite a few times as a driver management tool for my PC. I am going to provide a brief Driver Genius review article that will tell you why you should use it and how to use it.

User interface

Driver Genius comes with a very intuitive design. It is so simple that even an extreme newbie to this computer field will be able to do all the operations without even needing help.

On its main screen, you will find all the options that that software can do to help you with your PC. It comes with seven listed functions menu bar on the left side.

On its home screen, you will find details of the outdated drivers installed in your PC, and a big scan button which on click will scan for the drivers.

Driver Genius interface

On the below of the home screen, you will find an option that states and asks you to enter the license key if you haven’t registered and have brought the key.

If you look at the top right corner you find a setting option through which you can configure all the general settings and settings related to how you want to backup your driver, how you want your drive to be downloaded, how your system will be monitored, and all.

Next to settings you will find a drop-down help menu in which you can ask for any help online, purchase the driver genius license key, or can renew it if needed.

Try Driver Genius


If we talk about the pricing details of the Driver Genius then it comes with three versions. Free, Professional, and Platinum version which has its advantages over others. Price varies from 22.95$/ year for the Professional version to 32.95$/year for the Platinum version. 

Both the paid version also supports an add-on of 9.90$ after which all the updates and upgrades of the driver Genius that will come will be made available for you for the next two years.

And the best part is that it offers a 60 days money-back guarantee through which you will be able to get your money if you don’t find this tool useful.

It also provides a 30 days free trial if you signup and activate it with your email.  This way you can use a little bit before spending the money. 

Below I have listed the important features and functions that you will get after downloading and purchasing the Driver Genius

ContentFree VersionProfessional VersionPlatinum Version
Price0$22.95$/ year32.95$/ year
PC support3 PC3 PC
Update outdated drivers with one clickYes (Time Limit)YesYes
Cleanup useless driversYesYesYes
Backup all drivers with one clickYesYesYes
Restore your drivers with one clickNoYesYes
System Booster: Optimizes system settings to make your PC run faster and more smoothlyNoNoYes
System Cleanup: Remove junk files and unused Windows built-in Apps to free up disk spaceNoNoYes
Auto-update to the latest versionNoYesYes
Free 24/7 technical support on demandNoYesYes

Features of Driver Genius 

Driver Genius comes with lots of outstanding features that will surely help you save time and effort. It offers a lot of functionality that you can use to keep your pc in better health. Driver Genius works as a:

Driver Updater

The most important feature of the Driver Genius is to automatically detect the drivers installed on the computer and look for the outdated drivers in the database if found then update the driver. All the above work is so hectic if done manually but with Driver Genius you will be automatically downloading and updating the drivers on a scheduled basis with just a few clicks.

Driver Cleaner  

Driver Genius also works as a driver cleaner, with this function it detects and cleans all the unwanted drivers that are there in your pc which are of no use and which are worth cleaning.

Driver Backup & Restore

It is one of my favorite features of Driver Genius which lets me create a backup file of all the drivers in my PC, this way you don’t have to look for drivers each time when you install a new OS in your PC.

All you have to do is create a backup file and when you are done installing the windows you can restore the drivers and install them all.

System Optimizer

Apart from driver management work Driver Genius also works as a system optimizer. It optimizes your PC settings in the best possible way to optimize your PC performance and remove all the junk files that you have been storing and which is causing your system to slow down.

Driver Genius System optimizer

Hardware Diagnostics

Driver Genius also works as a hardware Diagnostics which tells you all the stuff you should know about your PC, it also provides a real-time temperature monitoring feature.    

Driver Genius Hardware Diagnostics

Driver Genius Pros and Cons

Very easy to useCan sometimes detect false Driver
Work on 3PCs with one licenseIncompatible with older versions of Windows
1.5 million+ Device Driver DatabaseLimited features in free version
Will be able to fix hardware problems 

Driver Genius also provides a system rollback feature this way users can undo the last installation if any parameters have been changed or any problem is caused due to the driver updation. 

Resource Consumption

Many Driver management tools take up a lot of system resources while running in the background but with Driver Genius the experience was different. It doesn’t impact any of your work while running in the background consuming a limited amount of RAM and Processor time.

 I can assure you that you find no glitches or wait around time while working on the other application due to Driver Genius software even if it is running in the background.

Customer Support

Customer Support is very important if you are purchasing any software or tools because this way you will be saved from losing your money if your tool won’t work properly on your system after the payment.

With active Customer support, you can contact the seller and figure out why your tool is not working properly on your PC and even sometimes can return the tool and get your money back.

Driver Genius offers an active 24X7 customer support to its paid users there is no support provided to the users using the free version.

You can find the online support option going to the Help drop-down menu on the top right corner.

How to Get Started with Driver Genius

Driver Genius is very easy to start with, you can update your system drives simply, and with just a few clicks all you have to do is follow the prompt for the first time and schedule the automatic scanning and updating your Drivers. After that, with one click you will be able to update your outdated drivers.

If are still worried hear is how to do it;

How to Update Drivers with Driver Genius

Click on the big start scan button on its home screen to start the scan of your system driver. When the tool has done its scanning, it will show all the outdated drivers that your PC is working on. 

Driver Genius Driver updater

Just click on update all and done you will see the downloads of the drivers have started and it will automatically install the downloaded drives and update it. 

You can even schedule the scanning to check for updated drives on a regular interval and allow the automatic update the driver option so it does the downloading and updating automatically.

How to Create Driver Backup with Driver Genius

To create a backup of your drivers so that you can use it each time you install a new Operating system.

Click on the driver backup back up option from the left side of the menu list. The tool will scan for all the drivers that your PC is working with. You can choose which of the drivers you want to create a backup of. I would suggest you select all the three options and click on next to create the backup. 

Driver Genius Driver backup

On the next page, you will be asked to set the type of backup you want to create and the place you will save the backup file.  Clicking on next after configuration and your driver backup is created on your specified place.

How to remove the Drivers using Driver Genius

To remove the defective driver from your PC, click on Driver Cleaner and it will automatically scan for all the defective and not used drivers installed in your PC, you can select which all you want to remove and which one to keep and then click on next to remove them.

Do I recommend Driver Genius?

Yes, I recommend it to all the users, even those who are working with low-end PCs. There are many reasons for which I would recommend this driver management tool to my readers. It does its work what it was made for very effectively. Comes with lots of features and my favorite one was the Driver backup which will let me create a backup of all the drivers, this way I don’t have to look for the drivers if I install a new OS on my PC.

You won’t find any disturbance even the driver genius runs in the background as it consumes very limited system resources. The user interface is very intuitive and comes with other features like system optimizer and even works as the Driver Diagnostics tool.


Is Driver Genius Safe to Use?

Yes, Driver Genius is very safe to use, I haven’t experienced, not even a single malware or virus alert while using it, there was not any report of stealing system information or any kind of fraudulent work tweaks from the various other users, so this way I can assure you that Driver Genius is very much safe to use.

Driver Genius is Free?

Yes, it is free but with minimum and limited features. Driver Genius comes with two other paid versions Driver Genius Professional for 22.95$/ year and Drive Genius Platinum for 32.95$/ year.
Both the paid versions come with 60 days money-back guarantee and provide support to 3 PCs for a single purchase.

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