Driver Booster Review: Best Driver Updater?

Driver Booster is software or a driver update program that you need to install on your Windows operating system laptop or computer.

Why You Need Driver Booster?

As you may or may not know, IObit is a very well known and trusted software provider company that has been offering software for a long time. He has also released the driver booster and it is very good software.

So now let’s talk about some important reasons that you should use this software.

Large Database

It is very important that your devices have the correct drivers installed so that they can work well. The driver booster is a program whose online database is very large. It supports more than 1 lakh driver updates. With the help of driver booster software, you can install any type (audio, video, motherboards, mice, keyboards, graphics cards, etc.) of software in your device. With the help of this, you can also update Nvidia graphics drivers to keep your device safe from Spectre-Meltdown CPU attacks.

Automatically Updates

This software is very useful in saving your valuable time. This program has a special feature with the help of which you can update all outdated drivers of your device in just one click. You do not even have to search for drivers nor do you have to download. This software automatically scans your device to find out how many drivers in your device are outdated, missing, mismatched. Its batch update feature automatically updates all the old drivers which saves your time and energy.

Gaming Boost

If you play the game on your device, then this software enhances your gaming performance. This software has a very special feature that is a ‘game boost’. With just one click, it increases the resources of your pc or laptop. It makes your gaming very smooth and fast.

Activate Driver Booster Pro With Activation Key

Before activating the driver booster you need to download it so you can download the driver booster from here

Now let’s talk about the driver booster interface in this driver booster review. To activate Driver Booster Pro, you need a correct license key.

Activate Driver Booster With Key

If you have a license key, you have to click on the key icon and enter the license key. Driver Booster Pro will activate after inserting the valid key.

Main Interface

Driver Booster Interface

As soon as you start the driver booster, you will see a big scan button. Above the big scan button, you will see the status of the last scan time.

Driver Booster can update the following drivers and components.

  • Drivers – It can update your device’s audio, video, network, printer, graphics chipset and all types of drivers.
  • Gaming Component – It can update PhysX, Adobe Flash Player, Java SE Runtime Environment, DirectX, VCRuntime, Unity Web Player, and even more gaming components.

Scan and Update Driver

Driver Booster can update your device’s drivers very easily.

When you click on the scan button, it will start scanning your device.

After the scan, in its result, you will be able to see the list of all installed drivers in your device and the list of outdated drivers and gaming components will also be displayed on the screen. It can detect 4 types of issues in your device.

  1. Outdated drivers.
  2. Missing drivers.
  3. Faulty drivers.
  4. Not installed gaming components.

Now to update drivers of your device there are two methods-

Update and scan of driver booster
  • Click on the Update now button to update all drivers in one click.
  • Click on the Update button one by one.

Game Boost

When you click on the Game Boost key button, it will close all the unencouraged services and apps in your device so that you get better gaming performance.

Game Boost Details

To start it, you have to click on the Turn on key button. By clicking on the Configure Text link, you can stop the services you want to stop at your own will.

System Optimize

System Optimize

Clicking on this run now button and you need advanced SystemCare will clean all the junk files on your device and will help increase your system speed.


Here are some of the useful features of Driver Booster.

Driver Database: Driver Booster’s device driver database is one of the best and huge databases.

Gaming: By using driver booster programs or software, it greatly enhances the gaming performance of your device. It gives priority to all the necessary drivers and gaming components in your device.

Easy to use: Using this software is very simple and it also saves your precious time. This software automatically scans your device and finds as many outdated or missing drivers and gaming components in it and updates them. In this, you can also backup drivers.

Smart Defrag: Another very special feature in Driver Booster is Smart defrag and you need to install extra software to use this. This will greatly improve the booting time of your device, optimize and disk fragmentation.


There are 8 types of tools in the driver booster.

Tools In driver booster

1. Rescue center: The first tool is a driver booster is a rescue center. This tool will help you to backup all the important drivers and also restore them. This will make your device work just like before.

2. Fix No Sound: This tool will help you identify the problem of the soundcard on your device. This tool will help in fixing your device’s sound problem in many different ways. If it is not able to fix the sound problem, then it will give you a guide with the help of which you will be able to find and fix the problem.

3. Fix Device Error: The third tool will try to find the problem in your device from the manager and also fix it. This tool will reset all the drivers installed on your device and reinstall them.

4. Fix Network Failure: This tool will reset the network adapter of your device and check whether it is working correctly.

5. Fix bad resolution: A lousy presentation goal is commonly an issue because of Graphics card driver issues in your device. In any case, it would be ideal if you note that Driver Booster can fix if the problems that exist are with the product. Thus, remember this to check the equipment on the off chance that product cures ​prove to be pointless.

6. Clean unplugged device data: With the help of this tool, you can clean your device’s unplugged data very easily.

7. System information: With this, you can see the complete information of your system.

8. Software updater: You need to download the iobit software update for the latest version.

Driver Booster FREE VS Driver Booster PRO

Here is a detailed comparison between driver booster pro and driver booster free. 

Scans automatically and find and resolve faulty, mismatched, missing and outdated drivers. Scans automatically and find and resolve faulty, mismatched, missing and outdated drivers.
Update drivers in just 1 click. Update drivers in just 1 click.
Only give drivers which are passed by the IObit review test and Microsoft WHQL test. Only give drivers which are passed by the IObit review test and Microsoft WHQL test.
Compressed the package size of the driver to save space and time. Compressed the package size of the driver to save space and time.
Large database to update more rare and outdated drivers.
Full speed driver update.
Automatically take the backup of all the drivers for safety.
Download and install all the drivers during device idle time.
Fix device errors easily for better performance.
Mute or silent the notification of the driver booster when you have a full-screen task. Mute or silent the notification of the driver booster when you have a full-screen task.
Improve gaming performance by stopping the unnecessary background process. Improve gaming performance by stopping the unnecessary background process.
Update gaming components for smoother and better gaming performance.
Automatically update to the latest version.
24/7 technical support

System Requirements For Driver Booster

Here are system requirements for running driver booster on your system. 

  1. Your system needs to have windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10.
  2. Need 1 GB of space on a hard drive for this.
  3. Screen resolution 1024*768 and above.
  4. Need ram more than 2 GB to run this software on your system.

Driver Booster Settings

Game Boost: To start the game boost you have to click on the turn on button.

Game Boost Details

By clicking on the configure text link, you can choose which service you want to start or stop.

Game Boost Configuration In Driver Booster

After this, when you click on the details text link, the list of all services will be opened in front of you.

Game boost setting for driver booster

To make the game boost more easily, you can add its widget on the desktop. Click the settings icon to start it.

System optimize: To turn on the system optimization click on the run now button.

System Optimize

You can click on the details text link to see the list of all the items which need to be optimized.

Install To Optimize Driver Booster

How to use a driver booster?

First of all, let’s talk about downloading Driver Booster, how you can download and install it. It is very easy to download and install. When you go to its official website to download it, you will get all the instructions on the screen. You need to download Driver Booster so that you will reach its official website. After downloading, you have to go to the download folder of your system and install it.

Install Driver Booster

Now you have installed it but now you have to activate it. You need a license key to activate the driver booster. You can activate it with the license key.

Now let’s talk about how to use it.

When the scan is finished, iObit will show the list of all the outdated drivers. The exceptional drivers will be shown in a different “UpToDate” tab. If you want to update all the drivers immediately, essentially click on the “Update Now” button showing up at the highest point of the window. 

update now driver booster

To update an individual driver, click on the “Update” button showing up by the driver’s name. 

If you want to see the details of an available update, click on the alternative “details,” starting from the drop menu beside the update name. 

details driver booster

The above activity will show vital essential details like current and available driver versions, devices using the drivers, etc.

At the point when you click on the Update button, iObit may show a warning message. Click on the “OK” button to proceed. 

iObit will download the most recent driver and introduce it consequently. If necessary, you need to restart your framework to roll out the improvements that produce results. 

If you would prefer not to download a driver update, at that point, you can disregard the Update. To do that, select the alternative “Ignore” from the Update drop-down Menu alongside the driver’s name. 

Ignore this device

You may get an affirmation window; click on the “Yes” button to proceed. 

You can, without much of a stretch, reestablish the driver so that IObit can update it. To restore the driver, click on the “Menu” symbol, and afterward click on the alternative “Settings.” 

Recover Option

In the Settings window, explore the “ignore” tab on the left board, select the driver you want to reestablish, and afterward click on the “Recover” button. This activity will reestablish the driver, and you can update it from the primary window. 

Each change you made to the drivers utilizing IObit Driver Booster is logged. To check the log, click on the “Driver Update Log” button from the Menu. 

Driver Booster It Is Worth It?

Driver Booster’s free version essentially allows you to download and update drivers. That is it. With the paid version, you get drivers when they’re discharged rather than when makers stumble them. 

This implies you have the most recent drivers when you need them the most, something that makers don’t generally push out immediately, relying upon the age of your PC and the OS you’re utilizing. 

Speed Boost: Driver Booster Pro supercharges how rapidly you can install drivers. By putting resources into the expert version, you can download drivers speedier and install them quicker, which implies in case you’re having driver-related issues, you can understand them that much sooner. 

Driver Backup: One of the most significant issues a PC user has is the point at which they need to reestablish a PC and are utilizing obsolete equipment. Windows itself doesn’t offer an approach to back up drivers and restore them, no problem at all. Some outsider applications do, yet they’re awkward and don’t generally work. Driver Booster Pro offers a reinforcement and reestablish option that lets you spare your support any place you need – even the cloud – and afterward restore it effortlessly. 

Backup Drivers

Driver issues are one of the top reasons for a PC getting unresponsive, temperamental, and unusable. Driver Booster can assist you with keeping over driver updates in one spot, instead of depending on Windows Update, your PC producer or another source to complete it. 

At the point when you’re having driver-related issues, you need to fathom them as fast as conceivable before your PC is rendered inoperable. Driver Booster is a fundamental component to any PC user’s toolbox when investigating issues; Driver Booster Pro can make that procedure more straightforward for you.


Can I update drivers without knowing my system model or name?

Yes to update drivers you don’t need to know about your system information.

Is the free version of the driver booster is good?

In the free version, you can update drivers but with its pro version, you can automatically update drivers fix errors, gaming optimization, and more so it is very good.

Does it take a large space?

No, you only need 1 GB of space for it and an internet connection.

Driver booster safe or not?

All the drivers passed the IObit review test and Microsoft WHQL test, so you don’t need to worry about its security.

How will driver booster will help to improve gaming performance?

There is a pack named game ready which stops unnecessary background apps and processes to improve gaming performance.

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