Do You Need Antivirus In Android?

Android viruses regularly hit the headlines, making the users think about whether they should consider installing antivirus on their smartphones. But is it the best option to go for? Do You Need Antivirus In Android? In this article, I am going to answer these questions and we will also be busting some of the common myths. So, let’s dive into our topic. 

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What Does The Antivirus Do?

Before we go further, you need to understand what antivirus actually is. Antivirus software will constantly run in the background to facilitate real-time protection against virus attacks. It has the capability to prevent, scan, detect and delete viruses from a device.

Why Do You Need Antivirus?

There are a few circumstances where having an antivirus can be of great help. Although Android devices these days come with many security features, having an extra layer of security adds up the protection. 

Installing apps from third-party sites: If you use a lot of modded apps, or just download certain apps from third-party websites then antivirus software can help you protect your device. It can scan and detect the presence of potential malware. 

Rooting Your Android: Rooting your android can give it freedom and avoid restrictions, but it also creates possibilities of malware attacks. Using antivirus you prevent the risk of threat attacks and get the security your device needs.

Using Your Device For Work: If you work in a field where confidentiality of data is a priority then having antivirus can be a lifesaver. It can protect your device from leaking emails, passwords, and banking details, which can be hacked. 

Why You Don’t Need Antivirus?

If you’re someone who uses their smartphone for only normal day-to-day tasks, like phone calls, social media, multimedia, then you probably won’t need to have antivirus on your smartphone. If you only install apps from Play Store, never download any pirated media, and don’t open unknown links, then you’re safe from any virus threat. 

So, here’s why you don’t need antivirus.

Google Play Store

Play Store Is Safe: Applications are scanned by Google before being listed on the Play Store. If found to be suspicious, it will have bad ratings and potentially be removed from the Play Store. So, there’s little to no chance you may get any virus from Play Store’s apps.

Affects Battery Life & Performance: As antivirus constantly runs in the background, it can hamper the Android’s performance and better life. This can have a serious impact if you use a mid-range smartphone. 

Browsing Is Safe: Unlike PCs, there are very few chances of your android getting malware attacks by visiting a suspicious site. You’re more or less safe unless you download/install anything from that site.

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Things You Can Do To Secure Your Android

There are a few things you should configure to make sure you’re safe from any malware attack.

Play Protect scaled

Google Play Protect: Google’s Play Store has a feature that will automatically scan all the apps installed and warn you if there’s any suspicious app. Being backed by Google, it’s a reliable built-in malware defense for your android. 

Safe Browsing: Safe Browsing feature is automatically turned on on Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers. So whenever you visit any site, it will scan the site and warn you if there’s anything suspicious, preventing you from visiting.

Software & Security Updates: Make sure you always update your android regularly. The software updates and security patches not only improve performance but also make the device more secure with the latest security technology. 


Is Android vulnerable to viruses?

Till this date, there hasn’t been any malware that can replicate itself, as we have seen in PCs. So technically there are no Android viruses. But there are many malware that can steal your smartphone’s data. So, your android smartphone is vulnerable to malware but not to viruses. 

What is the best antivirus for Android?

You don’t need any antivirus application for Android. Your Android smartphone is capable enough to defend itself from any kind of cyber threat.  


So, there’s no hard and fast rule on whether you should install antivirus or not. It totally depends upon your usage, what kind of data you have on the smartphone, and what level of security you are looking for. By considering all the factors that I’ve discussed, you can decide for yourself whether it is wise for you to use an antivirus. 

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