2 Ways To Disable Cortana In Windows PC & Laptop

Cortana in Windows OS is a virtual assistant which is supposed to be smart but not even plenty of Windows users tend to use it. Because it never made sense to add a virtual assistant in a computer system that is not as smart as the competitors in the market. So, if you are wondering how to disable Cortana on your Windows system then, read ahead!

However, there have been questions raised regarding the data insecurity due to Cortana in Windows. I am sure that disabling it won’t affect any of the functions. Proceed to go through the methods to disable Cortana!

1. Using Group Policy Editor

This process is for the Windows Home Edition users, however, you can try it on any version. In this method, you will have to use Group Policy Editor, while altering all the settings make sure not to alter any other settings which could damage the system or even crash it. Hence, always follow the steps carefully without making unnecessary changes to the system.

disable cortana using group policy edtior


  1. Search for “Edit Group Policy” in the windows search bar 
  2. Open the group policy editor
  3. Look for “Computer Configuration” and expand it
  4. Now, look for “Administrative templates” and expand it too
  5. Lastly, expand “Windows Components” and click on the “Search” folder
  6. Look for “Cortana” in it and double click on it
  7. Then, look for “Allow Cortana” and open it
  8. Now, just look for the disable button and select it.
  9. Click Apply then OK and you are done
  10. Now, restart the system 

Further, if you wish to use Cortana then just select enable and it will be available to use again.

2. With Registry Editor

Disabling Cortana in Windows Pro and Enterprise edition can be done using the registry editor. However, you can try it on any Windows version. Make sure to follow the process carefully because one misplacement of a file in the registry editor can get your system in trouble. Hence, look for the steps cautiously!

disable cortana using registry editor


  1. Search for “Run” in the windows search bar 
  2. Or directly use the shortcut key “Windows button + R” to open the “Run” Program
  3. Type “Regedit” and enter
  4. Now, press “Yes” in the pop-up
  5. Look for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” from the left side of the panel
  6. Click and expand it, then expand the “Software” folder
  7. Then open the “Policies” folder
  8. After that look for the “Microsoft” folder, right-click on it
  9. Now click on “New” > “Key”
  10. Type “Windows Search” and enter, now select it
  11. Now again right-click on the right side of the panel and press on “New” > “DWORD (32-bit) Value”, a new element will be created
  12. Then, rename it as “AllowCortana” and double click on it
  13. Look for value data in the pop-up and set it to “0” (Zero)
  14. Now, click Ok and restart the system
  15. And you are done

In case you wanted Cortana back then just delete the AllowCortana element or change the value to 1 in the Value data


Why do some people want to remove Cortana from their PC?

It is almost useless on a PC because no one needs a virtual assistant for their computer system and on the other hand it is not as good as the smartphones ones such as Google Assistant or Siri. 

What does Cortana do on Windows?

It is a virtual assistant for Windows designed by Microsoft and is voice-controlled or can also be controlled using a keyboard and mouse. In short, it just sits and none of the Windows users pays attention to the AI assistant.


Above were the two ways to disable Cortana in your system permanently, however you can roll back to settings and make the Cortana available again. Hence, if you found this post useful then share it with users who would disable Cortana. Also, check our website for more such posts, and do let us know your query regarding any smart device.

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