Everything About Developer Options In Android

Almost all of you have used android phones but I am sure not all of you have knowledge of what is a developer option setting and why it is kept hidden for a normal user. 

In this article, I will tell you everything that you need to know about the Developer Options In Android, and what advanced features are there in developer mode, including what are the things that you should keep in mind after messing with any settings in the developer mode.  

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Who is a Developer?

First of all, let us understand who is a developer? An android developer is simply a person or an individual who is responsible for creating or working on the development of products related to android. So now you will know that you are a developer or not and why you should not alter the settings in the developer mode.   

What are Developer Options in Android?

Developer Options in android phone

I am sure most of you are unaware that android has an awesome hidden setting option “Developer Option” that contains a lot of advanced and unique features. 

Most people who are aware of this option might have used it just for the USB debugging or ADB features.

Why is developer mode disabled by default?

This is the common question asked by many users, why is it hidden for a normal user? The answer lies in the name itself. This menu is entirely made for helping developers during the development of apps or software.

And not all the users are developers and there are some features that if altered will affect the normal functionality of the mobile that is why it is kept hidden from the normal users.

How to enable developer option in android phone?

To access all the settings of the developer option in android you first need to enable the developer option in your android device.

To enable it:

  1. First, go to phone settings and look for the About Phone option then
  2. In the About phone option look for the Build Number
  3. Tap on the Build Number Seven times and you will see a popup that says now Developer Option is enabled. 

What settings can you use as a normal user?

As we all know that not everyone is a developer so there are a lot of settings, I would recommend that you must not change or alter otherwise your mobile will not work normally. That’s the reason they are also known as hidden settings in android.

There are still various settings that you can access and enjoy the feel of a developer, I have discussed some cool settings below that you can check and enjoy?

1. USB DEBUGGING Option in Developer mode

USB debugging in developer mode

One of the most used settings inside the developer option is the USB Debugging option. This feature lets you establish a connection between a computer and the android and through this, the computer software can interfere with the android phone over the USB connection.

With USB Debugging you will be able to create or restore a local backup of your android, capture the screen of your android over the desktop, and can even transfer files.

2. Stay Awake option in developer options

stay awake option in developer option

This is a very simple feature that you will find inside the developer option. After enabling it your android will remain awake while charging and won’t turn off.

3. Mock location app setting in developer mode

Mock Location App settings

If you want to trick anyone or you want to provide a fake GPS location to any application, in that case, you can use the Mock Location App feature to provide a fake GPS location. 

With this, you can trick your device and even the app installed in it about your location.

4. Check your android phone’s RAM Usage

This option will tell you how much average RAM that you use on a daily basis from the total RAM available.

Which application consumes the most ram?

You can even check which of the applications eats up most of your RAM. Mostly you will find the Android OS eating most of your RAM. But there are others which use lots of resources and This way you will be able to moderate the uses of that application to save resources.

5. MSAA 4X anti-aliasing for smoother visual graphics

This feature is mostly related to graphics on your android device. enabling this feature will improve the graphics of the 3D games that you play and which have high graphics uses. This feature will force android to use MSAA 4X anti-aliasing technology during the use of games and other graphics apps.

Although enabling this will cost you faster battery drain because of the use of higher graphics power.

6. Change the animation option in developer settings

change window animation scale in developer option

While using your mobile you have come across many animations and transitions, like when you switch between apps or move over the notifications, etc.

You can change these animations or even disable them entirely by changing the Window Animation Scale, and Transition animation scale in the Change animation option in the developer option.  

You can even speed up these animations by changing the Animator Duration Scale in the developer option. This way you will feel your mobile function responding much faster to your action.

7. Check running services and show cached processes

This feature tells you all the running processes and services in the background related to any app. You will also find your favorite application there as it gets marked by the Operating System and saved as a cached process so the next time you try to open the application it opens quickly.  

Limit background process

limit background process in developer option

In the same way, if you want that only a single process is executed in the background you can do that by changing the settings in the limit background process to one.

This will be only helpful if you are playing games as it requires lots of resources, I would advise you to turn it to the default value when you are done playing games, so your other application works properly.  

What happens when you disabled the developer option?

When you disable Developer mode in your device there are certain settings in it that will reset to default and will be disabled and there are certain ones that will retain their function and value and continue to interfere with your device.


How do I turn on developer mode on Android?

There are Developer Options In Android. To turn on the developer mode in your android, go to your Mobile settings and click on the About Phone menu, scroll through the menu and then look for the Build Number, click on it seven times and the message will appear that developer mode is enabled.

Is enabling developer options Safe?

Yes, enabling the developer option is entirely safe until you don’t alter the settings you don’t understand, else it can give you a hard time fixing it. If you are not a developer you shouldn’t change the settings that are specifically made for developers. 

What is the use of developer options in android?

Developer Options in android provides all the help a developer needs to build or create software or Apps related to the android. It is a very helpful tool for all the developers to run and test their apps on an android.


Now, these are some of the cool features that you can find and play with your android phones even if you are not a developer these are Developer Options In Android. I know there are lots of features that are still left unexplained and for that, I would say if you are not a developer then you must note play with those settings otherwise it may result in loss.

I have discussed everything that a normal user can alter and play with, comment down which one is your favorite.

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