CyberGhost VPN Review: It Is Really Good?

I cannot stress enough the fact that VPN is a must-have if you want to ensure your digital privacy. There are many VPNs available that you can use, but like anything else, VPNs also have their pros and cons.

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What is CyberGhost VPN?

Based in Romania, CyberGhost VPN has been running its virtual private network since 2011, accumulating more than 36 million users along the way. And with a comprehensive list of applications and support for hardware beyond computers, it’s obvious why CyberGhost has become so popular.

But reviewing a VPN is all about how well it works, not just whether it will work simply for games, Netflix, or just browsing. I downloaded CyberGhost and put it through a battery of tests to see if it was the best VPN for you or not.

User Interface

CyberGhost VPN user interface 1

The UI of any app is also a key factor for any user. CyberGhost VPN has a  very simple interface. The setup process is straightforward and you can connect to the VPN in no time.

In the case of computers, it is possible to use it conventionally. You must download and install the full file provided by CyberGhost VPN. It also has an extension for browsers that allow its use more practically without having to install the software.

It is also presented in the form of APK, to install on Android, iOS, and Smart TV devices, guaranteeing optimal performance on all platforms. On all these platforms where it is available

Like other VPNs, CyberGhost organizes its servers by geography. Of course, we can still access the complete list of server locations, where we can decide based on a specific activity, such as downloading torrents or watching streaming videos. And there are a few different countries. 

Filtering is quite efficient. And we can add our favorites for even faster access. Also, we will obtain the details of each server to allow us to choose the best one for our activity. This is the kind of server list you will like, where it can be easily changed at any time.

You can choose from the list of servers based on your requirements. The apps offer you the feature that the VPN will connect automatically as soon as you start your device.

Also, I liked how CyberGhost autompriatically chooses the best VPN server for you. The one-click connection feature further contributes to the ease of use. In general, the ease of use is evident on all platforms.

I learned that many other VPN providers who claim to have the same level of security, anonymity, and performance were unable to create a user base that CyberGhost has earned. This is due to the simple user interface which provides an amazing user experience.

It’s easy to download and register. The settings are visible at first glance, and there is no requirement for any settings to make it easy to use. CyberGhost’s user interface provides an attractive look to users who amuse them.

If you’ve never used a VPN before, CyberGhost will walk you through all the options and features. The interface is in tune with the different reasons why people use a VPN. The software looks very clean and professional. Finally, the app on your smartphone is easy to activate and deactivate.

Platforms and Devices

The CyberGhost VPN service provider is compatible with many devices, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. 

However, the service also offers free proxy plugins for Chrome and Firefox, allowing users around the world to easily encrypt their browser traffic. This is commendable, especially since the plugins are available even in countries with internet censorship, such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran.

CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi
CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi
  • CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi Screenshot
  • CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi Screenshot
  • CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi Screenshot
  • CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi Screenshot
  • CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi Screenshot

Also, it can be manually configured to work with Linux as it generally comes with a built-in PPTP protocol. However, using OpenVPN or L2TP / IPsec may require third-party software. You can also add CyberGhost to your Chromebook as it comes with built-in L2TP support (no OpenVPN or PPTP yet). 

To make your experience a breeze, CyberGhost VPN has a dedicated troubleshooting section for problems you may encounter, from connection and speed, account, subscription, and streaming issues.

The service also features 256-bit encryption, protection against incomplete public Wi-Fi access points, IP address concealment, and unregistered servers to preserve anonymity. Add on top of the desktop, mobile, and router apps, you can use it on seven devices simultaneously, and CyberGhost seems to include all the essentials that you may expect from a premium VPN.

CyberGhost is also compatible with routers but requires access to the router’s interface to change its settings (switch to a different country, for example). Finally, manual configuration is also an option for Raspberry Pi, OpenELEC (Kodi), e-book readers, game consoles, Synology NAS, VU + Solo 2, Amazon Fire TV, and other platforms.

An alternative to using native protocols is to connect the device you want to protect your computer/router with CyberGhost running.

As you can see, if you are not using native application supported operating systems, you should know how to configure CyberGhost correctly.

With that said, the official website is packed with great step-by-step setup guides, so you should be able to protect your devices even if you’re new to VPNs. In their website, they have guides for various platforms, including Amazon Fire OS, Android TV, Linux, game consoles, Kodi Media Centers, and even for routers and other devices. 

Pros And Cons

Unlimited bandwidth and trafficExpensive plans
Server speeds are fastNo ipv6 protection
7 simultaneous connectionsNo firewall inside
Strong encryptionLimited payment options
Easy to use interfaceCertain servers are very slow
Strict no logs policyLimited access to high security No-Spy servers
Supports P2P
Additional security features
1 day free trial
Accepts Bitcoin
45-day money-back guarantee

Server Locations

CyberGhost VPN all serevers

As mentioned above, CyberGhost has a decent number of servers that are well capable of supporting its expanding user network. 

CyberGhost VPN currently offers 3,511 servers spread across 60 countries. The official website features a comprehensive list of servers so that you can always check the availability of your desired locations.

If you are planning to buy a VPN service to bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by popular video streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, CyberGhost will appeal to you. It has a dedicated section of servers that are specially optimized to access content that is blocked in your country. In your server list, you will find servers for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Red, Fox Sport, etc.

People looking for a way around geo-restrictions will definitely be much more inclined to join this service, as its 212 servers in the US alone will allow them to stream their favorite content no matter where they are. Each country has at least 4 premium servers. The US has 212 premium servers, while the UK and Germany have 122 and 164 premium servers respectively.

Among the most prominent countries are:

  • Germany.
  • Canada.
  • Spain.
  • The U.S.
  • France.
  • Japan.
  • China.
  • UK

Given this impressive list of server locations, you shouldn’t have a problem accessing geo-blocked websites, no matter where you are. All of their plans also include unlimited traffic and bandwidth. A dedicated IP is available for a minimal additional fee.

For Torrenting fans, CyberGhost VPN also offers dedicated servers for BitTorrent in your windows app so you don’t have to go through the pain of searching for torrent compatible servers.

The VPN application presents a complete list of available servers with their respective loads, allowing you to avoid overcrowded locations. With a wide range of servers to choose from, you also have the option to see the load on a server in the Cyberghost VPN app, which is quite a useful feature.

CyberGhost VPN best server location

The site also provides you with an automatic server selection tool that chooses the optimal location for your needs. You can search for servers optimized for Netflix DE / US / FR, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube, and Crunchyroll. In the results, you can see the ping, the current user load, and their physical distance from the server in kilometers.

In addition to its regular servers, CyberGhost also has NoSpy servers located on the premises in Romania, owned and monitored by CyberGhost. These top-of-the-line servers are intended for users looking for maximized protection.

They integrate premium hardware with dedicated uplink and even offer extended bandwidth and better speeds for all data-intensive activities. There are also a significant number of P2P ready servers.

I completed my checks by running multiple leak tests, and CyberGhost passed them all with ease: the servers were in the promised locations, there were no DNS or WebRTC leaks, and our identity was properly protected at all times.


CyberGhost VPN connection features

CyberGhost offers much more than a VPN service. There are many additional features that you get with the subscription. Some of the main features of CyberGhost VPN include:

1. Advertising and blocking malicious websites.

CyberGhost VPN also doubles as an ad blocker and also filters and blocks malicious websites to give you overall protection. It also stops online trackers to hide your fingerprints.

2. Automated HTTPS redirection

The VPN enforces your connection to HTTPS so that you can access the most secure versions of websites to prevent your data from being compromised. 

3. Protects you from cyber attacks

CyberGhost also offers kill switch protection, DNS leak, and IP leak protection, as well as military-grade encryption.

Options are available to block malicious websites and ads, block online tracking, and force your browser to load the HTTPS version of any website that has one available. The service also features 256-bit encryption, protection against incomplete public Wi-Fi access points, IP address concealment, and unregistered servers to preserve anonymity. 

4. Dedicated Servers for Streaming

Bypassing the geo-restrictions of streaming websites is extremely easy with CyberGhost VPN. You can access various streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and sports streaming sites from the “Streaming” section of the apps. CyberGhost says that it does not impose any bandwidth limits on servers, including servers for streaming.

CyberGhost VPN for streaming

5. Auto-connect

CyberGhost provides user control for better operation over Wi-Fi networks. The “Auto-Connect” option reduces the manual task of connecting to the VPN each time the computer starts up.

6. Servers for torrenting

CyberGhost VPN openly supports torrenting. In the list of streaming servers, after the country name of the server, you can find the name of the channel for which the server is optimized.

CyberGhost VPN for torrenting

7. Strict no-logs policy

The VPN company says it doesn’t log any user data, including IP address, websites they visit, connection timestamps, and session duration. CyberGhost’s commitment to protecting the anonymity of its users looks promising.

8. Easy to navigate among the servers

Like other VPNs, CyberGhost organizes its servers by geography, but it also highlights servers that are particularly good at downloading and streaming video, a nice and little-hyped feature. Separate server lists for torrenting and streams are added by which the user can easily find out the required server. You also have the option to add these servers to the favorite section.

9. Option to add up to seven devices

Apart from desktop, mobile, and router apps, you can use it on seven devices simultaneously. Most other providers only allow five devices or less than that. But CyberGhost seems to include all the essentials a good VPN needs

10. P2P and torrent on select servers

Cyber ​​Ghost’s P2P policy supports torrenting. Thus P2P activities like torrenting and file sharing are allowed.

But only on select servers, optimized for torrenting anonymously. And these specific servers are easily accessible which will keep us protected while torrenting.

Also, following their privacy policy, there are no records of any kind of VPN usage or type of traffic. As a result, no trace is left. Still, as with other VPN providers, illegal activities via your connection are prohibited.

11.  DNS access

When you are connected your ISP always gives you the DNS servers. Therefore it has access to all your needs. Not that great for privacy. You can easily solve this problem and reduce censorship by changing those DNS. And Cyber ​​Ghost has its own DNS that you can use.

12. Dedication to transparency

Cyber ​​Ghost follows a strict no-charge policy. Therefore they do not save data of your activities or your connections. Every year Cyber ​​VPN publishes a transparency report. It does this to keep the identity of the user secret. Even Cyber ​​VPN doesn’t save data.

13. Security

CyberGhost VPN guarantees security when browsing online. CyberGhost VPN has all the necessary security certificates to be able to surf the Internet without risks.

In addition to guaranteeing you full access to all websites with geoblocks, it allows you to download torrent files with total security, hide the IP, protect your digital identity, remain hidden, military level encryption, and safe use of public networks, among other functionalities of security.

Speed and Performance

It is common that internet speed decreases when using a VPN. This is mainly due to the encryption process of your internet data which makes everything safe and secure.

However, if you are using a good VPN service, you should experience little to no speed drop. After all, who has the patience to surf the web or stream a movie if the connection is constantly muffled? 

I put CyberGhost VPN through speed intensive activities like streaming and gaming to determine if it meets its “highest possible speed” claim, and it did. Although connection and server speeds vary, it is still blazingly fast for your daily needs and allows you to customize your browsing and P2P activities without compromising your privacy.

As with most VPNs, your speed will suffer a bit. However, this has nothing to do with CyberGhost. It is completely normal to experience somewhat slower speeds while using a VPN than when accessing the Internet without one. That being said, we have only noticed a slight decrease in speed during our tests and have had no problem streaming HD video content, with no annoying issues.

In theory, the closer the VPN server you are connected to is from your actual location, the less impact the VPN connection will have on your internet speed. The VPN protocol you use can also affect your internet speed.

As a security measure to interrupt all browsing in the event that your connection is compromised, CyberGhost VPN allows you to interrupt online traffic using a built-in internet kill switch. You also get a variety of settings that will allow you to boost or unblock your connection.

CyberGhost is also quite reliable and rarely goes offline. You will also be happy to know that it provides an internet kill switch that shuts down all your internet traffic in case something unexpected happens.

In addition, to increase security, additional control information is added to data transferred over a VPN network, increasing its size slightly. Depending on the size of the file, this increase in data volume can be from 5% to 12% of the initial file size.

To better understand this, I ran a few CyberGhost VPN speed tests. The test used a desktop computer connected via ethernet to a router that offers 100 Mbps of bandwidth. The following results were obtained:

  • Speed ​​without VPN. This connection without VPN, got a ping of 20 ms, a download speed of 97.14 Mbps and an upload of 52.13 Mbps.
  • USA server: The Miami server resulted in a ping of 53 ms, a download speed of 80.50 Mbps, and an upload of 42.88 Mbps.
  • Europe server: The result that was obtained from this server was, with a ping of 109 ms, a download of 61.97 Mbps and an upload of 38.42 Mbps.
  • Asia Server: The China server had a ping result of 322 ms, a download speed of 12.38 Mbps, and a 6.25 Mbps upload.
  • UK Server: The England server test obtained a ping of 256 ms, a download speed of 22.68 Mbps, and an upload of 29.84 Mbps.

Does CyberGhost work in China? 

China does not allow access to most of the Internet. This country practices a very strict control over information that extends to all forms of communication, including the Internet.

The VPN ban across China has had a strong impact on many VPN services. You can no longer find China VPN listings on the Google Play and iTunes stores. As such, you cannot install CyberGhost in the country, especially without alerting the authorities. 

This leaves only one option to make CyberGhost work in China. You can download the .apk file manually by telling someone outside the country to send you the download link. Expats can preload the app for use in China to unblock popular websites/apps.

Don’t try to access Facebook or Instagram from China, you just can’t. Popular western search engines are also unavailable, as are many western media websites.

Does CyberGhost VPN work with Netflix?

CyberGhost VPN for streaming

CyberGhost has servers that you can use to unblock Netflix content in any country you want. Not all CyberGhost servers work with Netflix, but they make sure that there are always some servers for Netflix up and running. This means that you can always watch Netflix America while using CyberGhost. If you see that Netflix is ​​not working properly, you can fix it by switching to another server.

It has a dedicated list of servers for Netflix to unblock the content you want. While testing, streaming video with Netflix while using CyberGhost worked perfectly well, connecting nationally or internationally and streaming content without a hitch.

The average download speed of around 28mbps was more than enough to keep up with the fast-paced action movie Extraction, which suffered a bit of blur and motion artifacts, but enough to apologize that it’s a streaming movie, not a Blu-Ray. I was able to watch Netflix in HD through CyberGhost, which is a testament to the faster speeds it now supports. 

Does CyberGhost VPN work with Torrent?

CyberGhost VPN for torrenting

CyberGhost also has an additional option for torrents. Your connection is established through the usual VPN servers, but the screen will show your download speed and how much you have downloaded with their service. With the Torrent anonymously option, you can configure a torrent application to start when the service is selected, as well as block online tracking and malicious websites. 

Not only do they support torrent / P2P transfers on their servers, but it is actually one of their main selling points and they have done whatever it takes to make the experience easy and smooth. CyberGhost is also one of the few VPN services that can get around Netflix’s VPN ban, so this is definitely good news for users of this popular streaming service. 

Netflix has been known to aggressively block clients trying to access geo-blocked content using a VPN service, so what CyberGhost VPN does is assign a single streaming server that keeps changing their IP address, and it works! To make things even easier, just type “Netflix” in the streaming servers search bar and CyberGhost VPN will show the top 4 servers optimized for Netflix. Isn’t it awesome?

Although CyberGhost allows P2P file sharing, it is not available on all servers. Also, P2P-ready servers are not available in countries where ISPs force VPN services to block torrent traffic (USA, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, and Australia), so make sure the server connection is P2P / torrent compatible. Additionally, CyberGhost cautions its users against downloading copyrighted materials and declares that it constitutes an abuse of the service.

Privacy and security

Based in Romania and Germany, CyberGhost has been around since 2011. They state that their goal is to uphold privacy as a basic human right and to be the first in the industry to publish a transparency report.

From a privacy standpoint, being based in Romania is a good thing. This country does not have data retention laws as you do in other countries, such as the US or the UK, where your data (even when you use a VPN) is never totally private, as VPN providers have an obligation legal to record data.

With that in mind, Romania is widely regarded as a privacy-friendly country. The provider protects your Internet connection using government-level encryption. The protocols used include IKEv2, OpenVPN L2TP / IPSec, and PPTP. They emphasize that they do not give any information to third parties.

Unfortunately, many VPN providers advertise “zero logs” but when you bother to read the fine print, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Fortunately, CyberGhost VPN adheres to its strict “zero logs” policy and also offers some extras like a kill switch and ad blockers and tracking. They even publish an annual transparency report directly on their website!

Another important thing to consider is the European Data Retention Directive which allows EU members to store the telecommunications data of citizens for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. This directive does not apply to Romania, so you don’t have to worry about third-party intrusion into your privacy.

They keep some information about your behavior as a user. CyberGhost says this is to improve its services and level of anonymity. For example, when you log in, CyberGhost remembers that you used their service that day. This information is anonymous and is only kept for one day.

They also track how often you use their service per month. They count the number of days the subscriber uses your app each month. They can, for example, end up with the information that someone has used your application 25 out of 30 days. But they won’t know who it is. What’s more, this information is removed every month.

CyberGhost does not log traffic, IP, or timestamps. You can usually tell that they have a good records policy. Although they keep a minimum amount of anonymous information, their record policy does not put your privacy at any risk.

CyberGhost vs NordVPN vs ExpressVPN

Main FeaturesCyberGhost VPNNord VPNExpress VPN
JurisdictionRomaniaPanamaBritish Virgin Islands
No. of Servers6200+5600+3000+
Connect devices765
Speed LevelsModerately GoodGoodGood
Connection LoggingYesNoNo
Netflix AccessibilityYesYesYes
Encryption256-bit AES256-bit AES256-bit AES
Kill SwitchYesYesYes
P2P capabilityYesYesYes
Free Trial1 Day7 DaysNo
Money-Back Guarantee45 Days30 Days30 Days
1 Month Plan$12.99$11.95$12.95
24/7 SupportYesYesYes

Customer support

The problem with many VPN service providers that we have reviewed in the past seems to be in the customer service department. Their support pages are too difficult to navigate, failed, insufficient, or totally unusable.

CyberGhost excels in this area. They used to fail at this point, but have recently made significant improvements. For starters, they now have a 24/7 live chat support that you can easily find in the lower right corner of the website. 

If your request is a bit simpler and you need a faster response, the live chat is there too and open around the clock. I used the live chat twice and got a reply within a minute each time. It’s fast, I didn’t have to wait long, and the support agent was direct and helpful, which allows you to ask questions of its experts to guide you in solving problems. 

CyberGhost has an extensive knowledge base and FAQ page that will help you answer the most common questions. There was no script sequence attached for FAQs, so it was definitely a refreshing customer service experience.

I like the attention to detail here, because even the questions you imagine are rarely answered in detail. If your concern is not so pressing, you can also find a good amount of information on their website, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions sections.

In case you have a problem installing the client or cannot find the information you need, you have the option of contacting customer service via a support ticket.

CyberGhost also offers an extensive knowledge base containing the answers to the most common questions, as well as various manuals. Another downside is that there is no peer support, as CyberGhost decided to shut down their forum in late 2014.

You can also contact them via email: Send them any problems with the installation or configuration of this VPN and they will respond as quickly as possible. You can also submit a request by simply filling out a form and you will be contacted by email.

All in all, I really like how they covered everything from scratch and if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the articles, you can easily speak to a professional for further help. CyberGhost VPN is a VPN provider that has no server down or installation issues. 

If you’re worried about needing help using a VPN, CyberGhost is definitely a solid option, although very occasionally giving an insight into agents in English may take a second. Support is also offered in German and French, so it is also an option if you speak one of these languages.

Price and payment methods

CyberGhost VPN prices

CyberGhost offers three different plans. They have a free plan which, unlike most free VPN services, has no usage limit. However, this does not mean that it is without limitations. The free plan only allows users to access a subset of the servers. And not only that, the performance is very limited. CyberGhost advertises that paying users to get up to five times the speed of free services.

However, this is a worse case, and many free users report better performance than that. Another limitation of the ad-supported free service is that it can only be installed on one device. Also, free sessions are limited to a duration of three hours. After that, you log out.

For the best experience, you need the premium plus service that removes all limitations and gives you a high-performance connection. The only limitation left is the number of devices it can be installed on, which is still limited, but to five instead of just one.

The basic plan starts at $12.99 for a month. This plan comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The next plan has a validity of 6 months, which will cost you $7.99 per month (total for 6 months is $47.94). This pan comes with a 45 days money-back guarantee.

The third and the best value for money will cost you $2.75 per month for 18 months (total for 18 months is $49.5). This also comes with a 45 days money-back guarantee. Each plan offers you all the premium features and functionalities. 

You can pay via major credit card services including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, direct payment methods like PayPal, and for maximum anonymity, Bitcoin. There is no AliPay available and neither are your options from PaymentWall (which accepts 150 payment methods worldwide).

In cryptos, payment options via Ether or LiteCoin are also missing, which fails to create a much more inclusive feel. Therefore, CyberGhost is considerably lacking in diversity when it comes to accommodating more payment methods. I hope that the service will be updated and improved in this area.

Refund policy

The refund policy differs from the plan. If you are using a one month plan, then the refund policy will be fourteen days. However, if you have purchased a six-month or higher plan, then you can request a refund within 30 or 45 days, depending on your plan.

And also, it is easy to contact them to get a refund. You can email them or contact them through live chat support. It’s a “no questions asked” refund policy, and that’s why you don’t need to explain why you’re unsubscribing.

This is done to make sure that customers who go ahead with the product are satisfied with the product.

Do I recommend CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost VPN is a strong competitor in the list of the best VPN service providers. This VPN service is extremely popular today. As a result, and based on the features and functions it offers, its quality is not in doubt. It offers a host of features along with dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting.

For those hoping to buy a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions, CyberGhost’s VPN might be a good option.  CyberGhost is an excellent and easy to use VPN provider for the average user. Its user interface is very clear and shows all the options that a normal user might need. 

The connection speed has been worked a lot to offer you an experience without interruptions during its use. Therefore, you will enjoy very fluid navigation during its use, and can even overlook the fact that the VPN is on.  The excellent security features offered thanks to its location are highly valued. Likewise, its servers are largely physical and owned, so the data never passes through third parties.

Additional features such as Privacy Guard and Dedicated IP  are also highly valued for anyone who wishes to purchase them. Its translation into multiple languages ​​is also one of its advantages for Hindi-speaking consumers.

It offers several security features that ensure that your network connection remains safe from threats. Also, with the Ad Blocker and Malware Check feature, you don’t need to worry about ads and contain malware that could enter your system and cause a malfunction. It also protects your IP address and DNS requests from any possible leaks.

However, they need to improve speed as a 30-40 percent reduction was recorded. If they make efforts and decrease the load on the servers, this problem can be solved. However, even so, CyberGhost is worth using which comes without a logging policy and amazing features.

Cyber ​​VPN is a reliable VPN solution, focused on your privacy. It is advisable for those who need an easy VPN to surf and torrent anonymously and watch TV shows without limits. For most people, CyberGhost offers a good balance between security and ease of use.

Its protection is more than enough and very reliable. CyberGhost has a good number of servers and is easy to use with streaming services. The provider is easy to use and offers many functions at a reasonable price.

When you add it all, CyberGhost is a robust service that caters to both beginner and veteran VPNs. Its quality is even more impressive when you consider that a few years ago it wasn’t that good – this kind of progress is rare among VPNs.


Can I trust CyberGhost?

Yes. CyberGhost is a secure service with strong encryption protocols, a no-logs policy, and a clear disclaimer. It is trustable.

Is CyberGhost VPN fast?

Speed will depend on the server. Though, I can say, CyberGhost is fast enough for basic tasks like browsing, streaming and torrenting.

Is CyberGhost VPN any good?

Yes. In fact, CyberGhost VPN is one of the best VPNs available today in the market. 

Is CyberGhost legal for torrenting?

Yes. CyberGhost allows torrenting and has dedicated optimized servers for torrenting.

Is CyberGhost VPN free?

No. However, you can use CyberGhost VPN on a 1-day free trial. After that, you have to choose one of their subscription plans. 

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