Chrome Vs Chrome Enterprise: What’s The Difference?

There is hardly any area where Google Products and services aren’t involved, from general users to businessmen everybody is using google’s products. With Chrome Enterprise in the picture, there is a lot of confusion among the people that is Chrome & Chrome Enterprise are the same? What are the differences? So, in this article, I will talk about the differences between Chrome & Chrome Enterprise. 

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What is Google Chrome?

Right now there might be possibilities that you are using Google Chrome to search for Google Enterprise. If not, and you are entirely unaware of what it is then let me tell you. Google Chrome is a web browser that you can use to surf the internet, open websites, etc. It is freeware means there are no charges for using it. With its cross-platform availability, you can use it on any device and sync your passwords, browser history, etc across devices.

What is Chrome Enterprise?

As I have talked earlier Google products are spread across every area, and certain products are specifically designed for the business domain. Chrome Enterprise is one such product that falls in the business segment.

Google Enterprise provides a business-based workspace for all chrome devices. Chrome browser and Chrome OS. It was launched by Google in 2017 and with its quality, easy to access and navigate, cloud-based administrative tools, it is becoming very popular in the business domain. It is said that Google plans to take the business domain with its Enterprise version.

Chrome Enterprise unlocks the business capabilities of chrome browser, Chrome OS, and Chrome books to provide advanced security and management tools. In addition to that, It lets you integrate other Google products like G suite, Google clouds very easily.  

Apart from all the features of Chrome Browser, Chrome Enterprise offers an Admin Console which allows administrators to:

chrome enterprise admin console
Image Credit: Google Cloud
  • Assign devices to users and get configuration and usage reports.
  • Blacklist, whitelist, or pre-install apps, extensions, and URLs.
  • Apply policies, apps, and settings to different sets of users.
  • Control who uses it.
  • Configure the network and proxy settings.
  • Modify user settings like bookmark and app sync.
  • Built-in Virus protection. 

Benefits of Chrome Enterprise

Multilayer Security: Unlike Chrome Browser Chrome Enterprise comes with effective and advanced algorithms which can easily identify any malware and phishing attempt. Its security features are updated automatically, without any manual interference the user can get top-notch security.

In addition to that, Chrome Enterprise also provides an authenticated connection through network security, this helps in preventing the data breach while using other websites.

To reinforce user protection Chrome Enterprise uses safe browsing and sandboxing technology to prevent security problems.

Control over Chrome Devices: Administrators can leave Chrome Enterprise on auto-pilot mode and enjoy the multilayered security, but they can also control its behavior through the Admin Console.

Through Admin Console, they can place custom settings and rules to fit Chrome Enterprise according to their needs, or they can utilize the over 200 browser policies to configure permissions that regard proxy servers, extensions, and a lot more.

Easy Accessibility: Chrome Enterprise has implemented a single sign-on feature that lets users log in to their account automatically on the browser. Data such as history, bookmarks, extensions, and settings are synced and stored with the account, and users can take this data anywhere using any device.

Google Chrome vs Chrome Enterprise

Well, both the browsers have their fundamentals the same, the major differentiating factor between them is that the Enterprise edition is named so because it is installed on Chrome Enterprise whereas the general Chrome browser retains its original name.

The statement from Google given for its Enterprise version is that “The Chrome Browser for the enterprise (sometimes referred to as Chrome Enterprise) is the same Chrome Browser used by consumers.” But apart from the naming conventions both browsers still have some considerable differences.

Differences in Browser Features

First let us take a look at the features which both the browser provides:

Chrome Browser comes with a very intuitive user interface and a variety of features to help its users. With features like cross-device sync and availability, secured inbuilt password manager, the Chrome browser is often regarded as the best browser present around in the market.

On the other hand, Chrome Enterprise runs over the enterprise environment and is also backed by all features of the chrome browser and in addition to that, it provides benefits like access to enterprise apps and the integration of cloud management software.


Working Level

Chrome Browser handles user profiles individually, which means it is installed on a user-level basis and changes to the one user profile will not affect the other profiles.

On the other hand, Chrome’s Enterprise build is installed by the IT admins via its MSI installation file and, is deployed on the system level. As a result, all the users who are working in an organization would have the same instance of the browser, and any changes to one will affect all the users. 

chrome enterprise working level

This makes the job easy for the network administrator to effectively manage and enforce the various rules and policies that they are planning to implement. 

Extension Support

Extensions help us bring out the browsers’ full potentials as both the browsers are made over chromium it makes them both equally supported for all the extensions available over the Chrome web store. But that is not the case with Chrome Enterprise.

Chrome Enterprise knows the security risk involved when using addons. Rather they make use of Windows Group Policy and Registry settings to implement various policies that might help them in extracting the browser’s full potentiality.  

Platform Availability

If we talk about platform availability, wider support for an app or software is always welcome. 

In the case of Chrome Browser, it is available for:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux

And, you can use Chrome Enterprise on:

  • Chrome devices
  • Chrome browser
  • Chrome OS.


Google Chrome Browser is freeware costing you nothing whereas Chrome Enterprise comes with a free trial and yearly plan.

Chrome Enterprise Pricing Plan:

Free Trial: Yes

Chrome Enterprise Bundle: $50/ Device / year  


What is Google Chrome enterprise?

Chrome Enterprise is an advanced form of Chrome Browser which unlocks the business capabilities of the browser, Chrome OS, and Chrome books to provide advanced security and management tools, and integration of other Google products like G suite and Google clouds.

Is Chrome browser for enterprise free?

No, Google Enterprise license CHROME ENTERPRISE BUNDLE Starts at $50 per device per year. It also offers a free trial.

Can I use Chrome enterprise?

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you can deploy enterprise features across all your devices and enjoy the security, accessibility, and control over it.

Which one is better between chrome and chrome enterprise?

We can not state anyone as a winner or loser as both are built to work over the different domains. Chrome Enterprise for businesses and Chrome Browser for normal users.


Well, to conclude the comparison I am not stating anyone as winner or loser as both works over a different domain. If you are a business owner chrome enterprise is a go-to option, and for a normal user, a chrome browser is more than enough for their daily requirements.

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