Chrome Enterprise: Everything That You Need To Know

Google products are spread across every area and work, and certain products are specifically designed for the business domain. Chrome Enterprise is one such product that falls in the business segment. 

So in this article, I am going to discuss What is Chrome Enterprise and Why it is useful for business. 

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What is Chrome Enterprise?

Chrome Enterprise provides a business-based workspace for all chrome devices, Chrome browsers, and Chrome OS. It was launched by Google in 2017 and with its quality, easy to access and navigate user interface, and cloud-based administrative tools, it is becoming very popular in the business domain. It is said that Google plans to take the business domain with its Enterprise version.

Chrome Enterprise unlocks the business capabilities of chrome browser, Chrome OS, and Chrome books to provide advanced security and management tools. In addition to that, It lets you integrate other Google products like G suite, Google clouds very easily. 

Chrome Enterprise Cloud Management

With Chrome Enterprise Cloud Management Tool you will be able to: 

Device Management tools

Chrome Browsers: With the cloud-based Admin Console, you can enforce policies across devices, install business apps and extensions, and manage other enterprise features of Chrome Browser users across your corporate.

Chrome Devices: You will also be able to manage all the devices which run on Chrome OS. Through the admin console, you will be able to control which apps or extensions to block or install on the devices, which network or VPN they are allowed to connect to and manage other features of Chrome.   

Enforce Policies: You will be able to enforce a wide range of policies and security which you seem fit as per your organization to all the chrome browsers and devices.

Kiosk Mode: First, let me tell you what kiosk mode is, it is a feature of chrome that allows the devices to be used in the single window and single app mode. In simple words, it locks all the other functions and lets the user operate on a single app.

As an administrator, you can manage Kiosk mode in the managed devices. You can set up the start-up page or auto-launch the kiosk mode on startup through the admin console.

Why Choose Chrome Enterprise

Yes, we know what Chrome Enterprise is but why you as a Business owner will bother to use it. So, now let’s talk about how this decision is going to help you grow your business to the next level by looking into the benefits it provides. 

Improve Efficiency and Productivity: With the help of Chrome Enterprise, your employee will be able to work to their fullest potentials using its integrated tools. Without wasting time on unnecessary things, they will all be connected in the clouds, and the flow of data will be seamless.

The employees will be able to focus on the main problem rather than focusing on secondary or supportive functions.

Better Control: With Chrome Enterprise you will have better control over all the devices distributed in your organization, in addition to the overall control you will also be able to control and monitor all the devices remotely.

It provides you insights into your workforce’s usage of apps, with that help you will be able to customize it as per your business need and you can even leave Chrome Enterprise on autopilot along with your customization and enjoy your time as it does its work.

Better Performance: Chrome Enterprise doesn’t force a heavy load on your system or your employee, it is a lightweight software and has a very intuitive design. Even after years of use, it doesn’t lose its pace.  

Multiple Usage: With a single device and workspace, you will be able to perform multiple operations and use Chrome Enterprise for multiple purposes. For instance, if you want to conduct video conferencing, or want to share information with your employees you can do it with Chrome Enterprise like a pro.

In addition to that, you can use digital signage, Kiosk mode, and a lot more. You can perform almost all the operations which a business requires to be connected as a whole.

Effective and Simple Management: One of the biggest concerns of the business is how they are going to manage all the devices distributed over the organization. This problem can be solved very easily using Chrome Enterprise.

You will be able to manage all your employee devices with just a few clicks using Admin Console which is provided to the administrator of the Chrome Enterprise.

This saves a lot of time and effort which can be utilized elsewhere for improvements and monitoring. 

Better Security: Chrome Enterprise comes with effective and advanced algorithms which can easily identify any malware and phishing attempt. Its security features are updated automatically, without any manual interference the user can get top-notch security.

In addition to that, Chrome Enterprise also provides an authenticated connection through network security, this helps in preventing the data breach while using other websites.

To reinforce user protection Chrome Enterprise uses safe browsing and sandboxing technology to prevent security problems.

Platform Availability

As Chrome Enterprise is a cloud management tool any system which is able to run chrome browser can access the Chrome Workspace or the cloud management tool Admin Console. 

Chrome Enterprise is available for:

  • Chrome devices
  • Chrome browser
  • Chrome OS.

Pros and Cons

Multilayer SecuritySingle Enterprise plan for all users
Automatic update 
Remote Connection 
Printer Management 
Kiosk Mode 
Theft Prevention 


Chrome Enterprise offers a single Enterprise Plan for all the users and comes with a 30 days Free trial.

Chrome Enterprise Bundle: $50 /device/year

Get Started With Chrome Enterprise

When you sign up for Chrome Enterprise it provides with you a Cloud Management tool. Admin console or you can say a cloud management tool is an administrator tool that lets you manage and control all the devices in your organization from a single computer.

chrome enterprise admin console
Image Credit: Google Cloud

With Admin Console you will be able to:

Create Organizational Unit and Add Devices to manage: To get started with the admin console first you need to create an Organizational Unit (OU) and add the devices that you want to manage. To create one head over to Admin Console devices -> Chrome Management -> Manage Organisational Units and create one.  

Organizational units in chrome enterprise

Manage Users: Through the admin console, you can add or remove users who can access the Google services. You can also provide different levels of admin roles and privileges to the users as per their positions in the organization.

User Management in chrome enterprise

This way you will have all the information regarding the user and his or her level of access to the enterprise services. 

Manage Device: With the manage devices section in the admin console, you will be able to track and manage all the chrome devices throughout your organization.

Device Management in chrome enterprise

With this you will be able to track whether the organization policy has been synced on the devices or not, devices hardware and software configuration and even you can control the update.

You will also be able to track the activities of your employees and carry out better control over people who work under you.

Manage Apps and Extension: With Chrome Enterprise Admin Console you will be able to manage apps and extensions which could be installed on the system. 

apps and extensions management in chrome enterprise

You can add apps that you want your employee to install on the managed devices or you can block the apps and extensions from being installed on the system.

Add or Remove Admin: Through the Admin Console administrator can provide admin privileges to any user and provide access to the entire Google Workspace or he/she can also remove the privileges from that user.

Create Groups: One of the time-saving features of the admin console is group creation. Administrators can create groups based on departments or the requirements and can add members to them. When created members of groups can:

  1. Share Knowledge and information
  2. Send Email to all members with a single address
  3. Invite members to meetings.
  4. Participate together in discussion and collaboration.


Is Chrome Enterprise Free?

No, Chrome Enterprise is not free but it does come with a 30-day free trial. The Chrome Enterprise offers a single Enterprise plan and costs $50 per device per year.

What is the difference between Chrome and Chrome Enterprise?

Chrome is a regular browser that lets you surf the internet, open websites, and watch or listen to videos or music. However Chrome enterprise is an IT administrator for business, it unlocks the business capabilities of Chrome and lets you perform business operations through the admin console.


Chrome Enterprise is a tool that can make your life a lot easier than manually handling all the devices in your organization. Whether you are a small business, Enterprise or you own a School or College Chrome Enterprise can help you a lot.

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