2 Ways To Check Windows Is Original Or Not (Easily)

If you have bought your Windows OS from the Microsoft official site then for sure your Windows 10 is original. But if you have installed it from any other site, or your local computer shop then there may be a possibility that they have altered the original Windows key and replaced it with a duplicate one, or have used any activator tool. 

Now there are several methods to check whether your Windows 10 is genuine or not. I am going to talk to you about 5 of the best and easiest methods you can use to do that. So, without wasting much time, let’s get straight to our topic. 

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1. Check From The Windows 10’s Settings App 

Now, this is the most simple way you can check the authenticity of your Windows 10. Here are the steps you have to follow. 

Windows Settings activated windows
  • Open the Settings app on Windows 10. You can search ‘Setting‘ if you don’t see it on the start menu. 
  • Next, inside settings, choose Update & Security.
  • Now on this window, you’ll find the option ‘Activation‘ written on the left. Click on that. 
  • Now on the right side, you’ll be able to see the activation status of your Windows 10. 

If your windows 10 is genuine, it must show you “Windows is activated with a digital license”

In my case, it is genuinely activated so here is how it’ll show you. 

2. Checking using Command Prompt Or Powershell

Now, this is a more advanced and better method to check the authenticity of your Windows OS. To perform this, you have to type a command in Windows Powershell or Command Prompt. The process is exactly the same for Powershell as well. You can use any of the two. 

Command Prompt check activation XPR

Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Click on the Start Menu and type CMD.
  • Left-click on the Command Prompt app to open it. 
  • Now type the command “slmgr /xpr” and hit enter 
  • A dialog box will pop up which will show you some details

If your Windows 10 is genuine then it must show you “The machine is permanently activated” 

Command script host windows activated

If it shows you something like ‘xx days remaining’ then it’s sure that your windows are now genuine, or rather, cracked or activated using activator software. 


How do you check Windows 10 is original or pirated?

You can use the CMD and type  “slmgr /xpr” and hit enter. If you see “Your machine is permanently activated” then it means your Windows 10 is original. If you see something like “xx days remaining” then your Windows 10 is pirated.

Is it secure to use the windows cracked version?

No. I won’t recommend you to use the cracked version. These may be viruses or programs which can leak users’ data. It is advisable to use the original one for privacy reasons. 

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