3 Best Ways To Change The Font In Android (Quickly)

Android phones can be customized as per your wish and taste. Some of the Android devices have built-in options for changing the font style whereas some devices with older versions do not have the built-in option to change the font style while for that device third-party launchers play a vital role. So changing the font size or style can be customized easily by simply following the below steps. 

There are three ways in which you can change the font in your android phone. All three ways might not work on your phone but one of them will surely do the work. 

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1. Using Settings

You can change the font in  Android phones from Settings itself. Some brands have several fonts to choose from, while some smartphone brands hardly offer two/three fonts to select from. Let’s change the font in your Android by using Settings by following below steps

Display Settings
  • Open the Settings.
  • Go to Display by either scrolling down or by searching in the search bar provided on top of your screen.
  • Click on the Display and you see the interface with several options from which to find the option of Font style and size.
  • By clicking on the above option, you can see the text used in your device at present and by scrolling down you can see different font settings in the Font Style menu. 
  • This helps change the style of the font. If there are very few font styles pre-installed in your android phone, you can click on Download Fonts from font style.

2. Using Themes App

If you weren’t able to change the font in Android using Settings then you might be using this second method. Try searching for an app called Themes, it allows users to customize their phones by offering fonts, wallpapers, and themes. Follow the below steps to change the font in Android using Themes App.

Themes App
  • Open Themes App
  • Select Fonts
  • Here you will find many don’t style some will be paid and some will be available to you for free.
  • You can choose the font size you prefer and apply it.

3. Using Third-Party Apps

So these were some simple and easy steps to follow to change the font. Now let’s look for a device that does not provide the customisation of the font as the device is not rooted, so here we hatch the fish by putting a hook of third-party apps.

The device which doesn’t have the inbuilt font edit option can simply download the zFont 3 app from Google Playstore and on the top bar, you can see multiple options, and font style is one of those. By clicking on it you can choose different types of formats and styles for your font. This app is completely free of cost and easy to use.


Do I need to change my font to customize my phone?

No, it’s not mandatory to change the font style to customize your phone. You can try other methods like changing wallpaper, buying a new back-cover of your phone, setting your favorite song as your ringtone, etc.

How to increase the font size of your phone?

Go to Display and then font style. You will be able to change the size of the font here, if it’s not here you can try searching for the font size in the search bar in Settings.

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