How to Change Background On Chrome Browser (Quickly)

If you don’t like the simple and plain background in the google chrome browser and want to change and customize the chrome homepage then I am going to tell you how to change the background on the chrome browser.

Steps to follow:

1. Make sure your chrome browser is updated.

chrome browser updating

2. Click on a new tab or go to the homepage of google chrome.

3. Here you can find an option called “customize chrome” click on that.

customize chrome

4. Now you can select the background you want or upload your custom image.

select the background

5. If you select the suggested backgrounds you can enable refresh daily which automatically changes the background on daily basis.

refresh daily in chrome

6. You can also decide whether you want to show shortcuts or not.

shortcuts options in chrome

7. At last, you can change color and theme as well.

Once you did your customization then click on done.

color and theme in google chrome

8. If you don’t like the current background selection you can change it anytime by clicking on this pencil icon.

pencil icon to customise chrome
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