Ccleaner Review: It Is Really Good PC Optimizer?

Do we need a PC optimizer or cleaner? We need them for boosting up our PC performance and privacy by removing every single unnecessary file and data from our system. 

In this Ccleaner Review article, we are going to check whether this tool can be a really good PC optimizer or not.

As the world of the internet has advanced, the risk to our privacy has also been increased. Lots of ways have been developed to track your web footprints which get stored up in our system as cookies, temporary files, etc. 

They can be sometimes intrusive and can even slow down your system performance. This means we need some tools that can help clean this crap from our system to give it a boost and safety.

Ccleaner also called Crap Cleaner is one of such tools developed by Piriform that provide features through which you will be able to delete all the temporary unnecessary files like cookies, cache, internet history, and even windows log files and recycle bin items from your system.

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User Interface

Ccleaner user interface

You can easily understand how you can use Ccleaner to optimize your PC just by looking at its interface. It has an intuitive interface with easy-to-understand features. You get the feature menu on the left and your system specification on the top right.

Ccleaner Free vs Ccleaner Paid

Ccleaner is free to download software and it offers a lot of features in its free version. Although it also comes with two other paid variants which include even some of the more advanced features like Software Updater, File recovery, etc.

Two other paid variants are Ccleaner Professional and Ccleaner Professional Bundle up to 3 PC. Below I have compared all three variants based on the features that you are going to get with it.

PC Health CheckYesYes
Faster ComputerYesYes
Privacy ProtectionYesYes
Software UpdaterYesYes
Cleans EverywhereNo Yes
Guards Against Junk FilesNoYes
Automatic CleaningNoYes
HardDisk Monitoring ToolsNoYes
File Recovery Tool RecuvaNoYes
See inside Your PCNoYes


The Ccleaner comes with almost all the features that a normal user requires for system optimization. With the free version you get:

PC Health Check: This feature was added quite recently to the Ccleaner which you can say is a one-click option for your PC health improvement. 

Ccleaner Health Check Feature

It will scan your PC and will prompt you with options to improve your System performance, maintain your system privacy and security, and clean up unwanted files to free disk space.

Custom Cleaner: With the Custom Cleaner feature Ccleaner gives you full control over what you want to be erased or whatnot. In this option, you can select manually from system files and application files that you want to clean.

Ccleaner Custom Clean Feature

Registry Cleaner: This feature allows you to scan all the registry related problems and helps to fix them automatically to improve your system performance.

Ccleaner Feature Registry Cleaner

Tools: This feature is a combination of multiple tools that can help you improve your system health as well as your productivity. It includes:

Ccleaner Tools
  • Software Updater will check for the updates available for the application installed in your system and with the paid version of the Ccleaner you will be able to scan and update your software automatically.
  •  Disk Analyzer will scan your hard disk and provide a report on what files are occupying maximum space in your hard disk.
  • Startup tool which will let you enable and disable what is the application you want to run at system startup.  
  •  Disk Wiper tool will let you securely wipe your hard disk so no data can be recovered from your free space.
  •  Duplicate Finder will scan for duplicate files based on name, size, and content and provide you with the option to remove them.

Scan Scheduler: It will let you schedule your scans and clear your PC regularly and it also includes Smart Cleaning and Guards against junk files.

Hard Drive maintenance: These are tools to boost its health, Recuva as a file recovery tool, and a unique feature that will let you examine your system specs and find potential upgrades.

Pros and Cons

In this Ccleaner Review, now I will tell you about its benefits and cons that will give a good idea about this PC optimizer.

Real-time monitoringMay collect information for third parties
Schedule ScansDoes not let you create recovery points
Equipped with Disk wiperAggressive registry cleaner
All in one tool
Light Weight Software 


Ccleaner Pricing

Ccleaner is freeware, you can download its free version and use it for your normal purpose, talking about its professional variants.

System Requirements and Platform Availability

I downloaded it on one of the old PCs with a Low-end hardware configuration. But surprisingly I was able to run it very smoothly. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

Minimum hardware requirement to run Ccleaner:

  • Minimum 1 Gb RAM
  • Windows 7 and above
  • 600 MB free disk space

Impact On System

Ccleaner is very lightweight software, it can even run smoothly on low-end PCs or Old PCs. Because of this feature, it is one of the most popular PC optimizers around. 

With its continuous monitoring it will keep on checking your system for threats and ways of improvement and you won’t feel the slightest impact on your system or productivity.

How To Get Started With The Ccleaner

To get started with Ccleaner you just need to visit the official site and download it as per your system. Install and run the PC optimizer. When the dialog box will open you will see the feature menu on the left. First, click on the Health Check option which will test your PC for all the available improvements.

Ccleaner Get started with custom cleaner

If you don’t want to delete everything as per Ccleaner advised you as default then click on Custom Cleaner and uncheck whatever files and cookies you want to keep and then start the run the test and delete everything.

Do I Recommend  Ccleaner System Optimizer?

Yes definitely, I recommend Ccleaner. I didn’t feel any load on my system while doing any work and the optimizer was running in the background.

In my view, Ccleaner is a good PC optimizer with some cool features. It is well-designed with a simple and clean interface that attracts you. Moreover, you can also try Glary Utilities which is also a good PC optimizer.

It offers some features which will save you time and can surely improve your system health.


Is Ccleaner any good?

Yes, Ccleaner is known as an excellent PC optimizer which is popular because of some of its cool features and as a very lightweight software. It is one of the best tools for eliminating harmful malicious programs that hide deep in computer systems. 
It offers Recuva in a professional version which is one of the best data recovery tools and with its real-time monitoring it can be considered a good Pc optimizer.

Is Ccleaner trustworthy?

Yes, Ccleaner is trustworthy software. You can use it occasionally to improve your system when you feel there is a need to clean the garbage.

Is Ccleaner Pro worth buying?

Yes, Ccleaner Pro comes with lots of additional tools that can save you time and can improve your system health to a great extent. 
In its pro versions, it offers a scan scheduler and smart cleaning which is quite effective, and in its Pro bundle version, it offers Hard disk monitoring tools and data recovery software.

ccleaner review

Ccleaner is really a good PC optimizer with some cool features. It is known for cleaning junks even from places where other PC optimizers can't reach. With other cool features like registry cleaner and real-time cleaning, it does its job very well.

Price: 19.95

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: "Windows 10", "Mac"

Application Category: PC Optimizer

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