Brave Vs Tor: Which One Best For Anonymity?

Surf the internet anonymously or privately. Many browsers out there provide features and tools to help users in this context, as to be invisible or unknown throughout his/her presence on the internet.

TOR (The Onion Router) also known as the Onion Browser. It was initially developed by the US Navy but now it is running as a non-profitable organization that has its main focus towards providing top Security and Privacy and allows users to access the uncensored web.

Tor follows the concept of Onion Routing through which it moves your data is encrypted across many servers around the globe before reaching the destination.

The brave browser on the other hand is based on the open-source platform Chromium which provides its own privacy and security features that enable users to block ads and trackers. It is also equipped with modern technologies like blockchain and CryptoCurrency. It also has a feature for private browsing which states “Private Window with TOR” which makes it a worthy competitor.

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As we are moving towards global digitalization we are relying on digital platforms and websites for our work. This makes us prone to privacy loss and digital theft. Both the browser provides additional security options to prevent you from being a victim.  

TOR browser uses its own tor network “Onion Routing” where your data is encrypted and bounce back from server to server before reaching the destination.

TOR implements multi-layer encryption which means the data is encrypted each time it passes to the next server, which makes it possible for you to surf the web anonymously like a hacker. While browsing with TOR you will be invisible and there is no possibility that any information about you is leaked.

Where Brave Browser comes with lots of security options that let you disable all the ads and trackers from the sites. The browser comes with three levels of security which let you surf the internet without being tracked.

The brave browser has also come up with a surprising feature called “Private Window with TOR” which lets you browse the web from the TOR server, which adds up to its security aspects.


But the cache is even having inbuilt TOR features it does not provide as secure browsing as TOR.

TOR won’t even disclose your identity if you follow some rule they have stated, it is possible even if you are browsing the uncensored networks. which is clearly not possible through Brave Browser. So here in this Security comparison of TOR Vs Brave, TOR beats Brave with a huge difference.

Performance / Speed

From the perspective of speed both the browsers are slower than the normal browsers.

The brave browser comes with lots of additional features and tools which make it slower than the rest of the browsers. Whereas TOR runs over its own TOR network which makes it even slower than the Brave browser.

If we consider the page loading speed, Tor transfers encrypted data from one server to another before reaching the destination which consumes time whereas Brave is slightly faster than Tor.

Sync Feature

All the browsers come with a sync feature through which they try to provide consistent user experience to their users across all other devices. With this feature, browsers save everything you do to their servers and make it accessible across all other devices you use so that you don’t have to do everything again and again if you install it on a new device. 

In this context, the Brave browser with its new update has launched sync V2 which will now be able to sync more sync data types compared to its previous versions. With this sync V2, all the popular sync data like password, bookmarks, history, etc will be synced.

Brave Sync feature

But still, there are some loopholes in this version of the Brave browser as you will not be able to sync Brave Rewards across other devices and sync V2 will only be compatible with desktop and Android devices, there is no support available to the iOS devices. 

If you talk about Tor Browser it also provides sync features to its user for better user experience and this way they will be able to surf the internet without any extra efforts. Although while building this sync features keeping you anonymous is kept in the mind and any disk leakage is avoided.

Other Basic Comparison

Interface: Brave Browser Comes with a simple and easy to use interface with lots of additional features to help their users. It is equipped with different themes for their users’ needs.

tor interface

Whereas Tor Browser looks and feels like Firefox because it is built over many open source platforms which include Firefox. It also provides a clean and easy to use interface for better user experience but doesn’t include additional features like Brave.

Revenue Model

Both the Browsers have almost similar revenue models, they both depend upon the donation from their users.

Brave Browser has a publisher support option through which you can donate and help the organisation. Whereas the Tor Browser being a non-profit organisation has a “Keep Tor Strong” option that people can click and donate to help the creators.

Brave Win Win

Platform Availability

Both browsers provide their support to all the platform users, whether it’s Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, or Linux you are free to access the Internet Securely and Anonymously.

Extensions and Plugins

There is plenty of extensions available for both browsers. One can add or install plugins as per their requirement. But in the case of the Tor browser, it clearly states that if you want to be 100% anonymous you must not use or install any kind of plugins or extensions. You must use Tor as it is provided to achieve its maximum security potential.

Pros and Cons of Tor Browser

Can surf the internet anonymously slower than normal browser
Can access the uncensored internetlack customization features
Most secure browser only suitable for surfing the web

Pros and Cons of Brave Browser

Pros Cons
Most secure Browser use more disk space
Wallet for CryptoCurrencyslower than the normal browser
Brave Payment option
Inbuilt Adblocker


Does Brave browser use Tor?

Yes, it has a feature “Private Window with Tor” which runs over the Tor network but that does not mean it is as secure as Tor Browser.

Is it safe to use Tor browser?

Yes, it is extremely safe to use Tor Browser. You will not find any risk or threat while using it unless you do something creepy.

In which country Tor is illegal?

Tor Browser is not illegal except for some countries where GOVT is against free internet and where they want to keep control over every aspect of their Public lives

Does Tor really make you anonymous?

Tor is the most secure browser of this time. It hides your identity very effectively, it is almost impossible to track your activity over the Tor network.


As for the conclusion part, Tor is the most secure browser present at this moment. It will satisfy your desire to do something which makes you feel like a hacker. It will not disclose your identity and will let you access the uncensored internet. It is mainly suitable for surfing purposes as it lacks many advanced features. If you use plugins or extensions it will impact your anonymity. As it runs over the Tor network it is slower than the rest of the browsers.

 Therefore for security purposes there is no worthy competitor who can stand against the Tor browser. Whereas Brave browser provides you all the possible features which a browser should have and has a Private Window with Tor feature which is not as secure as the Tor browser but it will provide strong security for your files and activity on the internet.

For just surfing the internet anonymously Tor is the only best option for you, but for other things which you can achieve with the browsers, Brave is the best option.

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  1. The article was written in June 5, 2021 and yet it claims that Brave is slower 😀 Brave is the fastest browser out there even when it was first introduced in the market and ever since it has constantly been the fastest browser among the mainstream browsers – that means faster than Chrome etc.

    Please it bleeds my eyes when I see such silly errors in articles.

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