Brave VS Opera: Which One Is Chrome Alternative?

Today we’re going to compare two Chromium-based browsers. One is New and the other is old. This comparison will definitely clear all the dilemma about the best browsers.

Brave Browser is a Chromium based browser especially meant for Speed and Security. It is simple and secure. Unlike other browsers, it has fewer customization options.  Since most of the internet users look for Security-centric browsers, Brave is rapidly gaining popularity.

Talking about Opera, it is one of the oldest browsers on the internet. It is a balanced browser with a decent Customization and Security option. But its recent updates made it one of the best browsers to compete with Brave browser in terms of Speed, Security and much more.

Thus to find the best browser, we have done a detailed comparison between both the browsers. So without further ado, let’s find the perfect browser choice for you.

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The interface is the first impression of any software and in the case of browsers, it is attractive which looks good but at the same time, it should be simple as well so that users don’t jumble with it.

opera browser

Coming to the interface of Brave browser, it is very similar to the Chrome browser. If you install it for the first time, you’ll definitely feel familiar with it.


It has a big search bar on top with most visited sites below it. You get a clock on the top left corner and Brave Reward Wallet on the right side. There are few shortcuts on the bottom which manage Bookmarks and history with single click.

You can also check total Ads and blocker and HTTPS upgrades in numbers on the start page. So you get all necessary tools on the start page, nothing more nor less.Talking about the face of opera, it has a vibrant colorful interface which feels pleasing to eyes and bunch of tools and customization options.

It has all the functions and setting options on the start page with proper arrangement. These arrangements are in such a way that you can access the settings from the start page with just a single click.

There’s a big search bar on top with a combined URL box with it. The right side has a list of Widgets and shortcuts. You can customize this side as per your convenience. Inbuilt Screenshot and Battery status features are also available.

Opera has shortcuts for all the settings and features. Since it is split in half by Vivaldi, a customization option is also available. So in the comparison between Brave browser vs Opera in terms of interface, both the browsers have easy to use interface but few extra features and UI of Opera make it different from others, so it might take a little time to get familiar with it. Due to this reason, it lacks behind Brave Browser.



Speed is the only thing that a browser user looks for after security. Compromising with speed frustrates the users. Hence, to grab audience retention, the speed of the browser should be fast.

Both Brave and the Opera browsers have an inbuilt Adblocker. Opera has a Turbo feature too which compresses the webpage to achieve fast loading speed. However, it succeeded in getting fast speed but Brave is way faster than Opera. Inbuilt Adblocker and script blocker provides extremely fast speed even more than Chrome. So on comparing Brave browser vs Opera in terms of speed, Brave stands tall.

Memory Usage

Memory usage is an important factor responsible for the startup of any software. It is obvious that high memory consumption leads to high RAM consumption.

The problem with Brave browser is that it consumes lots of memory, of course not as much as Chrome but on comparing with other browsers or opera, it eats lots of memory.

On testing its CPU usage, we found that with just one tab open (, it took 20-24MB whereas Opera consumed only 18-20MB with the same conditions. So this easily proves that Brave consumes more ram.


brave sync

Synchronization is considered as one of the best features because it allows all devices to connect with each other. It saves time and increases user experience.

You just have to sign with the same account on all devices. This feature imports all the data and carries to every device you signed in.

Talking about Synchronization of Brave Browser, it is limited to Bookmarks only. Brave Syncs only bookmarks whereas Opera syncs Bookmarks, History, tabs, and password as well. There are few browsers which sync passwords that too in encrypted form and Opera is one among them.

So, in terms of sync feature, Opera leaves Brave Browser way behind.

Support To Publisher

Nowadays most of the browsers use ads blockers to gives their users a better speed and smooth browsing experience but in return, the publisher didn’t get anything.

Hence, to compensate with this loss, the Brave browser has Support to Publisher feature. through this feature every user of brave earn some money while browsing and this earning gets contributed to the publishers and creators.

However, Brave is the only browser that has this awesome feature.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security are the biggest concern of every internet user. Cheaters are opting new and innovative ways to hack internet users. So to resist them from hacking, the browsers should also have strong security technology.

Talking about brave browsers, it is considered as one of the most secure browsers. It fill almost every security gap to save its users. Brave has a security shield called Brave shield which remove all the trackers and malicious or phishing content from the every webpage, its users visit.

Brave also has Incognito window with Tor which provide Tor level security. Browsing with incognito with Tor not only clear history, cookies and all but also masks location so that you don’t get traced.

Coming to Opera, it has a decent security option. It also has ads and tracker blocker which performs really very well. The Privacy Protection batch is also something that surprised us by its performance.  Although it blocks only Ads and tracker, it still provides decent security.

However, on having all the Ads & tracker blocker with Privacy Protection Batch, it still cannot beat Brave Browser in the Security battle. The security options that Brave browser bears are unmatchable. It’s pretty hard to find Brave’s alternative for security.

Brave Shield VS Opera Protection Batch

Brave Shield vs Opera Protection Batch

Both Brave browser and Opera have a security shield which protects users from malicious content and provides a secured and healthy browsing experience.

In this Brave browser vs Opera comparison, it becomes really very hard to compare both of the shields and find out which provide better security to the users.

Brave Shield

Coming to the Brave shield, it has a Cross-site tracker blocker which blocks trackers of every webpage and presents a tracker free webpage to the users.

It also has Connections upgrades to Https which on enable, automatically redirects to the Https and thus saves from malicious content.

The Script blocker provides options to select blocking content between Cookies, Fingerprinting and much. You can select manually to block those things. For that, you just need to enable the Script blocker.

But there’s a caution, the script blocker is too aggressive and it might mess with some webpages, you can use it as per you need. So, overall, Brave shield forms an extreme security barrier to the malicious content.

Opera Privacy Protection Batch

This batch only has the option to block trackers.

So on comparing both the security shield, the security shield of opera stands way behind Brave Shield. It can’t match the security level of Brave shield. This battle put one more extra reason to opt Brave browser

Ads and Tracker Blocker

Ads and Tracker Blocker

Ads blocker: Ads are the reason for the spoilage of browsing experience. It adversely affects convenience and data usage. That’s why it has become really very important for every browser to provide an Ads-free browsing experience to the users.

Fortunately, both Brave browser and Opera come with inbuilt ads blockers. You don’t have to install any extension to block ads, if you’re using Brave or Opera.

But on comparing ads blocker of both the browsers, Brave stands one step ahead of Opera. Brave adblock not only blocks web pages ads but also video ads. If you’re watching YouTube videos on Brave, then you don’t have to worry about ads. It blocks video ads too.

In comparison between Brave browser vs Opera in terms of Ads Blocker, Brave is little ahead of Opera.

Tracker Blocker: Trackers are the real rival of Privacy over the internet. Privacy is the biggest concern over the internet. But nowadays, most of the browsers come with trackers blockers, Brave and Opera too.

But Brave’s tracker blocker coupled with Fingerprinting blocker not only provides a true healthy browsing experience but also saves from analytical tools such as Google Analytics to avoid tracking by websites. Brave has a security shield, we will talk about it later in this article. Due to its powerful security, Brave is considered as one of the most secure browsers available over the internet.

Cross-Platform Comparison

There are trillions of internet users in the world with varying operating systems. Some use Windows and some use Mac or Linux, so it becomes very necessary for developers to develop their software which remains compatible with each OS.

Fortunately, Brave browser and Opera, both are compatible with all popular OS such as Windows, Mac, Android, etc. both work smooth without any issue.

So Brave and Opera stand on the same line in the battle Cross-platform compatibility.

Extension Support


Just like any smartphone is useless without applications, browsers are also useless without extensions. Extensions are really very useful and it provides ease while browsing.

Brave browser is based on Chromium, so it supports all the extensions of Chrome Web Store. With a brave browser, there are no limitations of extensions, you just need to visit a web store and install the desired extension.

But with Opera, the case is different. Opera too based on Chromium but it has its own store i.e., Opera Addons. Opera Addons store has a decent amount of extensions and themes.

However, you can install extensions of Web Store as well. You just need to install an extension named “Install Chrome Extension” from the Opera Addons store which runs the We Store extension.

So, in terms of extension support, both the browsers are on the same line because there’s no limitations on usage of extensions and themes.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Before using anything, you must get acquainted with all pros and cons associated with it. Since the pros and cons are obvious that comes with every product, both Brave and Opera have some pros and cons.

As it is a detailed comparison between Brave Browser vs Opera, now we’re going to see that.

Pros of Brave Browser

Brave has various security features that makes it one of the most secure browsers available over the internet. The three main factors that are responsible for any successful browser are Speed, Privacy and Security and Brave is the only that is best at speed, privacy and security.

Talking about its speed, it is considered as the fastest browser, even Google Chrome failed to match its speed. It gets its fast speed due to its powerful Adblocker and Tracker blocker.

Brave is the only browser that has Support to Publisher feature. This feature is a way to compensate with the losses of publisher and creator. Due to ad blocker, publishers and creators face great loss and this feature literally provides justice to these guys.

Cons of Brave Browser

As I mentioned earlier that Brave browser has only one main problem i.e., CPU consumption. It consumes lots of CPU. However, it cannot be ignored that it provides best security options and that’s the reason behind more CPU consumption, but still it can be efficient to some extent.

Another problem with Brave is that it doesn’t work properly with some websites. This problem occurs because of its aggressive Brave Shield, when you disable the Shield, everything works fine.

Now Brave has also started showing Ads. Although, it doesn’t show any rubbish ads and the placement is also good i.e., at the bottom right corner with one click cancel option but thing is, it shows ads.

Following is the summarize table of Pros and Cons of Brave Browser

Pros of Brave BrowserCons of Brave Browser
Epitome of Privacy and SecurityConsumes more disk space
Fast loading speedExtremely aggressive Script Blocker
Powerful Ads blocker Now Shows Ads
Crypto Wallet Doesn’t work well for some site with Brave Shield
Support to Publisher 

Pros of Opera

Opera has lots of essential features inbuilt with it. These include VPN, Sidebar shortcut, and much more. In case of other browsers, you have to install extensions in order to achieve these features, especially VPN, but Opera has inbuilt VPN.

The sidebar located on the left can provide access to your desired websites with just a single click. The other tools such as Snapshot, Battery Indicator, Keyboard shortcut, Gestures support really helps in smooth browsing experience.

Coming to the speed of Opera, the availability of Turbo gives fast webpage loading speed. Turbo features compress the webpage and thus increase loading speed.

The only thing where opera stands at a low scale is its Security. Opera does have decent security measures that block Ads and Malicious or Phishing content. It has an automatic pop-up blocker too.

Cons of Opera Browser

Opera does not have websites blocking features. You get only a few extensions to install in Opera. However, you can install extensions from Chrome Web Store but you have to install a particular extension first which allows usage of Web store extension.

The following is the summarize table of Pros and Cons of Opera

Pros of OperaCons of Opera
TurboUnavailability of web blocking
Automatic Pop-up BlockerFewer Extensions
Privacy Protection BatchComparatively Low Security Level
Inbuilt VPN 
Gesture Support 

Head-to-Head comparison between Brave Browser vs Opera

Head-to-Head comparison between Brave Browser vs Opera

There are essential features that every browser should have to provide secured and healthy browsing experience to the users. The following is the comparison between Brave vs Opera in terms of features.

FeaturesBrave browserOpera Browser
Privacy and SecurityIt is considered the most secure browser.It comes with decent security measures.
ThemeIt has few default themesIt has a good amount of themes available.
SpeedThe speed of Brave browser is extremely fast.The availability of Turbo gives fast speed but not as much as Brave.
Incognito WindowThe incognito window has Tor level security.It does not have incognito window.
Support to PublisherBrave is the only browser that has this excellent feature.It does not have such a feature.
Crypto WalletIt has a crypto wallet.It too has a crypto wallet.
Extra on the go toolsIt does not have such tools.It has useful tools such as Snapshot, Battery Indicator, Sidebar shortcut, and much more.


Is Brave Browser better than Opera?

Yes, the brave browser is a lot better than the opera browser because it has a lot of unique features.

Which Browser is the best Brave Browser or Opera?

Both browsers have their own advantages and disadvantage but when it comes to speed, security and features brave browser is the best.


According to me, I’ve tried both brave and opera but the speed, security and comfort I got in Brave browser is unbeatable. Before Brave, I was Chrome user just like others but speed and security of Brave forced me to make it my default browser.

Just like me, you also give it a try and then make your decision whether to use it or not.

That’s it for today, I hope this will help you to choose your best browser between Brave browser vs Opera. If you still have some doubts about it, feel free to comment and share.

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