Everything You Need To Know About Brave Talk!

The ongoing situation has proven many times that work can be done with the help of a computer system from home and regarding this, the demand and necessity for video conferencing tools have substantially increased over the past few years! 

Brave has been thoroughly impressive in its browser’s features and services. It is now up for the video conferencing market as well, named Brave Talk. In this post, I will be going through all the features and offerings by Brave Talk, which surely is up for serious competition and is up for it!

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What is Brave Talk?

It is a browser-based video conferencing widget powered by Brave and is based on Jitsi, you will have no issues installing or updating the app or even creating a separate account isn’t required. Also, Jitsi being an open-source code, there is total transparency of what is being done and what is not. Prioritising security norms for the users is supposed to be the main highlight of this widget.

In addition, web-based services tend to eliminate heavy consumption of system memory which allows the users to work and present themselves in meetings or conversations with minimal system issues or lags. All you have to do is install the Brave Browser and you are done, now you can avail the online conferencing services within the browser without any hassle.

User Interface

brave talk UI

The user interface is just like any other app in this category but there are small tweaks in some areas which adds up the uniqueness. You might also feel that the UI is a bit clustered at the moment, as it is just the 1st generation. Overall, it is completely manageable and within no time one can get used to all the functions and UI.

One more thing that might hinder you is the colourful home screen and flashy design which just pops up straight into your eyes, but somehow you will not hate it. There’s not much to talk about the UI but surely it will get better with upgrades because it has to!

Features and Functions

Well, you can come across around a dozen features and functions in this web-based app which is just amazing. Yes, the UI part takes the app a few steps back but surely the features and options available for users take it a few more steps ahead. 

features brave talk

Test/Preview of Audio & Video: Unlike other similar apps, you will find this particular preview system to be much more helpful and accurate. It adds up screen sharing, camera preview and audio testing aligned which surely helps the user to make sure every aspect is intact. Also, moderators can adjust the quality of the call which is being shared with the participants.

Chat Options: A long vertical screen pop-up will appear once you open chat and it looks clean and is snappy as well. Also, there are options to organise live polls for the members and also a few emojis can be used for fun, available within the chat. 

Shortcut Keys: There are shortcut keys available to react within the live call and to enable or disable minor options for moderators i.e. mute participants, disable cameras and so on.

Raising hand Or Reacting: There are small options to react and raise a hand virtually within the conference or calls which is quite fun and as well a handy feature. Also, it is one of the new features that Brave Talk packs in.

Recording and Streaming of Calls: As a student or employee recording, a particular discussion or meeting is essential and is quite beneficial especially for students. But, as of now recording and streaming of the calls are only available for the moderator. 

Sharing Videos and Audios: Be it the moderator or the participants, everyone can share a video or audio link to the conversation. However, there is an issue with this feature and i.e. the media directly starts playing on the screen and currently the option to stop the media is also not functioning perfectly. 

Moderator And Participants Roles: Features like private messages can be done from both the end. Also, other features like the addition of a moderator, disabling the camera or mic of a participant are accessible to the moderator. 
A moderator can also check the strength of the internet connection of a particular participant which basically eliminates the chances of a participant lying and making excuses regarding the internet connection. 

How Secure is Brave Talk?

The claims regarding security norms are really impressive and it somehow does make sense because online video conferencing can get really risky when not in a secure domain or so. 

Brave Talk features plenty of security modes that can ensure users of not being tracked or sourced into unwanted websites. Also, unlike other video conferencing programs, Brave’s servers don’t pile any metadata of the user which is good enough already. 

Below are few Security options available in Brave Talk

security options brave talk

Video Bridge Encryption: Brave says that this feature is currently in an experimental stage and promises further to make it a permanent feature with better offerings. Basically, this feature encrypts the conference calls between users using unique keys generated on each side.
There are three specific conditions that come into play after you enable this mode i.e. smartphone users won’t be able to join when this mode is enabled by the moderator, chats won’t be encrypted and lastly, users who have a browser with support for insertable streams will be able to join the call(it’s better to use brave browser at all situations). 

Passcode For Participants: Just like any other video conferencing tool, this feature allows participants to enter a passcode to join the meeting or call. This also ensures the joining of certain users, especially those whom the moderator wants.

Lobby Mode: This simply creates a lobby that allows the moderator to have the option of whether to accept the participant into the call or not. This feature is as simple as it sounds, most of the users will find this better than the passcode ones and eventually this mode is used in most of the conversations these days, across all the apps.

Platform Availability

As of now, Brave Talk is a browser-based widget. However, users can access brave talk from almost every other browser and join the conversation. 

Windows and Mac

brave talk in other browser

The host or the moderator can only start a conversation when on Brave Browser. Hence, if you want to host a call, then you need to have the Brave browser. Brave Talk is accessible on all the platforms where Brave Browser is available. Currently, it is available with full potential in all the major PC based platforms i.e. Windows and Mac OS.

iOS and Android

Brave Talk Smartphone

However, only the premium version of the widget is available in the major smartphone-based platforms i.e. iOS and Android. A user has to manually search for Brave Talk in the search bar to access it, but soon there will be updates that can bring up the widget option to smartphones as well with free 1:1 calls just like PC versions.

Pros And Cons

There is no app or tool developed to its perfection. There are flaws but there are also good sides to it. Here is a short overview of the widget Brave Talk.

Pros Cons
No separate account needed Buttons and toggles are a bit scattered
Feels snappy through the functionsGroup calls are not free at all
Exceptional security featuresSome features like sharing videos need upgrades
Browser-based tool/widget
Open Source
Free 1:1 calls with no limitations 
Easy to access 


Pricing Brave Talk

Overall, pricing is quite reasonable when compared to other available tools in the market. Just pay 7$/month and enjoy all the advanced features like group watch for youtube videos, hosting for more than a hundred users and unlimited call recordings. 

Impact On System


As we already have discussed, Brave Talk is a Browser WIdget right now. Hence, the consumption will totally depend upon the browser for now. However, when you are connected to a call, the memory consumption is slightly higher which is manageable. At least, unlike other apps, it takes less memory and allows users to perform other tasks without any hassle.

Brave Talk Vs Google Meet Vs Zoom

FeaturesBrave TalkGoogle MeetZoom
End to End EncryptionYesNoNo
Video Bridge EncryptionYesNoNo
Browser-Based WidgetYesNoNo
Unlimited one on one callsYesYesNo
No limit on call durationsYesYesNo
Free of cost group conversationNoYesYes
Value for moneyYesYesNo
Resilient UIYesYesNo
Open SourceYesYesNo

How To Use Brave Talk?

The process to use this is as simple as it sounds and most probably the easiest of all. 

  1. First of all, download the Brave Browser
  2. Then, just click on the Brave Talk icon on the home page
  3. Click on the Start free 1:1 call or if you want to avail a paid version then click on the below button saying Get Premium
  4. After you proceed, enter your name, adjust or preview the background if you want to
  5. Now, you can invite a user (only one on one call is available for free)
  6. And press Join Meeting and you are done
  7. You can also invite users after you join the meeting

This is how you will access Brave Talk. In short, Brave Browser is a must if you are willing to use Brave Talk frequently.


Is Brave Talk Free?

Yes, for one on one calls it is absolutely free as of now. But it isn’t free for group calls or with participants more than 2 including the moderator.

Is Brave Talk safe to use?

As per the claims made by the Brave developers, it is completely trustworthy as it is based on an open-source code that is also being used by Google Meet. The additional security features like E2E and VBE makes it much more secure than it seems.

How is Brave Talk better than Zoom?

First of all, Brave Talk is based on open source code and also, the security claims are much more efficient and powerful when compared to Zoom. Being a browser-based widget it is lightweight and easily accessible.

Do I Recommend Brave Talk?

Yes, some of the highlights are that it is snappy and highly secure as compared to other tools in this segment.

If you are concerned about all the security factors while you are in a high priority call with your colleagues, then this is surely made for you. Even if you are in conversation with your loved ones, be it, family or friends and you don’t want the metadata to be stored or saved on the way, then you should surely prefer Brave Talk.

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