Brave Search: Better & Secure Than Google Search?

The recent surge in ‘privacy’ has led to many independent companies making good products for the users, and Brave Search is one of them. If you have heard about Brave browsers then you may know its privacy-focused browser has gained popularity over the years. 

And now that they have publicly launched their own search engine, which is something they have been working on for a while now. But the question is where does Brave Search stand in front of bigger whales like Google and Bing? We’ll see that today in this article. 

What Is Brave Search?

Brave Search is an independent search engine based on the Tailcat search engine, which Brave acquired at the beginning of the year 2021. Tailcat was originally designed to provide search results without tracking the online activity of its users, and this is what Brave Search is trying to deliver. 

Brave uses its own index and doesn’t use any other search engine for its results. But that’s what Brave claims. I’ve found out they use Bing and Google’s results when they feel the results Brave Search when it thinks it’s not good enough, specifically for the images. But the nice thing is in the menu you would be able to see how much of the results are independent and coming from Google or Bing.

brave search interface

And all of the queries that Brave Search submits to the other search engines are anonymized so none of your personal data is being shared here. You always have the option to give feedback to help it improve. As of now, brave search doesn’t have any ads, at least not right now. Brave Browser has changed its default search engine from Google to Brave Search and it’s a big step forward.

How Is Brave Search Different From Other Search Engines?

Brave’s direct competition isn’t with Google as of now. It mainly focuses on beating other non-tracking browsers like DuckDuckGo and Tor. And unlike most of the browsers out there, Brave, being privacy-focused, doesn’t collect user logs.  Brave has implemented the things nicely which is astonishing, given that Tailcat has only been working on it for the last 5 years.

brave search settings

Brave uses its own indexing and will show you how much percentage of the search results are independent. This is not something you would see in other browsers and this gives users the trust of being transparent. All these things make Brave stand out from the crowd. It’s fast, anonymous, and works just like you would have expected. 

Brave Vs Google

Brave and Google have some major differences. Let’s check them out.

Does Not collect users’ dataCollects users’ data
Available in a limited number of languagesAvailable in all major languages 
Does Not have its own image searchHas its own image search
Is not 100% independent Is 100% independent
Can changes location for country-based results right on the results pageCan only change the location in the Google settings. 
Has safe search options for filtering censored or adult content Doesn’t have any customizable filter for censored or adult content. 
Can provide results based on the time you have selected. Doesn’t have any option to offer time-based search results. 

Brave Search Features

Brave is quite a different search engine from the other ones right now. It feels new and modern. But it has some really useful features packed into it. Let’s check some of them out. 

Categorized results: You can browse from the images, news, and video results. And the categories are segmented and don’t mix up. 

Light & dark theme: You can change the theme from light to dark for the search results without changing anything in the browser.

brave search themes

Safe Search: You can select Safe Search modes and disable any kind of adult and censored content for the kids to use. 

brave search safe search

Choose other search engines right on the results page: If you find the results not much satisfactory then on the results page you will find an option to search the same query on other Google, Bing, and other search engines.

brave search Choose other search engines

Location-specific results: You can change the location right on the search results page to get location-specific search results. 

brave search choose region

Filtering image search: You can filter the image results based on size, type, layout, color, and more.  

brave search images options

“People also ask” box: This option also lets you see the similar queries that users often browse. You can use it for in-depth browsing of any particular query. 

Independent search indexing: Brave has built its own indexing and opted for third parties. This ensures privacy and security for the users’ data. 

My Personal Experience with Brave Search

I’ve been using Brave Search since the official public launch, which is on 20th October 2021. I replaced the default search engine from Google with Brave for better testing and was surprised by the results. Brave is better than what anyone would have expected. The results are decent and the options for images you get are more than other search engines. 

Again, it is not as refined as Google since Brave is quite new with search engines, but what they have designed in such a short span is appreciable. The only drawback I could find was that it’s only available in a limited number of languages. It definitely has a lot of potentials and it will be interesting to see how well they can improve this search engine.

Should You Use Brave Search Right Now?

Now that you know all about Brave, is it the search engine you should be using right now? In my opinion, it’s too early to judge that. Brave is quite decent without a doubt, but it’s not as refined as Google right now. Google is fast, accurate, and provides you with the best possible search results. So you can wait for a little while until Brave is improved.

But as long as I’ve used it, Brave seems better than most privacy-focused browsers like DuckDuckGo, Qwant, and others. So, if you’re someone looking for a non-tracking privacy search engine then Brave is the one to go with. Other than that, I would recommend you to choose Google any day. 


Is the Brave search engine really safe?

Yes. Brave is in fact one of the safest options for search engines. It doesn’t track its users’ data and has its own independent indexing which protects your data from being given to third-party companies. 

Is Brave search better than Google?

No. Right now Brave search isn’t better than Google. The search results aren’t very refined and it misses a lot of things that would normally see on Google. 

How do I use Brave search on my browser?

You can go to for searching on Brave. Or, if you use Brave browser then you can select Brave Search as the default search engine in the settings. 

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