Brave Browser VS Vivaldi: Which One Is Best For You?

Today we’re going to compare two chromium based browsers. One is famous for Privacy and Security and the other is for Customizations. Since the core of both browsers is different, it would be hard and interesting to see that comparison.

Brave Browser is a privacy and security-centric browser. It’s all features that revolve around privacy and security.  It has nothing to do with UI customization and so on and it is created to block ads and trackers and give users a clean and safe browsing experience. And truly, Brave is doing its job very efficiently.

Talking about Vivaldi, it is too Chromium-based Browser just like Brave but it is way different from Brave. It is mostly for those who like customization. It has almost nothing to do with Privacy and Security. However, it’s not all true, every browser has decent security options but in comparison with Brave, it is not as secure as Brave.

Hence to find out which browser would be a perfect choice for yourself in terms of security, customization, interface, speed, etc. we’re comparing both browsers on multiple factors. So without further ado let’s dive into the comparison between Brave browsers vs Vivaldi.

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The interface is the face of a browser. It creates your first impression of the browser. Whenever you launch any browser, it’s the first thing that appears on the screen and grabs the interest of the user. So it has to be simple enough that people don’t feel harsh to use it.

Coming to the topic, Brave has a simple interface just like Chrome. You get a pretty plain and effortless interface with minimal tools. There’s a clock on the right top corner along with the Brave Reward wallet.

The bottom right has a few shortcuts one-click options to manage some setting, Bookmarks, and history. Moving towards the left, it has Ads and Blocker count, HTTPS upgrades and Top Visited sites below.

That’s the only few options that Brave Browser has in its pocket for customizing interfaces. With such a minimal customization option, Brave is pretty successful in winning the heart of internet users.

Vivaldi Interface

Talking about Vivaldi, it is a chromium-based software with tons of customization options. If you like customization, then it has lots of options to play with it. You can customize everything in the appearance option.

The interface has Few Shortcuts such as History, Bookmarks, etc. on the left side in a vertical manner. You can customize it too by adding or removing widgets. So if you want to fine-tune your browsing experience, then Vivaldi will be a perfect option for you.

Hence, in terms of Interface between Brave Browser vs Vivaldi, Vivaldi is the clear winner with maximum customization tools. However, it will not be suited to every person since most people like using a simple interface that comes with Brave.

Ads and Tracker Blockers

Ads are the most annoying things on the internet. It has an adverse effect on the bruising experience and data usage too. Trackers are the true enemy of privacy. Hence it becomes very important to block both Ads and Trackers in order to get a safe and healthy browsing experience.

Brave browser shield

Fortunately, Brave Browser has a default feature to block these Ads and Trackers. Its blocker is so powerful that it forms a complete shield along with Script Blocker and presents complete ads and Tracker free webpages.

This Adblocker is as powerful that it blocks video ads too. If you’re watching something on YouTube, maybe songs or movies, then with Brave, you just forget about Ads and enjoy the content. There’s no need to buy its premium plan to enjoy Ads-free content. Brave provides the same for free.

The main thing to appreciate in Brave is that its Ads and trackers Blocker is inbuilt. There’s no need to install any extensions which means you and your data will be safe because some extensions are developed to secretly take your personal data.

Moreover, Brave plays a fair game with publishers and creators through its “Support to Publisher” feature. So you will be free from both Ads, Trackers and the burden of harming the creator’s revenue by blocking ads.

This shows that Brave is much ahead of other browsers in terms of Ads and Trackers blockers.

Coming to the Vivaldi, its recent update has added Ads and Tracker blocker. Now, Vivaldi also got its own Ads and Tracker blocker like other browsers, so there’s no need to install any third-party extension to block ads and trackers. However, this feature is not enabled as default, you need to enable it to block ads and trackers.

To enable Ads and Tracker blocker feature,

  • Update your old Vivaldi (If not updated)
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Privacy and then Tracker and Ads blocking

Choose between

  1. No Blocking
  2. Block Trackers
  3. Block Trackers and Ads
  4. Select the 3rd option i.e., Block Trackers and Ads

After selecting the Block Trackers and Ads option, you’ll enjoy a Ads & Trackers free browsing experience.

If you want to disable this option for some, you can do it too.

Just visit the website you want to disable this option for. Then you’ll see a Content blocker button in the URL Box.

Click on that Content Blocker Button and select No Blocking.Since this Vivaldi, here also you’ll get customization options. You can add a list of websites for which you want to disable Tracker and Ads Blocker feature. Not only that, you can also manage sources by going to Manage Sources under Setting and Privacy.

Security and Privacy Protection

Security has become the most important concern over the internet. Your personal data is the biggest asset and that’s why most hackers keep an eye on this personal data.

There are lots of tools that help you to keep your data safe and provide extreme security over the internet. However, most browsers come with few security options but Brave is the only browser that has all the necessary tools to provide 360-degree security.

Brave browser shield

Basically Brave forms a shield called Brave Shield by blocking Cross-site Trackers and Script and redirecting to HTTPS only. However, you can enable or disable these options as per your choice but it is recommended to keep it enabled to enjoy secure browsing.

So with Brave Browser, you don’t have to worry about security and that’s why it is considered as the most secure browser.

Vivaldi Privacy

The latest version of Vivaldi has strengthened its security to some extent. Earlier it has only Do Not Track Browsing Request feature that too gets ignored by most of the websites but now, you can enable Tracker and Ads blocker, access private windows or you can set DuckDuckGo as default search as well.

So overall, it has come up as a decent security option. But, on comparing this security with Brave, it is far behind the security of Brave browser. Brave has Ads and Tracker Blocker, Script Blocker, Fingerprinting Blocker, and the list goes on. So the brave browser is more advanced than Vivaldi in terms of Security.

Incognito Mode


Incognito mode is one of the must-have features in every browser. Brave browser has two types of incognito windows, one is default and the other is Tor Incognito Window.

By using Tor Incognito Window, you can have truly safe browsing. It not only removes history but also masks your location so that you won’t get tracked.

Talking about Vivaldi, there was nothing on the name of incognito windows in Vivaldi before, but its recent 3.0 update has changed everything and made Vivaldi a tough competition for other browsers including Brave browser.

To open a Private Window or we can say Incognito, it is one and the same thing,

Right-click on the Start Menu or Taskbar of Vivaldi

Select New Private Window

You can also open Private Window by using shortcut keys: Ctrl Shift N OR

A Mouse Gestures can also be used to do that.

Before using The Private Windows of Vivaldi, remember one thing that it will only remove your browsing history and maybe some caches, nothing more than that. Whereas Brave’s incognito masks locations as well.


The only thing that internet users look for after Security is Speed. A browser can only succeed in the market if its loading is fast. Fast speed is one of the main factors that grab the audience retention and Brave Browser is the only browser that succeeds in this fast speed factor.

The page loading speed of the Brave browser is faster than Chrome as well. It is proven that its average page loading speed is 3X faster than most of the browsers. No other browser can compete with the Brave browser in terms of speed.  

The inbuilt Ads and Tracker blocker provide rapid page loading speed because almost all the Ads and Trackers of the webpage get blocked and the webpage becomes raw and light and loads quickly.

Talking about Vivaldi, it is an extremely slow browser. It can’t stand in front of Brave in terms of speed. Even after using Adblock, it performs very slowly. So in terms of speed between Brave Browser vs Vivaldi, Brave is far ahead than Vivaldi.

Memory Usage

Memory usage plays an important role in the startup of any software. High memory usage of software leads to much consumption of RAM. Both Brave and Vivaldi are based on Chromium and consume almost the same amount of memory usage.

Both consume high memory and takes little extra to load but in terms of Brave browser, it runs smoothly after initial startup. Sometimes Vivaldi performs slowly which I have experienced. Since both consume high memory, it would be unfair to select a winner.


Synchronization is a crucial feature that allows all devices to connect with each other using the same account. This saves time and provides great convenience to users.

The problem with Brave is that it syncs only Bookmarks. With Brave, you can synchronize only your Bookmarks of synced devices whereas other browsers including Vivaldi sync History, Tabs, Cookies, etc.


But Vivaldi not only sync Bookmarks and Speed Dials but also Setting, Password, Auto-fill and much more. So Vivaldi is way far than Brave in terms of Sync option.

However, Vivaldi is available in the beta version for Mobile but still, it manages to beat Brave browser in Sync war.

Cross-Platform Comparison

There are innumerable internet users in the world and all are on different platforms. Some use Windows and some macOS. Since people’s choices are different, the developers have to develop their software which remains compatible with all platforms.

Brave Browser is compatible with all platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, etc. It works fine on all platforms but Vivaldi is in Beta mode for Android.

Vivaldi too is available for various platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Android. But since its Android version is in Beta, it lacks behind Brave Browser. That’s why, in the battle between Brave Browser vs Vivaldi, brave again gets a plus point.

Support for Publisher


Support to Publish is a great initiative by the Brave Browser. There is no such option in Vivaldi or any other browser. Brave is the only one that has this awesome feature. It is the most revolutionary and appreciated feature that Brave is offering.

This option is praised because Brave blocks ads, which severely affects the earning of the content creator. Through this feature, Brave users can donate some earnings to the content creators.

Extension Support


Extension support is an excellent and much-needed feature of any browser. On having an extension support feature, one can install additional tools to make it more superior.

The extension gives browsers better security and extra power. It reduces the efforts of the users and provides convenience while browsing.

Coming to the topic Brave browser vs Vivaldi, both Brave and Vivaldi are based on Chromium, they support equal amounts of extensions and hence we cannot find a better one. You can install extensions from the Web Store.

However, In Vivaldi, some extensions might look and work differently than in Brave or Chrome, but the overall function will be the same.

The step to install Extensions in Brave Browser is very simple, just go to the Extension option in the Setting. But the case is different with Vivaldi. The steps to install an extension in Vivaldi are quite different.

How to Install Extensions in Vivaldi?

  1. Go to Web Store
  2. Click on Extensions
  3. Search for the desired Extension and install it
  4. Go to Vivaldi Setting
  5. Click on Tab in the menu
  6. Look for New Tab Page
  7. Tick mark the Controlled by Extension checkbox

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons are the two most obvious things that come with everything. In the case of digital things, it becomes really very necessary for users to get acquainted with both.

So without further ado, let’s move to the Pros and Cons of both Brave browser and Vivaldi.

Pros of Brave browser


There are numerous features that come with Brave Browser that make it the most secure browser. Speed, Privacy, and Security are the three main pillars behind any successful digital product over the internet and Brave is the only browser that bears all these three features.

Even Chrome cannot match its speed. Its inbuilt Ads blocker is so powerful that it blocks Ads of both webpage and video and the tracker gets blocked as well which leads to a presentation of Ads and Tracker free webpage.

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

Innovative and revolutionary features such as Support to Publisher deserve appreciation. A Crypto wallet has been provided to collect crypto coins. Brave Browser is currently the best browser with top-notch features. 

Cons of Brave Browser

The only place where Brave browser lacks is CPU consumption. It consumes lots of CPU Space. However, it can’t be denied that it has the best security options and that’s the reason it eats lots of memory, but still it can be efficient to some extent.

Another problem with Brave is that it doesn’t work properly for some websites. If you try to open Gmail, sometimes it doesn’t open properly, you’ve to refresh again to open it. However, this happens due to its Brave Shield because when you disable the Shield, it works fine.

Nowadays, Brave Browser has also started showing Ads.

The following table will give you a clear vision of its pros and cons.

Pros of Brave BrowserCons of Brave Browser
The epitome of Privacy and SecurityConsumes more disk space
Extremely fast and unbeatable speedScript blocker is too aggressive
Revolutionary and innovative features It Shows Own Ads
Wallet for Cryptocurrency doesn’t work well for some site with Brave Shield.
Powerful inbuilt Ad Blocker 

Pros of Vivaldi

Vivaldi Pros

Vivaldi is the most customizable and flexible browser. You get multiple customization options. It has some of the inbuilt features that you’ve got through extensions only in other browsers.

With the recent update, Brave has added some security measures that makes it a decent browser that can be used over the internet nowadays.

Vivaldi has added some cool extra tools with the update. Along with Screenshot, Notes, Clock, etc. it has added an advanced calculator as well. I’m saying advance calculator because it is capable of doing all types of mathematics.

To use calculator

Press F2 Key and Type the equation. After that Press Enter to get the result. The following table will show the types of equations you can solve with it and the ways to solve.

Equations TypeUse Keys to Solve
Root(sqrt X)
Logarithms(ln x, log x, log10 x)
Trigonometric functions(sin x, cos x, tan x)
Inverse trigonometric functions(asin x, acos x, atan x)
Hyperbolic functions(sinh x, cosh x, tanh x)
Inverse hyperbolic functions(asinh x, acosh x, atanh x) ???
Round up/down/nearest(ceil x, floor x, round x)
Absolute / magnitude(abs x)

Cons of Vivaldi

The main thing that users demand over the internet is Privacy & Security and unfortunately, Vivaldi lacks to provide both. It has minimal security options if we compare it with Brave Browser.

Moreover, it is slow as well. The page loading speed is not as fast as users demand. The following table can give you a clear picture of Vivaldi.

Pros of VivaldiCons of Vivaldi
Extremely customizableSlow Speed
Shortcut tools ( Screenshot and Notes) and Advance Calculator
Keyboard Shortcut and Mouse gestures options available 

On observing the pros and cons of both the browsers, we can clearly see that the Brave browser is offering much better features than Vivaldi and hence in the battle between Brave Browser vs Vivaldi, Brave is better.

Head-to-Head comparison between Brave Browser vs Vivaldi

There are lots of features that can be compared between both. This will give you a clear idea about the better browser between Brave browsers vs. Vivaldi.

FeaturesBrave BrowserVivaldi Browser
Privacy and SecurityIt is the most secure browser.It has decent Security but not as secure as Brave
ThemeIt has a few default themes.It has various themes that come with default.
Incognito WindowIts incognito window has Tor level security.It too has Incognito Window
SpeedIts speed is extremely fast.Its speed is too slow
CustomizationComparatively fewer customization options are available.More customization options available.
Support for PublisherIt is the only browser to have this feature.It does not have such a feature.
Crypto WalletIt has a crypto wallet to collect cryptocurrency.It doesn’t have any wallet.
Open SourceIt is open sourceIt is not open source
Extra On the Go ToolsIt doesn’t have such toolsIt has Screenshot, Notes and Calculator tools.


Which is more safe and secure?

Brave Browser obviously because of its Brave Shield. It forms a shield by blocking Ads and Tracker along with Script and redirecting to the HTTPS.

Which has innovative features between Brave and Vivaldi?

Brave has the biggest innovative feature i.e., Support to Publisher. Its Crypto wallet is also a futuristic feature.

Which is more customizable between Brave Browser and Vivaldi?

Undoubtedly Vivaldi. It has lots of things to customize. You can change the whole look of the start page. You can also customize Keyboard shortcuts and Mouse gestures.

Which has more shortcuts tools?

Comparatively, Vivaldi has more shortcuts and really very useful tools such as Screenshot and Notes.

Do I recommend Brave Browser over Vivaldi?

In comparison with Vivaldi in terms of various factors such as Privacy, Security, and Speed, the Brave browser seems much ahead of Vivaldi.

Brave Browser is full-filling that actual need of the internet user. Users look for Speed and security, and Brave Browser is giving all of that. I know there are decent security options in the Vivaldi as well, but it is nothing more than a customization-based browser.

The main difference between both is that you can get customizations like Vivaldi in Brave browser by using extensions but you can’t get security like Brave browser through any extension.

So from my point of view, I would recommend the Brave browser. You just give it a try and I bet, it won’t let you down.

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  1. Your article was one of the best articles when it comes to compare the web browsers. It was well written and easy to read. It answers all the questions which one might have. You nailed it. Thanks

  2. I use Vivaldi because it really isn’t that slow on a good computer, it’s sync system works perfectly, (Brave sync sucks), the latest version of Vivaldi does have additional security features (Tracker and Ad Blocking), and the left panel and interface are incredibly friendly and easy to use, once you learn how to use it.

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