Brave Browser VS UC Browser: Which One Is Better For Privacy?

Internet browser is one of the most used applications in a device or we can say it is the most used application in a smartphone or a computer system, which totally makes sense.

There are hundreds of browsers in the market currently and you can expect most of them to perform in a decent manner or even in an outstanding manner just like Chrome.

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Short info on both the browsers

Both of the browsers are based on Google’s open-source i.e. Chromium and you can surely expect both the browsers to eat up plenty of your CPU’s memory while you are using it.

Brave Browser

You can say that it is a newcomer and it has not been in the market for a while but at the same time it has affected the market and users a lot with all its offerings and simple yet useful features. 

It was prominently launched for computer users and yes, it has its own reputation now in the market. When it comes to mobile users it is not that known but overall it is the best browser you can find after Chrome.

UC Browser

It is one of the most used web browsers in the Android OS and is owned by the Alibaba group from China. One of the main drawbacks about this browser is that it is handled by a Chinese company and let me tell you that most of them are not trustworthy as per the information and my research.

UC also claims that it has the best downloading speed of all the browsers in the market. To acknowledge the real stats do read further so you can find the truth.

This browser was probably a smartphone-centric application and it is highly popular in the Play Store. This application has been in the market for a while now but is it up to the mark?

Let’s go ahead and review all the features that both of them offer such as security, sync, customizations and so on.


Brave Browser

When it comes to Brave browser then you can easily notice that it is clean and totally simple to use just like Google Chrome, you can basically have all the work done under one window which is quite impressive.

Brave Home Screen

Overall brave browser has a good UI in terms of all the factors. Also, the settings and all the feature toggles are easily accessible and even a naïve user or a new user can get acquainted with the default settings after installing the browser which is quite impressive.

UC Browser

Just like other Chinese application, this one is also pre-loaded with random bookmarks and other pages such as Facebook, Ali-Express and many more which will surely annoy you.

UC Browser Interface

When it comes to the looks and all, it is quite good and will perform decently. With some features, you also might like it but it’s not good then the UI of Brave browser so I would choose brave over UC while doing uc vs brave in terms of UI.

Features Side By Side

FeatureBrave BrowserUC Browser
Ad BlockerYesYes
Upgrades to HTTPSYesNo
Script BlockerYesNo
Tracker BlockerYesYes
Multiple ProfilesYesNo
Free VPNNoNo
Chrome extensions supportYesYes
Cookie BlockerYesNo
Cross-site device recognition YesNo
User and Developer rewardsYesNo
Accessible to other platforms (within the browser)NoNo
Instant Day and Night ModeNoYes

Privacy and Security


This segment is probably the most important one of the whole brave browser vs uc browser comparison because it gives you detailed information about the privacy and security factors of both the browsers

Identity is probably the most important thing to humans because once it is leaked on the internet. You can’t just imagine what could happen to you and your data that is leaked. It can be used for illegal dues or many illegal bank transfers and so on which is not quite adequate because you will be the one getting the blame.

Luckily, you will find Tracker blocker to be available in both the browser and this block away from all the track records i.e. the records of all the past browsing data and tracks.

Unfortunately, UC only has the tracker blocker option and there are no further additional features which enhance the security of the user. But, there is more to the brave browser.

Script Blocker and Cookies Blocker

But, Brave browser also has the feature of script blocker and cookies blocker which basically blocks all the bugs and malicious cookies from all the websites to enter your system which is quite impressive.

You can find these options in the shield toggle in the settings gear.Sadly, you won’t be getting this feature in UC browser.

Note: You can’t expect any of the browsers to be secure and it totally depends upon you that first, you need to check whether the website is authorized or not and work accordingly.

HTTPS Upgrades

When you are visiting a particular website, then you are totally unaware of the threats, which is obvious.

But, HTTPS upgrade feature in the brave browser lets you to not visit the particular website which is not secure enough by recognizing all the tracks of the website which is quite good.

It is safe up to some extent because once it blocks you from visiting the website then you will know. In addition, it also makes sure the users upgrade the HTTPS into the secure versions of the websites which ensures that all the security protocols are functioning perfectly.

Shields i.e. an option present in the brave browser ensures all the security factors to be functioning perfectly and allows you to manage all the options within one screen i.e. brave shield which is quite good. 

Brave browser shield

But, you can face some issues when the shield is turned on and while browsing to some of the third-party websites because shield blocks it right away which is quite annoying at times.

You can see all these additional features in the Brave browser but eventually, UC doesn’t have this. Also, many countries have marked UC browser not much secure 

Pros and Cons

Brave Browser

Extensions compatible with chrome storeMissing of some special features like inbuilt-VPN and snapshot
Frequent customizationBrave shields blocks away websites
Highly secureSome extensions are not compatible
Pleasing UI

UC Browser

Mouse and Keyboard gesturesNot much secure
Good downloading speedPreloaded bookmarks
Highly effective virus presence


Getting back all the stored data and saved pages or links in the browser is way too important when you are switching to other device. Sync helps you to not lose the data and personalized stuff from the browser by backing it up to your specific account.

Basically, all the bookmarks, history, saved items, passwords, extensions and every single thing you can sync it with the browser you log in to. 

This way you upgraded or switched to other devices and lost no data that was precious to you.

Brave browser is ahead of UC in the sync feature because it offers almost all possible options to sync devices with the browser.

brave sync feature 1

On the other hand, UC’s sync is working fine and has no issues until now. Here are the screenshots from both the browsers where you can access the sync feature to save time and lots of data.

Memory And CPU Usage

This is one of the main concerns for the users who are using an outdated or a system which is led with lower specs. 

Memory and CPU consumptions affects a lot when you function by minimizing the particular tool or software because when it consumes more you can expect the other functions in your system to not work perfectly i.e. slowly. 

It is quite obvious and there is nothing to worry about.

Let me tell you that both of the browsers are based on Google’s open-source Chromium. But, you can expect brave browser indulge more and consume more of your CPU and memory because of all the high-end security and UI experience that you are getting with it.

In the other hand when you look up to the UC browser, you will notice that the consumption is very less as compared to brave, it is obvious because you will surely feel the difference once you use both the browsers side by side.


Above is a screenshot of the task manager from my system.



Ads are one of the most annoying elements present in the internet because they are reckless and pop up on any webpage when you are totally not expecting the Ads to come up in your screen.

Ads can easily ruin your experience because there are some of the Ads which just get stuck in the webpage and eventually blocks you to make any kind of functions, after this you have no option than restarting the browser.

When we talk about Ad-blocker on UC browser, you can say that it does its job pretty perfectly because I have been using this browser for a while and I haven’t gone through any issues while visiting several websites filled with Ads. 

However, you can also customize the Ad-blocking criteria where you can choose the domain or website and feed it in the segment to just avoid Ad-blocking when you visit the particular site. 

Below is a screenshot of Ad-blocker settings from UC browser.

Ad Blocker In UC Browser

When it comes to Ad-blocker on Brave browser, you can expect it to work perfectly and block away all the pop-up and Ads. Also, you can see the number of Ads blocked and all in the dashboard or the home screen of the brave browser. 

brave ZVXEB1KfJn

Also, you can feed in the particular website to not block the Ads in the brave which is quite amazing as well. in addition you can also set the intensity level of the Ad-blocker which is quite interesting.

Extensions Support

Extensions are one of the best features which all of us enjoy a lot.

Let me tell you that Brave Browser and UC supports extensions from chrome web store which is very impressive because these days everyone has a chrome browser and if they wanted to switch or use brave then they can easily sync the extensions between both the browsers.

Yet, there is an issue and which is quite common and obvious i.e. both the browsers doesn’t support some of the extensions present because few of them are specially designed for chrome and eventually they are not compatible with UC or Brave.

But, you can still expect some of the extensions to work in both the browsers decently. You can easily find the extensions toggle in the option bar at the top right corner of both the browsers.


Let me tell you that publishers or the officials of particular software earn money off the Ads that run in your screen while you are using the browser.

But, we all know that most of the users turn Ad-blocker on which results in no Ads and eventually minimal earnings for the developers. 

But, What if there’s a way where the user can watch some of the classified Ads and earn out of it. This way it is a win-win situation. 

Eventually, Brave browser features modes where the user can turn the privacy protected ads on and further earnings from that particular Ad will be divided between the users and the publishers i.e. 85% and 15% respectively as a reward to the users. 

This way a user of Brave browser can support the officials!

Brave Win Win

Unfortunately there is no options of extra earnings in the UC browser and neither there is way of turning the privacy protected ads on so, if you disable the ad blocker then you will be facing a lot of issues while browsing.

DATA Consumption

Well, these days there is not an issue regarding this factor because most of the users use unlimited data packages which are kind of common. 

But, there are still some users who use limited data packages and do all their works and eventually they can’t afford to lose all the internet data while browsing.

So, UC claims to consume less data but as per my usage and other info. I came up with the fact that UC shows its own Ads sometimes and it consumes plenty of data. On the other hand, brave tends to block all the data-consuming Ads and limits your internet data speed while you are browsing or downloading stuff.

So, in this case the clear winner is Brave browser.


When you go on to compare brave browser vs uc browser in terms of options available for customization of browser then surely you will like it in both because both of the browsers offer plenty of features to customize the browser as per the users.

You will find the option to customize the brave browser according to your needs within the home screen i.e. in the bottom right where you can see plenty of options to manage home screen or dashboard. 


Further you can also go to settings and discover more settings or enhance and customize the look of brave browser as per your wish. You can find settings regarding pages, fonts (size, customizing fonts) and so on.

When it comes to the UC browser, you will find it in the top of the search bar where you can select the option and go-ahead to change the theme or layout. Also, you will be getting enough options to choose from within the UC browser which is quite satisfactory.

customization and theme in uc browser

Also there is a night and day mode in UC browser which you can switch the brightness of the browser from dark to light in the bottom part of the screen in the UC browser. Below is a screenshot of night mode in UC browser.

Additionally you will get two layouts of your homepage in UC browser which you can change in the themes options anytime you want. Below is the screenshot of two layouts.

Brightness adjustment in uc browser

Overall, you will like both of the browsers when it comes to customizing the UI as per your needs. 

Gestures within the browser

Well, this is one of a kind feature because you don’t see it in every other browser these days.

Gestures is the special command or we can say it as a shortcut command to function on the system and this time it is a browser so functioning is within the browser.UC features plenty of options if you are keen to use gestures in the browser such as closing all the tabs, opening tabs, refreshing while browsing and so on.

Below you can see few of the buttons and specific commands the buttons can function for.

Mouse gesture in uc browser

No, you won’t be getting any gesture management or settings in Brave browser. Hence, if you are a fan of gestures then you have to go for UC browser. 


This is one of the features that is pretty basic and common but at times it will surely help you save time and let you to use it more frequently and i.e. taking screenshots within the browsers and editing it in the same screen before saving into the system which is quite helpful.

To be honest, this feature is too useful but I would prefer editing after I take a screenshot by regular windows command (i.e. windows button + print screen) rather than UC browser’s command because it seems a bit difficult and too complex to take a snapshot from UC browser.

Uc browser snapshot

You can easily find that a browser like Opera GX features a much simple and resilient way of saving a customized snapshot.

Unfortunately, you are not getting this feature in the brave browser.

Brave browser App VS UC browser App (Smartphone Android and iOS)

If you are one of the smartphone users then it is for sure that you already know about UC browser but on the other hand, you are not much aware of Brave browser which is quite obvious.UC has been in the mobile market for a longer period of time and ironically is also popular.

So, ahead is a short review of both the browsers of mobile versions.

Brave Browser

When it comes to the UI of brave in the mobile version, it is very identical to chrome which most of the people will love after-all chrome is best and no one would complain over resemblance to the best.

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

With decent security and simple UI of the brave browser it is close to perfect with no developer’s add and all.

Overall, people would love to use it as a primary browser in their devices be it an Android or iOS.

UC Browser

In the other hand when we look at the UI of UC browser, it is indeed hideous because it is too much for the users and being an old developer the browser is not at all up to the mark.

The home screen is filled with unnecessary news pages and bookmarks which is too annoying because users like it straight-forward and simple. 

When we talk about Ads it gets worse, however it does have an Ad-blocker but what is the reason behind having it when you already run your own Ads in the home screen itself.

Also, it crashes some times and Ad-blocker is also dysfunctional which leads to more issues and user’s experience. Overall it is worse than the PC version.

Note: Both of the browsers have all the common features present in an ordinary web browser like incognito mode, Ad-blocker and all. Also, ratings and popularity of a particular application doesn’t describe the credibility of the software.

Brave Browser VS UC Browser FAQs

Is brave browser better than UC browser?

The answer would be yes but in some instances, it is also a no because there are some features which are not present in the Brave browser and vice versa. But, when you are comparing it in overall then I would easily recommend Brave over UC any-day because of obvious reasons i.e. security and privacy factors.

Is brave faster than UC browser?

As per the claims made by the officials of UC browser they are one the fastest browser in the internet which can be possible at some instances but I would say brave browser is too good in all the aspects when you compare them side by side and even in real-time.

Which is more secure Brave or UC?

The obvious and strong answer is Brave browser because of the stats and allegations made by the government of various countries. As UC is a Chinese app, none of the users trust it. And when it comes to security and privacy we all know that the Chinese government is not at all supportive when it comes to privacy and security norms of the users.


Hence, I would conclude that when it comes to features and all the factors it is brave browser any day. Also, there are several factors where none of the browsers have excelled and some of them are extension support, inbuilt VPN. 

UC has also been through allegation of many countries and has also encountered a temporary ban which says a lot about the security and privacy factors of UC browser and its policies.

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