Brave Browser VS Opera GX: Which One Most Advanced?

If you are a frequent browser or you often go through your browsers to download stuff or check other things then you must not be satisfied because somehow or other you are not getting to use an appropriate browser to use on a regular basis.

Basically, this article is for those who are in search of an advanced and perfectly functional browser to carry out all their works in a single platform.

So, let’s go through a brief article on brave browser vs opera GX where we will try to cover almost every essential part of the respective browsers.

Let’s go through the basics of a web browser first.

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When it comes to Brave browser then you can easily notice that it is clean and totally simple to use just like Google Chrome, you can basically have all the work done under one window which is quite impressive.

interface of operagx

Next, when you go on and have a look at the Opera GX browser then you will certainly notice that the looks of the whole browser are based on gaming and it has an aggressive approach to it which some of you would like but most of you will not.

Speed Test

When it comes to choosing a particular browser the user always notices the speed and once the user experiences the speed, they begin to use it more often. 

This test perform on 4G network with decent internet connection but speed also depends on various factors like website hosting,theme and script.

Speed Test OnBrave BrowserOpera GX
TECHCountless.com3.2 SEC3.8SEC
Techviral.net3.4 SEC3.7SEC

So, here is a test performed which will show the respective speeds of both the browsers and you can acknowledge the accurate speed.

Features Comparison

FeatureBrave BrowserOpera GX
Ad BlockerYesYes
Upgrades to HTTPSYesNo
Script BlockerYesNo
Tracker BlockerYesYes
Multiple ProfilesYesNo
Free VPN,NoNo
Chrome extensions supportYesNo
Cookie BlockerYesNo
Cross-site device recognition YesNo
Gaming exclusiveNoYes
Accessible to other apps (while using)NoYes
Download LinkBrave BrowserOpera GX

When you perform brave browser vs opera gx in terms of customization then it is for sure that you will find plenty of options on both of the browsers but still, there are few differences and those differences make brave browser one step ahead of Opera GX.

Yes, you do get extra extensions for your Opera Gx browser but when it comes to Brave browser, it has the exact same chrome web store in the Chrome browser where you can easily pick out all your favorite themes and extensions without any hassle.

chrome web store

Brave does not provide any built-in VPN but opera gx provides you built-in VPN for free that you can use to access blocked sites in your country.

Whenever you are reading an article of brave browser vs opera GX then you need to keep one thing in your mind that the whole concept of both of the browsers is different one is exclusively beneficial for gamers i.e. Opera GX with tons of features loaded into it which will surely help the gamers but at the other hand Brave browser is more likely for ordinary usage i.e. downloading stuff, opening emails, browsing and so on.

opera gx news

Another factor people may consider i.e. the Opera GX browser is new in the market whereas the Brave browser has been in the market for a while now and people will get inclined towards the new tech but deep down all of us will get to know that a browser like Brave browser is way better than others.

I personally prefer the Brave browser and I do use it on a regular basis.

There is another feature that some of you will like and i.e. the snapshot feature where you can basically edit the particular screenshot in your Opera GX browser but unfortunately, Brave browser doesn’t possess this particular feature but still, you can use the default screenshot command.

However, the memory consumption of the Brave browser is higher as compared to the Opera GX because it is based on Chromium which eventually uses more computer memory but as per the management, it won’t affect the performance of your system.

brave browser vs opera gx memory

Although Opera GX comes up with a heavy animation screen which also takes plenty of computer memory when you compare both of them side by side you can choose Brave Browser any day.

Mobile App Comparison

Brave Browser Android

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

When it comes to Brave browser for smartphones, you can easily get every single benefit you enjoy on your computer, it is secure, easy to use, speeds up the network while browsing and downloading. The foremost part is that the brave browser tends to use very less battery on a smartphone.

Well, the Opera GX browsers are not yet available for smartphones and neither there are any kinds of news that it would be in the future. So, smartphone users, you need to wait for the Opera GX or until then you can also use the Brave browser.

Support to the publishers and extra benefits

Well, the earnings of a publisher through ads totally depend upon the users using the browsers because most of the time the browsers like Brave browsers tend to automatically switch the ad-blocker on for the users which results in seamless experience and hassle-free browsing. Also, a brave browser tends to disable ads from YouTube which even gets better because YouTube ads are so annoying sometimes, unfortunately, you won’t get this particular feature on the Opera GX browser.

Also, Brave browser features an option to set the intensity level of the Ad-blocker which is just more than anything a user can expect. It has an aggressive, standard and a disabled mode which just works perfectly for the users. In addition, users can also feed in the URL to avoid the Ad-blocker whenever the user visits that particular website.

But, if the ads are blocked for the whole time then how are the browsers earning money?

Well, the answer to this question is simple, the users have to switch the ad-blocker off but eventually, that will hamper the browsing experience of the users so, most of them won’t and I personally also won’t do that. 

But, Brave browser features modes, where the user can turn the privacy protected ads on and eventually the earnings from that particular ad, will be distributed between the users and the publishers i.e. 85% and 15% respectively as a reward and which is totally a win-win situation for both the sides.

Brave Win Win

Unfortunately, there are no options for extra earnings in the Opera GX and neither there is a way of turning the privacy protected ads on so if you disable the ad blocker then you will be facing a lot of issues while browsing. 

Security and Privacy

This is probably the most important factor to be considered among all while comparing brave browser vs opera GX because at the end of the day, identity is the most precious thing to us humans and certainly you won’t be happy to see your identity or your browsing history being leaked or being dealt with other third parties.

These days you can easily rest assured because browsers tend to provide security to all of their users by using some of the features i.e. tracker blockers to block the tracking activity to be leaked which is quite impressive.

But, with Brave browser, you can also notice the options for HTTPS upgrades which basically lets you to the safer versions of the websites to make the security protocols perfectly functional and also it features script blocker and cookies blocker which basically blocks away from all the unwanted and harmful cookies from all the unauthorized or even authorized websites that you visit.

Brave browser shield

Eventually, in this advanced era of technology, you can expect the device and the particular browser that you are using, to be leaked to the websites easily but with Brave browser, there are zero chances of any negligence regarding security and blocks all kinds of approaches by the websites.

When it comes to personal choice I would definitely go for the brave browser any day because according to the statistics the browser is 90% more secure than the rest in the market. 

Hopefully, this brief comparison of brave browser vs opera GX has made your mind clear about choosing the appropriate browser for your daily usage.


Basically, this feature allows you to sync or connect the account of your respective browsers in respective devices which is quite impressive. 

Suppose you are using an android device and want to use it in your computer system be it a Mac or Windows, then all you have to do is sync your account with all your devices and you will not lose any of your saved data and pages from the browser. 

Fortunately, you can easily avail this feature in both the browsers but I would say Brave browser is one step ahead of Opera GX because Brave has it all starting from QR code scanner to multiple device sync, everything is just perfect which is overwhelming for the users who are keen towards Brave Browser.

brave sync feature 1

One the other hand Opera GX is also decent enough with options to import bookmarks and all but it hasn’t got the option to scan and sync data which does keep Opera GX one step beside Brave.

Flaws Of Brave and Opera GX Browser


Basically, the Brave browser is one of the best web browsers out there in the market but we also can’t just ignore the loose ends and flaws in the application because it can truly affect a lot when it comes to the user experience which is terrible.

So, here are a few flaws that I found when I used it for a longer period of time.

Brave Shield unwanted functionality

The brave shield is another feature that carries the most important functions regarding privacy and security i.e. HTTPS upgrades, script blocker, tracker blocker, and all the factors that basically protect the users from hackers or intruders which is impressive and beneficial up to some extent.

But, when you go onto access any of the third-party websites it will automatically block it if there are even minor casualties which is common because not every website on the internet is secure enough and at this time if you want to access this particular website then you certainly can’t at it turns out to be irritating and annoying.

Suppose you are trying to access a website for your work or any emergency case and at the meant time you automatically get blocked off that website because of shields (to be particular- script blocker and HTTPS upgrades) then you will surely be disappointed and on the other hand, you can’t even turn the shield off because it would make your privacy and security level much fragile.

Hence, this is a big problem of all which should be resolved by the officials from Brave Browser as soon as possible.


Extensions are one of the best features which all of us enjoy a lot.

You already must know that Brave Browser supports extensions from chrome web store which is very impressive because these days everyone has a chrome browser and if they wanted to switch or use brave then they can easily sync the extensions between both the browsers.

Opera GX

So, now let’s talk about the flaws in the gaming web browser i.e. Opera GX.

Features available are more than needed

Well, there are way too features available in the browser which will surely make you think that whether you can use it or not and obviously you can’t or won’t because it’s quite useless for almost every other user, be it a gamer or a regular user.

Now let’s look at some of those features, one of them is the inbuilt messengers for Facebook and WhatsApp. It may sound useful when you read but let me tell you that in this era of smartphones and dedicated applications no one would use it because it will only do the work of distraction while the user is gaming or browsing through important stuff.

Not adequate for a regular user

You can experience that a lot of things is happening the time you open up the browser and have a look at the home screen or the dashboard. It will surely annoy you because people search for clean and basic browsers which can perform well.

We already know that it is a gaming-centric browser and the focus is mostly on the gaming side but at times the gamers will also have to work and go through the official sites.

Let me tell you that even they won’t browse through working sites in Opera GX because while browsing you don’t want any kind of distraction and Opera GX is not a simple or basic browser.

Personally, it’s a big no for regular and basic users but on the other hand gamers would like it.

Yet, there is an issue and which is quite common and obvious i.e. Brave Browser doesn’t support some of the extensions present because few of them are specially designed for chrome.

But, you can expect plenty of extensions to work properly in Brave Browser.

Hence, these were a few of the flaws that I found while I was using the Brave browser and when it comes to choosing between brave and Opera GX then still you can choose Brave without even thinking twice.

Also, if you find any more issues then feel free to comment below!


Is Opera GX better than Brave browser?

Well, when it comes to features of respective browsers one can easily notice that the experience of normal browsing is way better in the brave browser but when it comes to an exclusive gaming experience opera gx is the only one, the comparison is quite difficult in terms of features because both of them provide almost same features for the users and both are one of a kind, suppose you are searching for a multi-purpose browser while you are gaming then opera Gx is the one but for ordinary surfing, Brave is best. 

Brave is better than Opera GX?

Answer for most of the people using a regular browser is yes because you can notice that the Opera GX comes up with loads of features and sometimes it ruins the basic experience of the user and also there are factors like security, user experience and speed which you will easily love in the Brave browser once you use it.

Brave or opera gx which one is best for me?

If you are a normal user who doesn’t play games too much then the brave browser is for you otherwise you can use opera gx because it is specially designed for gamer.


Personally, I have been using both the browsers for more than a week in all of my devices and now I am here to conclude that as per most of us (regular internet users) we need a simple and decent browser to carry out all our work and currently there is no better browser than the Brave browser. Opera GX is a gaming-centric browser but a very less percentage of people tend to use browsers for gaming and streaming. So, the Brave browser has to be in almost all of your devices.

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  1. The information presented here is incorrect. Opera GX has updated many of its features & can provide a clean browsing experience with many more additional features than Brave. Just disable the gaming page if you don’t use it.

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