Brave Browser Vs Microsoft Edge Which Is Most Private?

In this digital age, we surf the internet frequently and for that we use browsers. Here in this article, we are going to run a comparison test on a different-different basis to see which one Microsoft Edge Browser or the Brave Browser stands above the other.

Both the browsers are the chromium-based browser, providing additional features and tools to help their users to have a better experience and easiness of surfing the internet. To see which one is best for you so let’s start the comparison brave vs Microsoft Edge.

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Let’s see detailed feature comparison between brave browser vs microsoft edge.

FeatureBrave BrowserMicrosoft Edge
Fingerprint PreventionYesNo
Https upgradesYesNo
Tracking PreventionYesYes
Impressive Reader ModeNoYes
Support for PublisherYesNo
Distillate page contentYesNo
Powerful AdblockerYesNo
Option To Block Any Site PermissionYesYes
Sync across devicesYesYes
Read aloudNoYes
Page Customization OptionYesYes
Multiple Default search engine optionYesNo


“My Privacy is my biggest concern”  

I have heard the same from a lot of other people, but did you know that many companies earn millions just by selling your personal details to other companies. It’s a harsh TRUTH.

Brave browser is one of the safest browsers built over chromium keeping in mind the security and privacy of their users. It has three security options Cross-Site Trackers Blocked, Https Secure, Script- Blockage which can be controlled manually. These three settings are not there just for show case so let’s understand how they work. 

Brave browser shield

Cross-Site Tracker Blocked

To track visitors to their web pages most of the websites use site-trackers which will track your activity, clicks and other stuff and collect information, and you will see suggestions on the basis of the collected information. This tracking can be stopped by enabling the Cross-Site Trackers Blocked option.

HTTP Secure

It prevents the opening of all the websites which have the http extension because websites with this extension are not considered safe and can not be trusted.

Script Blockage

Some of the sites have back-end scripts which are used to link requests to collect information about user activity. This can be put to a halt by enabling Script Blockage and you can surf the internet securely. 

For comparison on the basis of security, the Microsoft Edge Browser stands no chance against the brave browser as it is said that Microsoft Edge is collecting information about their users and it also fails in many other aspects of the security so here in this Brave vs Microsoft Edge comparison, the Brave Browser is a clear winner.

Incognito Mode

Many people want to surf the internet and don’t want anyone to have a single clue about what they have searched. This is where the most important browsing features The Incognito Mode of your browser comes into play, which hides browsing detail and other stuff.

If we talk about Incognito Mode in Brave Browser, it comes with “Tor Level Security” which hides your browsing details as well as prevents you from being tracked by continuously masking your location and providing you with the safest browsing experience.  


On the other hand, Microsoft Edge comes with an “ InPrivate Mode” for secure browsing. Surfing in this incognito tab your history, temporary files, and cookies will not be saved in the PC you are using.

microsoft edge private mode

This sounds safest but the Brave Browser’s Tor Level Security provides more safe and secure search then Microsoft edge Browser. This makes it a winner in this comparison. 


Interface is a very crucial aspect for any software, the whole world falls towards the simpler and easy to use interface. As both the browser is built over chromium they feel the same. In this Edge Vs Brave  comparison we found out that they both have a simple and easy to use interface, so we also included some additional features and tools provided with the interface. 


The Brave Browser provides us a clock which will help you to have better control over time, one click option to your entire bookmarks manager and other features like a quick links section which holds favorite and most viewed websites. 

On the other hand, the Microsoft Edge comes with an Immersive Reader which helps the reader to remove all the unwanted elements from a web page and make it easy to read, the Microsoft Edge also comes with and PDF viewer to help the user view their document with one click, it also has quick links section like Brave Browser at the bottom and a search bar at the top. 

New Microsoft Edge

Both the browser comes with some of the useful features and lacks some of them that make them stand at the same level making a win-win condition in our brave browser vs Microsoft Edge comparison.

Page Loading Speed Test

Page loading speed test is another important thing after privacy because everyone needs to access any website as soon as possible so let’s test both browsers in terms of page loading speed.

This test performed on a 4G network with decent internet speed on windows 10 pc and you already know that page speed also depends on many factors like website hosting, website theme and scripts used on that website.

WebsiteBrave BrowserMicrosoft Edge
TECHCountless.com3.7 SEC3.9 SEC
https://www.techradar.com3.2 SEC3.27 SEC SEC


If we talk about themes then we must consider that different people have a different liking. They prefer the theme which suits their needs and gives the ease of surfing the internet to their eyes.

Both the browsers provide a variety of themes to their user to choose from, as both of them are based on Chromium (an open-source platform) you can download your desired theme from the web store. If we do a comparison with the theme available for chrome the no of themes for these two browsers is comparatively low means nearly equal to each other.

Both the browsers also come with light and dark themes to help their users making it a win-win condition for both of them.

Ad Blocker / Data Use

Nowadays the sites are loaded with tons of ads for no reason these ads not only irritate the visitors they also use more data for loading, and the truth is data use is directly proportional to the number of loaded ads. So to reduce data used and ads from web pages to provide a better experience many browsers come with ad block extension. 

Reader Mode

The Brave Browser comes with a powerful inbuilt adblocker to help their user, on the other hand, Microsoft Edge comes with an immersive reader to help their users. They block ads and save your data from being unnecessary used.

impressive reader mode
Reader mode of edge

Brave also provides distilled page content to provide you better reading experience just like edge reader mode.

disterrited page content brave
Distilled page content

Extension Support 

Browser Extension, if I get the opportunity to quote on that “Extensions are the Working Force of the Browser”. It helps users by reducing their efforts, providing extra benefits and are also the time savers.

chrome web store

Getting back to our comparison both the browsers are based on Chromium an open-source platform this makes them eligible to use all the extensions available at the web store leading to a win-win condition for both.

Although both the browsers support the extension from the Chrome web store, there are only a few extensions are available exclusively for these platforms. So, there might be a possibility that you find some of the extensions not working or not working as they should.

Memory Usage

Higher memory uses by any application can give drastic experience to the user having PCs with low system spaces. Most of the software that provides additional features uses a great amount of system space. 

A number of problems arise when the user tries to run the application in a low spec system, the browser will take longer to start, it will respond to your activity slower and consume a lot of your valuable time for no reason. 

As the Brave Browser comes with lots of additional features to help its user it requires a much larger space than Microsoft Edge. This is the only drawback of the Brave Browser in contrast with the users having PCs with few gigs of RAM.

We have also noticed that it requires more memory for more running tabs then Microsoft Edge but in the ideal state, it’s just the opposite.

Sync Feature

The sync feature is among the most demanded features that are included in the browsers, through this, browsers are able to provide great user experience across the different devices. With this feature, all the bookmarks, history, password, etc are sync and saved to the server and can be accessed on whatever device you are working on. 

With the new update in the Brave browser, now it comes with sync V2 which is more compatible with the chromium sync system which lets you sync more information on the Brave browser if you are using it. 

If we talk on what other devices you will be able to sync your information if you are using Brave, then there is bad news for iOS users as the new Brave browser-sync V2 is only compatible with desktop and Android devices, no iOS devices are compatible. 

brave sync feature

New sync V2 is able to sync popular data types like passwords, history, bookmarks, etc. You will still not be able to sync brave rewards to other devices. 

Whereas in Microsoft Edge you will get a full-fledge sync feature that will sync all your information like favorite, collection, passwords, settings, open tabs, and much more.

Space Required

A significant amount of difference in the performance speed can only be noticed if the person has a low spec PC otherwise you won’t notice any difference at all.

Platform Availability 

Both the browser provides its support to android users. You can download them from PlayStore. Their apps provide the same support and features as their desktop version.

Brave Browser

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

Microsoft Edge

Pros And Cons

Brave Browser

 Pros Cons
Inbuilt Adblockeruse more disk space
Brave Payment optionnot much attention given to the sync feature
Most secure Browserdoesn’t allow much UI customization
Wallet for CryptoCurrency

Microsoft Edge

 Pros Cons
Comes with Immersive readerfails in many security aspects
PDF viewerlack many useful features
Tracker Preventionconsumes more memory in the ideal state
Use less disk spacecustomization tools are not up to the mark

Extra Points

  • Brave Browser is more like a security or privacy-centric browser, built keeping in mind these two things.
  • It is also considered futuristic as it has a crypto-wallet as cryptocurrency is going to be a secure mode of payment in the future.
  • It also has a built-in password manager for your help, as many of us have a habit of forgetting them. 
  • It also has Supported to the Publisher feature.
  • You might not get satisfied with the option and controls provided for your BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) account.
  • Microsoft Edge comes with an inbuilt immersive reader which removes the entire unnecessary elements from the article for easy reading.
  • It also has an inbuilt one-click PDF reader to help its users.
  • It also has some good security features which are divided into Strict,  Balance, and Basic which gives you security while you surf the internet.
  • It also comes with a Read Aloud feature which will read the article for you.
  • With its “My Feed” option where you see news articles related to your interest, Edge secretly displays ads that are also based on your chosen interest.


  1. Which one is the best browser in today modern era?

    Brave browser is the best when it comes to security and ad blocking. it has some of the best features a browser should have. In this modern era it’s all about security and privacy and Brave Browser is best in protecting those.

  2. Is Microsoft Edge not a good browser?

    No, it is good in some aspects like immersive reader etc, and if your PC has less than four gigs of RAM then I would strongly suggest you to go with Microsoft Edge as it takes less disk space then Brave Browser.

  3. Which one of them is the most secure Browser?

    Brave Browser is the most secure browser as it has a three-step security feature that is manually controlled and its “Tor Level of Security” can provide far better protection than any other browser.


Nowadays there are a lot of choices available for our single requirement, which confuse us and with this confusion we could make wrong choices. The right information can lead us to the right decision.

From my point of view and from the Brave browser vs Microsoft Edge comparison if you are the kind of person who likes to keep things private regardless of the value it holds I would say you go with the Brave Browser. 

At this time it’s all about privacy and security and the Brave browser also provides many additional features that make it stand out from all the other browsers in the market. It has its own powerful inbuilt ad blocker, Tor Level of Security for the incognito mode making it the most secure browser at this time.

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