Brave Browser VS Maxthon Browser: Can You Compare?

So, in this post, we will be having a proper look at all the features offered by both the browsers one by one and will help you to choose one of them because at the end of the day there is a winner and a loser. 

In this era of highly competitive mindset of the developers, the only group of people enjoying the benefits are the users because at the end of the day people choose an application or software just by having a look at it.

You need to have a look at this detailed review of the Brave browser VS Maxthon browser because there are chances that you are missing out a lot just by going for reputed products carrying an instinct that it has to be the best.



Well, the time you will open up the Maxthon browser you will notice that there are so many things going on within the home screen. 

It will surely attract you but it’s kind of useless for most of the regular users because while you open up a browser the main objective is always something else than watching Ads and reading random news and the Maxthon browser is filled with unnecessary news and Ads.

maxthon interface

As per my opinions, it is quite irritating for the users to see such unnecessary additions to the home screen, also you will see that the bookmarks bar is filled with some websites which are very annoying because it feels like someone has already been using the browser and saved according to the needs, which is absolutely false.

Overall, the user experience of Maxthon browser is below average.


The experience while using Brave browser for a regular user will be surely above expectations because you will surely have to search for the problems in the browser.

Brave Home Screen

You can see a clean and refined home screen which simply shows the settings and all the other options to manage the browser in the bottom right and basically the URL or search bar at the top. 

With no Ads and no news feed, you will feel focused and free to use the browser because that is what you need when you use a browser for work or doing other stuff. 

Overall the user experience and the UI feels better than Maxthon and also you can expect the usage to be simple.

Both of the browsers are based on Google’s open-source i.e. Chromium which is good because you can expect frequent updates for the browsers. 

Let me recall, that this review of the interface was totally based on the latest download versions of the respective browsers, the images added are totally out of the box with no modifications.


FeatureBrave BrowserMaxthon Browser
Upgrades to HTTPSYesNo
Script BlockerYesNo
Tracker BlockerYesYes
Multiple ProfilesYesNo
Free VPNNoNo
Chrome extensions supportYesNo
Cookie BlockerYesNo
Cross-site device recognition YesNo
User and Developer rewardsYesNo
Accessible to other platforms (within the browser)NoYes

Platform Availability 

Well, you can expect both the browsers to be available in almost all the popular and most used platforms. Here is the list and overview of each of the platforms or OS.


It is one of the most used OS in the world and there is no doubt that both of the browsers are available in the famous Google play store. Just go on and open the Google play store on your device and head to search any of the browsers, you will find it.

Brave Browser

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon browser
Maxthon browser
Developer: Maxthon Browser
Price: Free
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot
  • Maxthon browser Screenshot


Yes, both of them are also available in Windows. 

You just have to go on and visit the official websites of the respective browsers and in no time you will have it in your system. 

Although, there is an issue while you search for the Maxthon browser because you need to click on all the links even in the official website to recognize the genuine ones which are not adequate.


The process is quite similar to that of windows in case of both the browsers.

There are no worries in case of both Brave and Maxthon browser because it is always available with full functionality in Mac too. 


If you use iOS then you already know that the process of getting both the browser is the same and i.e. in the Application store.

Both of the browsers are also available for Linux OS which is also another frequently used platform but you can expect other OS to have an upgraded and better version because of the less number of users in Linux OS.

Installation Process

Brave Browser

Well, the process for setting up the browser is quite simple because the brave browser is one of the most resilient and simple browsers out there.

Once you download it from the official website, just head to install it and once you have done it, create profiles if there are multiple users or purposes.

With no time you can head over and surf on the internet with utmost security.

Maxthon Browser

The process for installation of Maxthon browser is also quite simple to all the typical browsers in the market and even a naïve user can do so.

You will surely search for some functions to customize the home screen once you have installed Maxthon browser because it’s not at all appealing rather it is a scattered and unmanaged way of representation.

A short review for the respective OS

Smartphones (iOs and Android)

When it comes to Brave browser for smartphones, you can easily get to see every single feature available in the mobile version that you enjoy on your computer.

It is secure, easy to use, speeds up the network while browsing and downloading. The foremost part is that the brave browser tends to use very less battery on a smartphone as compared to other browsers in the market.

Well, the Maxthon browser is also available for smartphones and you can expect it to be an averagely offering browser. In other words, you can say that it is just like any other Chinese browser in the market full of random links to pages (bookmarks) and Ads in the home screen itself.

But, if you keep the fact aside then it is totally usable on a regular basis.

Computer Systems (Windows, Mac and Linux)

When it comes to systems people will surely find Brave browser attractive when compared with Maxthon browser and so do I found Brave to be way better than the Maxthon browser.

Whenever you are reading an article of brave browser vs Maxthon then you need to keep one thing in your mind that the whole concept of both of the browsers is similar and that’s what makes it difficult to choose but in this case, the results are quite clear and simple.

You can’t expect a browser to be good if the home screen i.e. the main part of a browser is not attractive or appealing. Users these days do strongly believe in first impressions and Maxthon has surely failed to impress the users because every other user wants a clean and simple UI to their browsers.

Security and Privacy

Identity is probably the most important thing to humans because once it is leaked on the internet. You can’t just imagine what could happen to you and your data that is leaked. It can be used for illegal dues or many illegal bank transfers and so on which is not quite adequate because you will be the one getting the blame.


Eventually, there is a way to protect your identity or the IP address of your device by using the track blockers in the browser itself. Basically, the work of this feature is to not allow the websites to see the tracks or recognize the IP address of your device or system.

Luckily, you will find Tracker blocker to be available in both the browsers.

Script Blocker and Cookies Blocker

But, Brave browser also has the feature of script blocker and cookies blocker which basically blocks all the bugs and malicious cookies from all the websites to enter your system which is quite impressive. You can find these options in the shield toggle in the settings gear.

Sadly, you won’t be getting this feature in Maxthon browser.

Eventually, in this era of advanced technology and hackers you can expect your device or system and the particular browser that you are using at the moment, to be leaked or hacked by the websites easily that you browse but with Brave browser and Maxthon Browser (As per the stats) there are almost zero chances of any negligence regarding security because it tends to block all kind of approaches made by the websites until and unless it is not secure.

Note: You can’t expect any of the browsers to be secure and it totally depends upon you that first you need to check whether the website is authorized or not and work accordingly.

HTTPS Upgrade

When you are visiting a particular website, then you are totally unaware of the threats, which is obvious.

But, HTTPS upgrade feature in some of the browsers lets you to not visit the particular website which is not secure enough by recognizing all the tracks of the website which is quite good.

It is safe up to some extent because once it blocks you from visiting the website then you will know. In addition, it also makes sure the users to upgrade the HTTPS into the secure versions of the websites which ensures that all the security protocols are functioning perfectly.

Shields i.e. an option present in the brave browser ensures all the security factors to be functioning perfectly and allows you to manage all the options within one screen i.e. brave shield which is impressive. 

Brave browser shield

But, you can face some issues when the shield is on and while browsing to some of the third-party websites and blocks it right away which is quite annoying at the time.

You can see this feature in the Brave browser but eventually, Maxthon doesn’t have this.

Speed tests of the respective browsers

When it comes to choosing a particular browser the user always notices the speed and once the user experiences the speed, they begin to use it more often. 

I found that the brave browser is way too fast than Maxthon in terms of search results which makes brave ahead in the race.

Still, here is a test performed which will show the respective speeds of both the browsers and you can acknowledge the accurate speed that the particular browser is offering.

Pros and Cons


Extensions compatible with chrome storeMissing of some special features like inbuilt-VPN and snapshot
  Highly secure Some extensions are not compatible 
  Frequent customization
  Pleasing UI 


Embedded special features like snapshot and gestures  Unpleasant UI
Multi screen functionalityUnnecessary features like pass keeper
Looks outdated
Added default and random pages in huge numbers
No Ad blocker


When you go on to compare brave browser and Maxthon browser in terms of options available for customization of the browser then surely you will like it because both of the browsers offer plenty of features to customize the browser as per the users.

You will find the option to customize the brave browser according to your needs within the home screen i.e. in the bottom right where you can see plenty of options to manage the home screen or dashboard. 

Brave Home Screen

Further, you can also go to settings and discover more settings or enhance and customize the look of brave browser as per your wish. You can find settings regarding pages, fonts (size, customizing fonts) and so on.

When it comes to the Maxthon browser, you will find it in the settings gear at the top right where you will have to choose the options for skin and there you can find all the UI settings that are available such as page settings, dashboard settings, background and so on which is decently satisfactory.

maxthon theme

Overall, you will like both of the browsers when it comes to customizing the UI as per your needs. 

Battery Saver

Battery saver option is a must available option for the users in a browser especially when you are working in your phone or your laptops then you can expect high-end browsers like brave, chrome and Firefox to consume plenty of battery charge which is not that good.

Unfortunately, you are not getting any kind of options to save your battery charge in your device in either of the browsers.

Battery saver compromises the performance of the particular tool or application and lets the user to run the device for a longer period of time whilst using the software.

However, as per information and stats present. It is said that brave browser tends to consume 35%-40% less battery in devices than chrome and firefox which is impressive.


Well, extensions are one of the most wanted features for the users because of some special features that the users can enjoy within the browser without installing it in the system.

Brave browser is ahead of Maxthon browser in terms of extensions because it supports extensions available in chrome which is very impressive. But, there are still complexities to it and i.e. when some of the extensions are built especially for chrome browser and at that time it doesn’t work in the brave browser which is an obvious fact.


Still, you can easily find plenty of extensions to work perfectly in brave browser.

When it comes to the Maxthon browser, you do get to choose the extensions but it has its own extension store which is ok but it doesn’t support extensions from chrome so you can expect the options to be much less when compared with the extensions available in chrome.

maxthon extension

Overall, both of the browsers are almost on the same page when it comes to extensions.

Multi Functioning (Within the browser)

Suppose you are listening to music or watching videos on any platform in your browser and want to go through all your emails or scroll through social media platforms at the same time without any interference in your entertainment.

How are you supposed to do it?

Well, all you need is a pop-up display or a split-screen within the browser and you must already know that this feature is available in Opera GX.

Let me tell you and make it much clear for you that the Maxthon browser features a split-screen option which allows the users to use two tabs simultaneously within one screen.

Here is a snapshot from Maxthon browser which will make it clear for you about the appearance of the split-screen.

multi screen in maxthon

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the brave browser which is quite saddening because of multi-functioning within the browser which makes it very beneficial for the users.

Ad Blocker

Ads are one of the most annoying parts of a website while you are using because it almost blocks you to use the website you are visiting which is too annoying and not at all adequate. 

However, few of the Ads can be blocked from the browser itself, if the option is present which is quite satisfactory because it almost functions decently in all the browsers.

It’s shocking, as per my usage the Ad Blocker is not even present in the Maxthon browser which is another big issue with Maxthon. But, it is surely present in Brave browser.

It is surely present in the brave browser, in addition, the user can also select the intensity level of the blocker and also feed the URL which has to be avoided by the blocker, which makes it even better and secure.

Hence, if you are downloading the Maxthon browser then get ready to tackle to stubborn Ads because there is no way of blocking it as per my usage and research.

Rewards for the users and support for the publishers

Let me tell you that publishers or the officials of particular software earn money off the Ads that run on your screen while you are using the browser.

But, what if the browser automatically disables the Ads just like the brave browser does for user satisfaction?

Well, the answer to this question is quite to the point, users have to switch the ad-blocker off but eventually, that will not allow the user to experience seamless browsing and eventually none of the users would turn that off.

Brave Win Win

Eventually, Brave browser features modes, where the user can turn the privacy protected ads on and eventually the earnings from that particular ad, will be distributed between the users and the publishers i.e. 85% and 15% respectively as a reward and which is totally a win-win situation for both the sides.

 Unfortunately, there are no options of extra earnings in the Maxthon browser and neither is there a way of turning the privacy protected ads on so if you disable the ad blocker then you will be facing a lot of issues while browsing. 


A VPN lets you to access the unauthorized or blocked website in your country or area by connecting your internet’s server into another location. 

VPN directly provides you access to the content of the particular location or country.

Also, it has to do a lot when it comes to encryption of data. But, in-built VPN is not one of the features that you will be getting in both of these browsers.

Hence, if you are using either Brave or Maxthon then you need to download or purchase a third-party VPN software to encrypt your data and for accessing foreign content.


This is one of the features that are pretty basic and common but at times it will surely help you save time and let you use it more frequently and i.e. taking screenshots within the browsers and editing it in the same screen without saving into the memory which is quite helpful.

It’s fascinating that you can choose the particular area of your screen and save it from the browser itself.

Here is a screenshot of me selecting the part of a home screen from Maxthon browser. 

maxthon homescreen

To be honest, this feature is too useful but I would prefer editing after I take a screenshot by regular windows command (i.e. windows button + print screen) rather than Maxthon browser’s command because it seems a bit difficult and too complex to take a screenshot from Maxthon browser.

You can easily find that a browser like Opera GX features a much simple and resilient way of saving a customized snapshot.

Unfortunately, you are not getting this feature in the brave browser. 

Gestures (within the browser)

Well, this is one of a kind feature because you don’t see it in every other browser these days.

Gestures, basically it is the special commands or we can say it as a shortcut command to function on the system and this time it is a browser so functioning is within the browser.

Maxthon features plenty of options if you are keen to use gestures in the browser such as closing all the tabs, opening tabs, refreshing while browsing and even another snapshot gesture(if you want). 

Below you can see few of the buttons and specific commands the buttons can function for.

maxthon browser gesture and shortcuts

No, you won’t be getting any gesture management or settings in Brave browser. Hence, if you are a fan of gestures then Maxthon browser it is.

Pass keeper 

This is another out of the box feature which basically, lets you store all your passcode or passwords of your accounts and handles in a safer place in the browser and eventually, it may also allow you to log in to specific platforms without entering your password.

Maxthon passkeeper

Well, this feature is one of the features of the Maxthon browser that I didn’t like because people are way too clever and cautious these days because identity and privacy is the main concern for everyone.

It is not only an unnecessary feature but also a dangerous one because if there is a breach in the browser servers then all the passwords and accounts will be accessible which is not adequate.

Personally, I won’t recommend you to avail this feature or option because it’s too risky.

Fortunately, this time brave browser doesn’t feature this option which is totally fine because as per my guesses none of the users will use it.

Memory and CPU consumption

This is one of the main concerns for the users who are using an outdated or a system which is led with lower specs. 

Memory and CPU consumptions affect a lot when you function by minimizing the particular tool or software because when it consumes more you can expect the other functions in your system to not work perfectly i.e. slowly. 

It is quite obvious and there is nothing to worry about.

Let me tell you that both of the browsers are based on Google’s open-source Chromium. But, you can expect brave browser to indulge more and consume more of your CPU and memory because of all the high-end security and experience that you are getting with it.

On the other hand when you look up to the Maxthon browser, you will notice that the consumption is very less as compared to brave, it is obvious because you will surely feel the difference once you use both the browsers side by side.

maxthon vs brave memory usage

Above is a screenshot of the task manager from my system.


This is another on-demand feature which you can easily find in almost all the browsers because it is too common and useful for the users at the same time.

Basically, this feature allows you to sync or connect the account of your respective browsers in respective devices which is quite impressive. 

Suppose you are using an android device and want to use it in your computer system be it a Mac or Windows, then all you have to do is sync your account with all your devices and you will not lose any of your saved data and pages from the browser. 

Fortunately, you can easily avail sync in both the browsers. In-fact I would say that Brave has an advanced and updated version of the sync option with all the possible features to scan and connect multiple devices which is just great. 


brave sync feature 1


Is Brave browser better than Maxthon?

Well, when it comes to features of respective browsers one can easily notice that the experience of normal browsing is way better in the brave browser, the comparison is quite difficult in terms of features because both of them provide decent and somewhat distinctive features for the users.

Answer for most of the people using a regular browser is yes because it is obvious that people these days want a refined and clean UI for each and every tools or software they use and eventually brave has better UI than Maxthon and if you go on to compare more features then I would still recommend you to use brave browser.

Is the Maxthon browser secure enough?

As per the stats and information available online you can rely on Maxthon browser to be safe and secure up to an extent but when you talk about high-end security level then brave is the one.

What should I choose Brave or Maxthon?

The decision is simple here, you need to go for brave and let me explain to you why. Let me tell you that brave does have loose ends and sometimes you can face problems but still, you should go for Brave.

The brave browser feels premium, secure, offers lots of customization options, extensions and so on. The main factor is that it won’t let you feel that you are using low-grade software.

On the other hand when it comes to Maxthon you will feel that the browser is not designed in a good manner, however, you can enjoy some of the features like snapshot and gestures but that’s manageable when it comes to the whole experience.


You can already see that Maxthon may be behind the track when it comes to a few of the main categories but when it comes to offering special features then Maxthon is ahead of Brave browser. Still, the factor of security and all is par all the factors and brave browser is subsequently much safer than Maxthon browser.

Personally, I have been using both the browsers for more than a week on all of my devices and now I am here to conclude that as per most of us (regular internet users) we need a simple and decent browser to carry out all our works and currently you can expect the brave browser to be better than Maxthon browser

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