Brave Browser VS Google Chrome: Who Wins?

Today we are going to see a comparison between Brave Browser vs Chrome, the two most secure and fast browser. We have covered all the comparing factors in detail so that you can decide the epitome of security and speed.

There are lots of browsers in the market but only a few are secured and fast. One of them is Chrome has the largest share in the browser market and it is known for its fast speed and security. But there is a new browser called Brave browser that is emerging as the most secure and extremely fast.

It is gradually leaving all the browsers behind and coming out as a signature of excellence. That’s why we are going to compare these two browsers which claimed themselves the best in their field.



The interface is the most crucial part of any software or program. The whole world runs towards a better and simpler User Interface, that’s why every software tries to have a simple interface as it can be.

Coming to our topic, people use only those browsers which have a simple interface. Talking about Brave Browser vs Google Chrome, both have almost the same interface and simple too.

As both the browsers have a simple interface, we have to look for some more things, on that, we can decide which browser comes ahead from its competitor in terms of Interface.

Chrome Interface

Both Brave Browser and Chrome have a Search bar, Bookmarks on top and Recent visited website on the homepage which is great and it is an essential tool for providing convenient browsing experience.

But Brave Browser has some useful additional tools or options you can say which can pleasure your browsing experience. It has a Clock, though you can monitor time while browsing. There are some tabs on the bottom right corner which provide One Click option to monitor Bookmarks and History.

You might find these additional features like a simple one, but these small features are provided just for users’ convenience. Now I must be thinking about why I am exaggerating these small features, I am doing so because these small changes make a great difference.

These few extra features on the interface of Brave Browser stand it better than Chrome. So in the battle of the interface between Brave Browser vs Google Chrome, Brave is slightly ahead due to its additional features.


The theme is the second most thing that comes to mind after the interface. Both browsers have decent themes that users look for. Both Light and Dark themes come as default.


Since both Brave and Chrome are based on Chromium, you can download the desired theme from the Web Store. Coming to the race, Brave Browser and Chrome have a large no of themes but Chrome has slightly more than Brave. So Chrome comes out as the winner in terms of themes.

Incognito Mode


Incognito mode is a major feature of every browser. It is an asset for security-conscious users. The work of incognito mode is to hide browsing details and provide secure browsing as much as it can.

Both Brave Browser and Chrome have Incognito mode and it works fine in both browsers but Brave Browser has a unique feature in its incognito mode which makes it a clear winner.

Chrome Incognito

Brave provides Tor level security in Incognito Mode. Its Tor Incognito Mode not only hides your browsing details but also masks location so that you don’t get tracked. It saves you from being tracked while browsing. So Brave browser has most secured Incognito mode and from that, it beats Chrome in this battle

Extension Support


Extension support is the additional feature that is used to add tools in the browser. Extensions are the tools which can reduce efforts while browsing. There are lots of extensions that increase security while browsing on integration with the browser.

Since both Brave Browser and Chrome are based on Chromium, Brave supports a decent amount of extensions of Web Store but Chrome supports all the extensions of Web Store.  So in the battle of extension support between Brave Browser vs Google Chrome, Chrome wins.

But since Chrome has a large amount of extension, it has a great threat to security as well. Its advantage has become a trap for itself. Check the comparison over Security to know how Chrome extensions have become a security threat to itself.


Security is the biggest worry that every internet user has to think about. Your personal data is as precious as Diamond. You might not believe it, but personal data gets sold in millions and billions of Dollars.

Brave browser shield

Most of the hackers hack the data of the users and breach it to the advertising companies. As personal data is precious, hackers try different ways to steal your data. That’s why providing safe browsing has become an essential factor.

Talking about Brave Browser, it is one of the most secure browsers. I won’t be wrong if I declare it as the epitome of security and speed. It has Brave Shield which blocks Cross-site Trackers and Scripts on enable.

It provides safe browsing by redirecting to the HTTPS website. Moreover, it has inbuilt Ad-Blocker which blocks every ad of webpage and Video Ads too. So you can’t come in contact with malicious content and get an extremely safe browsing experience.

Coming to the security of Chrome Browser, it is considered one of the most secure browsers. Despite having inbuilt Trackers and Script blockage features, it gives strong competition to Brave. It updates its security at a certain interval of time.

google warning for viruses

On visiting websites without HTTPS protocol, it gives a malicious warning. Chrome has a huge market share among browsers and that’s why Chrome Extension developers are constantly trying to harm its users but they fail against its security.

Although we don’t know more about Chrome security features and tools, still it is extremely safe. So in the battle of Security between Brave Browser vs Google Chrome, it is hard to declare a winner because both are on the same line. But in some cases, Chrome leads. No one can beat Chrome in terms of security.

Page Loading Speed Test

Talking about speed, both Chrome and Brave are recognized for their speed along with security. That’s why it is really exciting to see which one gives the fastest speed. Hence we have done a series of speed tests on the same network and keep it as far as it can be.

The following is the speed test result.

Loading Speed Test Brave Browser Google Chrome
TECHCountless.com1.70 SEC1.96 SEC
TomsGuide.com3.10 SEC3.59 SEC
TechRadar.com2.05 SEC2.07 SEC


We all know that ads spoil the browsing experience of the users. To get rid of it, there are lots of extensions developed to block ads.

Since Ads are the Primary earning source of Google and many other websites, and Chrome, web stores are the product of Google. It does not allow any extension to block ads. However, when you install any Ads blocker on Chrome, it will block ads.

It has been seen several times that Chrome Ad-blocker just blocks harmful ads. In the case of premium ads, Chrome shows it despite having ad blockers because Ads are its primary earning source.

But the case is totally different on the Brave browser, it comes with default powerful ads blocker which not only blocks web-page ads but also video ads so that user experience doesn’t get spoils. Hence it the battle of Adblocker between Brave browser vs Google Chrome, Brave is a clear winner.


Synchronization is one of the most important features if a browser is available for multiple platforms. it gives lots of convenience to the users.

Google Chrome Sync:

sync in google chrome

Google Chrome have amazing real-time sync feature which helps to sync history, bookmark, extensions, and mode.

That is the only feature where Brave Browser is lacking behind Chrome. Its synchronization feature only syncs bookmarks which are not enough. So that’s the place where Brave has to be improved.

Brave Browser Sync:

So in terms of sync feature, Google Chrome wins.

Download: Google Chrome

Data Usage

Data Consumption increases sue to Ads. Ads consume lots of data and some of them are dynamic in nature.

By default, there is no option to block ads on Google Chrome. Hence, it consumes lots of data. however, it can be decreased by using some Adblocker extension. but it will not make a huge difference.

Brave browser having an inbuilt powerful ad blocker blocks all ads and trackers from web-page and videos. So it automatically consumes lesser data.

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Default Search

The default search is one of the most ignored features. Most people like to use Google as their default search as it is the largest search engine. But extreme security-conscious people don’t like it because we know that it is meant to collect your data for Google AdSense.

That’s why every browser must have the option to choose the Default Search Engine as per the requirement.

Since Chrome is a product of Google, you can’t set up a default search engine other than Google. But in terms of Brave, you can choose a default search engine.

As it is meant for security and speed, you can setup DuckDuckgo and others as the default search. So again there is a win for Brave in this Brave Browser vs Google Chrome battle.

Support for Publisher

Support to Publish is a great initiative by the Brave Browser. There is no such option in Chrome or any other browser. Brave is the only one that has this awesome feature.


Since Brave Blocks ads, it severely affects the earning of the content creator. That’s why Brave has started this initiative. Through this feature, Brave users can donate some earning to the content creators. So this awesome feature again puts one step ahead of Chrome.

Crypto Wallet

Brave Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet used to collect crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. Crypto Currencies are the future currency and since Brave is a futuristic browser, it has a Crypto wallet and you can use this wallet to collect crypto coins. Moreover, you can use this Crypto coin to support the publisher by donating some amount.

On the contrary, Google has banned cryptocurrency and hence Chrome doesn’t have any Crypto wallet. So again there is one extra point that goes to Brave Browser.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages are the obvious two things associated with everything whether it is a browser or anything. So both Brave and Chrome have pros and cons too. Without further ado, let’s check it out.  

Pros and Cons of Brave Browser


There are lots of features integrated with the Brave browser that make it a most secure browser. It has Incognito Mode which gives you Tor level security and its Brave Shield acts a real guard that saves users from trackers and malicious content.

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

The inbuilt Ad-blocker blocks not only webpage ads but also video ads and provides extreme speed. Its fast page loading speed saves lots of your time.

Features such as Support to Publisher and Crypto Wallet deserve appreciation. However, it consumes little extra memory of RAM, but by looking at what it is providing, this thing can be ignored.

Pros of Brave BrowserCons of Brave Browser
The epitome of Privacy and SecurityConsumes More RAM
Extreme Fast webpage Loading speed 
Great initiative features 
Futuristic outlook 
Customize Default Search 

Pros and Cons of Chrome

Chrome has the largest market share. It covers almost one-third of the Browsing field. It has successfully gained the trust of people in terms of security.

Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot
  • Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Screenshot

Chrome regularly updates its technology whenever connected to the internet. Its simple interface and fast speed has already won the hearts of its users and has become their favorite.

It has a large number of Themes and Extensions. Along with all these things, there are some issues that hassle its users such as High memory usage, limited customization option, and fixed default search.

Pros of ChromeCons of Chrome
One of the most  popular browserHigh Memory Usage
Easy integration with Google AppsFixed Default Search Option
Tab managementLimited Customization Option

Extra Points

chrome web store
  • You can install extensions from the chrome web store on your brave browser and google chrome as well.
  • You can also install themes from chrome store on both brave and chrome.


Brave vs chrome which one is better?

Brave browser is absolutely better than google chrome.

Is brave faster than chrome?

Definitely brave is faster than chrome.

Is brave built on chrome?

No brave not built on chrome but both brave browser and google chrome built on chromium and chromium is open source project.

Is there a better browser than chrome?

Yes, brave browser because this browser can block ads, trackers give you a secure version of any website and consume less battery.


At the end of this Brave Browser vs chrome comparison, you might have decided which one is most secure and fast. In my opinion, there are lots of factors which prove Brave Browser is better than Chrome.

I know that Chrome is trustworthy and secured with fast speed, its features such as developers console, easy integration with other Google products like Gmail and Drive, etc. all make it a powerful and top browser.But it is on top because we are not trying other browsers. People have stuck to it. Whoever has used Brave Browser once, he finds it way better than Chrome.

Its built ad blocker, Brave Shield, and other features make it a perfect replacement for Chrome. So just give Brave a try and then see, you’ll fall in love with it if you care about your privacy and speed.

So that’s it in this Brave Browser vs Google Chrome comparison. I hope you’ve understood this comparison and it will help you to decide your browser choice. If you still have doubts about it, then feel free to comment.

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