Brave Browser VS Firefox: Which One Is Most Secured?

If you surf the internet daily, then you might be worried about your privacy and security. Privacy is the biggest concern of every internet user. In such a situation, there is a browser named Brave Browser which offers the safest and fastest browsing experience over the internet.

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Brave Browser Interface

The interface of any browser must be easy so that people can use it efficiently and the interface of Brave Browser is much more similar to Google Chrome. You just get a classic blank page with Search Bar on the top and a list of Top Sites you’ve visited.

You’ll also see some numbers which count Blocked Ads and Trackers and save time. There is a clock on the top right side of the homepage.

Talking about Firefox’s interface, it also looks the same as Google Chrome. So both Brave and Firefox have an easy to use interface with Search Bar on the top and list of Top visited sites.


In comparison to Brave browser vs Firefox in terms of interface, both have a simple interface and you can get used to it within a minute.


Brave browser shield

Talking about the security of Brave Browser, it is considered as one of the most secure web browsers. It has all the features and functions which are necessary for safe browsing over the internet. Now let’s see some of the options of Brave Browser which helps to make your browsing safe and secure:

Brave Browser has mainly 3 security options that can be controlled manually to secure your browsing. You can enable these options to secure your browsing and enjoy healthy internet surfing. These options are Cross-site trackers blocked, Https and Script Blockage. You can enable these options to surf a safe website.

Cross-site trackers blocked

Most of the websites use site tracker to track visitors. This is done for various purposes such as for marketing and all. But it can be misused as well. That’s why Brave Browser provides an option to enable Cross-site tracker blocked which prevents you from getting tracked while visiting any website.

Connection Upgraded to HTTPS

HTTPS is the easiest way to identify whether the website is secure or not. That’s why Google recommends always surfing those websites which have HTTPS lock.

Script Blockage

You can block all the scripts which run at the backend of any webpage and can harm your privacy. All these three options combine to form a safe shield called Brave Shield.


Fast Speed is the only thing that people want in their life. As everyone is using fast internet, it becomes necessary for every browser to have fast page loading speed.

Many browsers came and went without much recognition because of their slow page loading speed. That’s why Page Loading Speed of every browser must be Fast and speedy.

On comparing page loading speed Brave and Firefox, Brave Browser is much ahead than Firefox. Brave has also beaten Google Chrome in the Page loading Speed test.

As we are doing an in-depth comparison of Brave Browser vs Firefox, we have tested the loading speed of both the browsers on different types of websites so that we get a clear report.The following test report will prove that Brave Browser has the fastest loading speed than Firefox. 

Page Loading TestBrave BrowserMozilla Firefox
Test 1 On TECHCountless.com1.70 SEC2.23 SEC
Test 2 On Tomsguide.com3.10 SEC4.06 SEC
Test 3 On Techradar.com2.05 SEC3.54 SEC

The above report proves that Brave Browser loads pages faster than Firefox. This is obvious because it blocks almost everything which is useless or threads to privacy and shows Ads and trackers free webpages.


Synchronization is one of the main features of browsers which allows users to connect all devices to work together. Let’s say you have installed any browser in your Smartphone and PC, then you can access all Bookmarks and history which are in your smartphone from your PC.

But in terms of Synchronization, Brave let us down because it syncs only Bookmarks. However, most of the users look for bookmarks only, but History and Tabs features can be added to make Brave Browser best at sync as well.

On the other hand, Firefox provides all types of synchronization options such as Bookmarks, Tabs, History, Password, Add-ons. So there’s not a single problem with Firefox in terms of synchronization.

Sync in Firefox

So in this fair comparison between Brave Browser vs Firefox, Firefox got a lead because of its multiple sync options.

Memory Usage

Memory usage is among those things that really don’t affect the browser’s performance while its use but it affects the timing required for the startup of the browser.

If any browser requires a large space on disk, it will take to load in RAM and fully start. The more space required on the Disk, the more timing will be taken on startup.As Brave Browser needs more space on the disk, the same problem goes with it. In comparison with Firefox, Brave consumes much more space than Firefox.

This happens because Brave Browser has lots of extra features such as Ad-Blocking, Brave shield, etc. that come with it on default setup.

In the case of other browsers, you need to install some add-ons to get these features. But Brave offers it without any add-on or extension. That’s why Brave needs more disk space.However, keeping in mind the comparison of Brave Browser vs Firefox, Firefox takes less disk space than Brave and that’s why it beats Brave in this Memory usage comparison.


Ad-blocking is a feature which blocks Ads and trackers integrated with a web page. This is the primary earning source for the whole internet. All the websites, search engines, etc. over the internet earns through Ads.

But on the contrary, Ads kill the convenience of the users. Ads frustrate users because the person looking for desired content gets jumbled between Ads and Content. That’s why Ad-blocking is one of the most essential features that a person looks for in every browser.

And I won’t be wrong if I say that Brave Browser has the best Ad-blocking features. Firefox and other blocks Ads running on a webpage that too by using extension but Brave Browser not only Blocks Ads on the webpage but it also Blocks Video Ads.

Sometimes, we play any meditation video on YouTube to do meditation but suddenly ads run and spoil the meditation. But it won’t happen with Brave Browser because its Ads Blocker blocks ads of YouTube video as well.

Coming back to head comparison of Brave Browser vs Firefox, Brave has inbuilt Ad Blocking features but with Firefox, its inbuilt Adblocker does not work well against Trackers. So Brave clearly looks a few steps ahead from Firefox in the Ad Blocking race.

Extension Support

Brave Extension Support

Extensions are one of those things which are mandatory for any browser. It saves lots of time and provides extra convenience while surfing the internet.

Just like a smartphone is nothing without Applications, a Browser is nothing without Extensions. Talking about extension support of Brave Browser and Firefox, both have lots of extensions in their web store.

Brave Browser supports all those Extensions which belong to Google Chrome because Brave is a Chromium-based browser. To install any extension, just go to Chrome Web Store, Search for the desired extension and install it. These Extensions are in great numbers in Web Store, so you won’t feel any shortage of extensions.

Coming back to Firefox Extension support, it has its own store for extensions and themes. There are lots of extensions, so you won’t be limited to a few extensions. Just search for the desired one and you’ll definitely find it.

So in the Extension Support race between Brave Browser and Firefox, both are on the same line. Both have lots of extensions.

Support for Publisher

This is one of the best features that Brave offers to its users. It should be in every browser that supports Ad Blocker.

Every website owner earns money from Ads. Advertisers pay them to display their Ads on the website. Technically, they don’t earn just by displaying Ads, they earn when users click on their Ads.

As Brave Browser comes with inbuilt Ad Blocker, Ads don’t get displayed and we can’t click on ads to support website owners.

That’s why, there is a great feature in Brave Browser called Support to Publisher, through this we can support all those website owners who are getting in loss due to Ad Blocker. So you can support any website owners whose content you like through Support to Publisher feature.

How to use Support to Publisher feature?

When you start Brave Browser for the first time, you’ll see a box on the right side which says “Turn on Rewards”. Just click on that and you’ll be eligible to collect Brave Rewards.

Suport to Publisher

Now just surf the internet through Brave Browser and collect BAT rewards which can be converted into USD. It’s a great feature to support publishers and appreciate their work. But this comes with Brave Browser only. You won’t see this option in other browsers.

Data Usage

Data usage of every browser varies due to their differences in functioning. Data usage of any browser depends upon the browser’s data consumption requirements and all resources which run in the background while surfing the web.

But with Brave Browser, data consumption is very low because it blocks all phishing URLs, trackers and other useless resources running in the background and its Ad Blocker is like icing on the cake. Due to all these blockages, Brave Browser consumes less data than Firefox.

Talking about Firefox, it also consumes fewer data due to its various blockages but it can’t beat Brave. This happens because of its extensions and resources. The inbuilt Ad Blocker of Firefox consumes more data to function than Brave. Sometimes it fails to block trackers that consume data too.

That’s why, on a comparison between Brave browser vs Firefox, Brave consumes less data than Firefox due to its inbuilt Blocking add-ons.


The theme is one of those things that most people ignore while using a browser. But it plays a major role in appearance. The bad theme of the browser can easily kill the convenience of the users.

Some users like to have a theme as per their mood, that’s why it becomes very necessary that a browser must have enough theme option that users don’t get bored.

Most of the browser comes with a Light and Dark theme so that it does not damage the eye of the users. The unavailability of Dark themes can cause serious strain on the eyes of users when it is used in Night.

But lucky both the browser Brave and Firefox have Light and Dark themes in the default setup. You can also use other themes by downloading from the Store.

So coming back to the comparison between Brave browser vs Firefox, both have required themes. Along with Light and dark, you can install various themes from the store as per your mood.

Incognito Mode

Brave Browser Incognito Mode

Private Window or Incognito Mode is the most secure option that any browser has. Firefox and other browsers claim that their Private Tab is very secure but that’s not the case.

Firefox just hides the history in the Private Window and claims that it is secured but if you want a real safe browsing experience without getting tracked, then use Private Window with Tor of Brave Browser.

It not only hides clear data but also provides a Tor browsing experience.  Your locations will be masked continuously from one server to another so that you don’t get tracked. That’s how you get a real safe browsing experience with Brave Browser.

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

The application of the Brave browser is clean and its interface is easy to use. The features are the same as a desktop browser.

Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Fast & Private Browser Screenshot

The application of Firefox is also the same as the desktop version. Its interface and features are also the same. The Lite version of Firefox is also available for mobile users.

Pros and Cons

There is not a single thing that has only Pros, everything comes with some Pros and Cons and as we are doing a fair comparison between Brave Browser vs Firefox, it becomes obvious to present the Pros and cons of both browsers.

Pros of Brave Browser:

Pros Cons
Asset for PrivacyConsumes More Disk Space
Inbuilt Ad-Blocker
Brave Payment option available 
Wallet for Cryptocurrency 

Block data, Grabbing Ads and Trackers: Brave Browsers keeps you safe from almost every type of harmful resource over the internet. It blocks phishing Links and trackers and provides us a better and safe browsing experience. It is a great asset to Privacy.

 Fastest among all Browsers: Brave Browser is the fastest among all browsers present over the internet. It has defeated Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Some reports also say that Brave loads pages with 3X speed on comparison with other browsers.

Ad-Blocker: The Ad Blocker of the Brave browser is slightly different than other ad blockers. It blocks video ads as well. So you can enjoy 100% ads-free surfing with Brave. Moreover, it is inbuilt, so don’t need to install it as an extension.

Cons of Brave Browser:

More Disk Space: Brave Browser has lots of features and functions which leads to an increase in disk space.

Pros of Firefox:

Safe Browsing: Firefox provides a decent safe browsing experience over the internet. On installation of some Extensions, Firefox becomes one of the safe browsers to use. However, it is not as safe as Brave Browser but it is not way too behind as well.

Multiple Blockage Options: Firefox gives you multiple blockage options through which you can be safe while surfing the internet. You just need to do some setting according to your need and it will provide a safe browsing experience.

Cons of Firefox:

Slow Speed: The main problem with Firefox is its speed. Although it is safe, most people hate it due to its slow speed. Now let’s summarize it too in a table.

Pros Cons
Provides almost Safe BrowsingSlow speed
Multiple Blockage Options No support for publisher
More Extension and Add-ons 

Hand to Hand Comparison between Brave vs Firefox

FeatureBrave BrowserFirefox Browser
Speed It is 3X to 6X Faster than FirefoxIt is slower than Brave
Private window It Provides the Tor level of privacy.It just hides history.
Extension and add-ons It has enough extensions.It has enough extensions too.
Wallet It has a wallet for Crypto.It does not have any wallet.
Safe browsing It gives a 99.99% safe browsing experience.It is not as safe as Brave.
Unique features It has a Support to the Publisher feature.It does not have any unique features.
Open-source It is an open-source.It is also an open-source browser.


Is Brave safer than Firefox?

Of course Yes, Brave browser is safer than Firefox and Google Chrome as well. It has the best security to block phishing URLs and trackers. Its private window provides Tor level security.

Is Brave faster than Firefox?

Definitely, Brave is not only faster than Firefox, but it is also faster than Chrome and Safari. Reports have proved that Brave is 3X faster than Firefox and all. Its mobile version is 8X faster than others.


Brave Features

As we have come to the end of this Brave Browser vs Firefox comparison, a final conclusion is very essential to have a clear picture of the best between these two browsers.

By looking at all the factors such as Privacy options, speed, and other features, Brave Browsers seems to slightly ahead of Firefox. Brave has all the top-notch features that are required today over the internet.

As we know that Privacy is the biggest concern in today’s world over the internet, Brave offers the best browsing option without any threat to privacy.

Firefox is also a safe browser to use and its other features are great as well but on a point of Privacy, it is way behind than Brave Browser.

Moreover, the “Support to Publisher” and Brave Payment features are enough to become an interest of any person. The following speed test report will blow your mind and force you to make Brave Browsers your permanent choice.

By looking at the above report and fair comparison of various features, the Brave Browser makes it and stands out as a clear winner. Brave is the fastest and safest browser on the internet. I am saying so, you just try and you will too realize that it is the best browser.

That’s it in this comparison between Brave Browser vs Firefox, I hope you’ve understood the comparison. If you have some doubts about Brave Browser, then feel free to comment and share.

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