Brave Browser VS Firefox Focus: Which Is Good?

Firefox Focus

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Firefox Focus is a mobile phone browser which aims at providing users with safe and private browsing. Users of this browser can make sure that their activity is not being tracked, and all their data is private.

If talking about privacy, Firefox Focus is the best browser to provide the user with a secure search. In terms of usage, Firefox Focus is a primary browser, just like any other browser.

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser
Firefox Focus: The privacy browser
  • Firefox Focus: The privacy browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Focus: The privacy browser Screenshot
  • Firefox Focus: The privacy browser Screenshot

The browser is available for both devices, android, and Ios. Originally the browser was designed to work as a tracker blocking application only for apple devices.

Later it was upgraded to a browser. As of now, it is one of the most secure browsers for mobile phones, which can work as a tracking blocker for the safari browser in Ios Devices.

Downloading Firefox Focus and setting it up

You can download Firefox Focus from the respective app store. In the case of android, you can download it from the Playstore and in an iPhone, and you can download it from Apple App Store. Many countries do not support Firefox Focus; in that case, you can download its apk from the internet. Once you have downloaded and installed Firefox Focus, it’s time to set it up.

1. On opening the browser for the very first time, you will see a screen stating ‘power up your privacy. Click on next.

power up your privacy

Note- You can tap on skip at the top left corner of the screen, to head to the main screen.

2. Now there will appear another screen that says that you can change your default search engine from the settings.

your search your way

3. The next screen appears, saying that you can directly add shortcuts to your home screen.

add shortcuts to your home screen

4. Now the last screen will appear saying that ‘Make privacy a habit’.

5. You have successfully set up the browser.

The first screen of the browser is minimal, and you will see a screen with not many options. There will be three dots at the upper right corner of the screen, which will open the menu.

Brave Browser

Brave is a free web browser that is developed by Brave Software, Inc. Using Brave you need not worry about the basic features. Brave ensures you safe browsing with maintaining privacy.

Features Of Brave Browser

These are the features of Brave Browser.

It enables you to have fast and secure browsing. Unlike other web browsers that require plugins to maintain the privacy or to a light fast web browser, with the brave browser, you get all in-built.


You don’t need to worry about ads. It has an in-built ad blocker, which enables you to block all the ads that pop up on the websites.

What many people search for is data and battery-saving in a web browser. With the Brave browser, you get 2- 4 times surfing speed, with data saving.

Installing Brave Browser

If you are having android smartphone you can download Brave Browser from Playstore, while on the iOS devices you can download it from the Apple app store.

In case of PC, you can download Brave browser from the official website

Setting up Brave Browser is very easy. Here are the steps you need to follow to set up brave browser.

1. When you have installed Brave Browser, you will see a screen welcoming you. You will be asked to select your default search engine from the given list of search engines.

welcome to brave browser

List will include search engine such as- Google, DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckGo Lite, Qwant, Bing, and StartPage.

2. After you have selected your default search engine, you will see a screen ‘Brave Shields’. This screen tells you that the browser will block al the ads. Tap on next.

3. The next screen you will see is ‘Brave rewards’. Unlike other web browsers that get paid when you browse, but in the case of Brave browser, you will be paid for browsing. You can enable that option by clicking on ‘Turn On’ and disable it by tapping on ‘No Thanks’.

4. You have successfully set up your brave browser. The main screen shows a number of ads and trackers blocked, HTTPS upgrades, and estimated time saved.

brave interface

Brave Browser VS Firefox Focus

Now that we are done with downloading a brave browser and Firefox focus, let’s compare their features.


Adblocking is one of the major aspects when it comes to choosing a web browser. When downloading a web browser, you need to look at whether it supports ad-blocking or not. Many web browsers don’t support ad blocking, and you will have to download some extra extension to enable this feature.

If we talk about a brave browser, it has been performing well in terms of adblocking. Sites like video steaming platforms and some other sites that shows heavy pop-up ads when browsing, have been visited using firefox focus and brave browser.

After visiting the same sites on both the browsers, we can see that the Brave browser performed well in terms of adblocking.

The brave browser block ads on any website including streaming video, but when surfing the same site with firefox focus it failed to block ads.When visited the video site with the Brave browser, we can see that it blocked 15 ads and trackers.

Similarly when we visited the same site with Firefox focus it shows that 4 trackers blocker.

brave website visit

It can be concluded that the Brave browser can be trusted when it comes to adblocking. The Firefox focus did not perform well in terms of adblocking.

Privacy Report

The brave browser has been updated with some new features to enhance the privacy protection of its users. 

Brave is one of the most secure browsers that you can be sure your data is safe. Brave browser has updated its privacy protection, allowing you to stop ads from giving you a seamless browsing experience. With updated privacy protection of the browser, it will stop all the ads and trackers from accessing and collecting your data.

You can also enable privacy reports on your browser to get reports of all the websites having ads or all the trackers trying to access your data. You can enable getting the weekly report, monthly report, or three months report altogether. 

With a privacy report, you will see the number of ads and trackers that are blocked, the amount of data that has been saved, and the time saved by the browser while accessing the website.

Firefox focus does have a privacy protection feature to protect users’ data from being leaked out. Unlike the brave browser, you need to have to do any setting to enable privacy protection. Privacy protection in firefox focus is enabled by default. It erases your history automatically, which means no password or log details will be saved to the browser.


It enhances the battery efficiency by blocking ads. When a website runs ads or any tracker, more battery is consumed. Brave stops all the ads and trackers from accessing your data because less battery and fewer data are being consumed. The website’s loading speed has been increased, and Brave can now load website 8X faster than any other browser.

Similar to the Brave browser, firefox focus is also efficient when it comes to faster load time. It removes trackers and ads from the website, thus enabling the website to load faster while consuming less data.

Private Or Incognito Search

Incognito search is what many people search for when downloading browser. Incognito mode helps you browse privately without letting your ISP track your track you.

Also, when you made a search on the incognito mode, the search result won’t appear on your history. In many browsers that don’t have an ad blocker, incognito mode can be very useful.

It is so because many browsers show ads based on your search, but with incognito mode, your browsing is not tracked and you won’t see any ads related to the search you made on incognito mode.

In terms of incognito and private search, brave browser firefox focus have both maintained the position. The brave browser allows you to enable incognito mode tapping on the Settings option at the lower right corner.Well, firefox focus is a private browser but there is no option to manually enable it, but it does not track any data of yours.

Also, there’s one more thing to notice when it comes to private browsing. Brave browser does not allow you to take screenshots when using the private search feature, but you can take screenshots in firefox focus.


Bookmarks are another essential feature to look for in a web browser. People who spend most of their time browsing needs bookmark to mark some important web pages.

Well, this time again Brave browser is in the lead. You get the option to bookmark your favorite site of a web page in the brave browser, whereas in Firefox focus you don’t get the bookmark option.


There is this unique feature called Brave rewards which you only get in Brave Browser. What can be better then browsing and earning money? You only get reward feature in brave browser and not in firefox focus. So again brave browser is in the lead.

By enabling Brave reward, you are allowing the browser to keep your data. Based on your search result brave browser will send you ads, through which you can earn money.

If you do not worry about your searches then you can use this feature. Moreover, the Brave browser ensures that your data will not be leaked. You can turn this feature off if you do not want to view ads.


Theme is another major aspect to look for when downloading the browser. Many people prefer browsing at night, and if the browser you are downloading does not have the dark theme option then it can hurt your eyes.

Talking about themes in Brave browser, you can select between system default, light, and dark theme. By choosing system default, the browser will enable a dark theme on its own as per the settings of your mobile.

brave theme


You cannot manually create new tabs firefox focus. In order to create a new tab you will have to open a link into a new tabs. You have to search for something on the search engine, and then long press to open it in a new tab. In Brave Browser you can create new tabs and switch between them.


One can easily download the brave browser from the respective app store, play store in case of android, whereas apple app store in case of iOS.

The same is with the firefox focus. But in some countries, firefox focus is not made available and cannot be downloaded officially. You will have to download the app file from the internet then install it if firefox focus is not available in your region.


Syncing can be a great feature for those who have to switch between various devices. Suppose you are working on some project on your laptop and then you have to switch to mobile or some other laptop for some reason.

In that case, you will be looking for some easier option to go with and not with copying files from one device to another and killing your time. Isn’t it? Now, what can be done in that way? Well, the only solution to this is syncing your data.

brave sync

Now the question is how does syncing help you with running your errand? For instance suppose that your are writing a document on Docs online or working on some web projects and due to a sudden power cut you need to switch to your laptop.

In that situation you cannot copy all the files to the laptop, instead, you can sync all the links to the browser and can access them on your laptop.

With brave sync, one can easily sync their browser history and bookmarks between their devices. This can be done by scanning or entering a new sync code. All you have to do is start a new sync chain, which will enable you to share your data between your devices. 

When clicking on the new sync chain, you will be asked to choose whether you want to add a new computer or mobile. If you choose a mobile, you will be given a QR code; else on choosing the computer, you will be given the sync code you will have to enter.

There is no option to sync your data in firefox focus. The Syncing feature enables users to access the sites they were working on previously easily. However, the Brave browser does allow users to sync the data, but it is not possible with firefox focus.

Comparing both the browsers in terms of syncing, then we have Brave Browser again in the lead. There’s an option to enable auto-sync all your bookmarks on all the other devices that have the brave browser.

Final Words

As per the above comparison, we can see that Brave Browser stands out against the Firefox focus. Brave browser has all the features that should be there in a web browser.

Whereas firefox focus lacks some of the basic but essential features of a web browser. In terms of speed, both browsers perform well. The same is with private and secure browsing, but in ad-blocking Brave Browser is a step ahead.

Apart from that, you get to enjoy some basic features like syncing, bookmarks, incognito mode, rewards, themes on the Brave browser. You will miss these features in the Firefox focus.

In terms of disk storage, we can see why the Firefox focus consumes less space, and it is because of the features that lack in the browser.


Is Brave Better Than Firefox Focus?

Yes, for sure, Brave is better than the Firefox focus. If you are a person looking for a browser that can provide you the essential features that a web browser should possess along with adblocker without requiring any external plugin, then you are good to go with Brave Browser.

Also, on hand to hand comparison between the adblocking of both the browsers Brave performed better and blocked the ads on a streaming website, whereas firefox focus showed some ads.

Not only about ad blocking, but Brave is also ahead of firefox focus in every aspect, be it bookmarks, incognito, syncing, or rewards features.

Which one is better in terms of security Brave Browser or Firefox Focus?

The brave browser is better in terms of security. Well, you can say that the brave browser is better in every aspect, from proving security to speed browsing.

Talking about privacy, you can anytime enable or disable the ad blocker. After enabling the ad blocker, you will not see any ads. Also, Brave Browser guarantees you that your data won’t be leaked outside after you have turned on Brave Browser.

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