Brave Browser Review: Most Secure Browser?

In today’s internet world there are thousands of applications and software that you will get which are quite useful. But, I can assure you and spill the fact that browsers are at the top of the list when it comes to the most used categories after social media applications.

Finding a good browser is pretty difficult at this time because most of the internet users are already used to Chrome which is kind of retro and almost perfect for every single user as of now. 

 As we all know that Brave browser is one of the newcomers in the market and was introduced by the Brave Inc. in 2016 and let me tell you that even after 4 years of presence, an application is still a newcomer because of the other old and refined competition present in the market.

Just like any other browser, this particular browser is also based on Google’s Open source i.e. Chromium. So, you can expect the whole browser to be much more similar to that of the Chrome browser.

It was prominently launched for computer users and yes, it has its own reputation now in the market. When it comes to mobile users it is not that known but overall it is the best browser you can find after Chrome.

So, if you are one of the users who are willing to switch to a new and secure browser other than chrome or any other popular browser than this post is surely for you.

UI of Brave browser

Dashboard Customization Brave

So, here is one of the main aspects of the browser or any-other application and i.e. the UI or we can say it as the feel of the particular software that the user is running in their device or systems.

If you are one of the regular users then you must have tried to use other browsers then Chrome or Firefox which is quite obvious because everyone needs a change with the passage of time.

You can easily get used to the UI of the brave browser without any issues if you are one of the Chrome users because both of them feel identical. They do feel but the functional abilities and look of the brave browser are slightly above Chrome or Firefox.

In whole, the browser will never fail your expectations when it comes to the UI because it is perfectly designed and refined too which also results in ease of usage for the users or even if you are a naïve or a new user of the internet then you will surely begin to enjoy using Brave browser.

All the toggles and options are easily accessible and clear there is no complexity in the design of the browser which as a user you are going to love if you are one of the users who is used to simplicity.

Here is the screenshot from my system and you can see all the contents of the dashboard or the home-screen from the browser. In the right bottom corner, you will see the quick toggles for customization, bookmarks and history. In another area, you will have all those common options that a typical browser poses but in addition there is a huge clock which looks perfect.

UI brave browser

Also, you can enable and disable a few of the settings which have to be displayed or not in the dashboard, from the customization option in the dashboard it-self.

Brave browser Features

FeatureBrave browser
Ad BlockerYes
Upgrades to HTTPSYes
Script BlockerYes
Tracker BlockerYes
Multiple ProfilesYes
Free VPNNo
Chrome extensions supportYes
Cookie BlockerYes
Cross-site device recognition Yes
User and Developer rewardsYes
Accessible to other platforms (within the browser)No
Direct redemption of rewards to Crypto Wallet or bank accountYes

Adblocker in brave browser

Brave Ad management

We are well aware of the fact that ads are one of the most disturbing and irritating components on the internet which sometimes ruins the whole experience of the user if the ads are rigid and most of the time they are.

There are times when you will notice that some of the ads just get stuck in the webpage and eventually does not allow you to make any functions within the browser, which further results in restarting the whole Browser which is very irritating.

These kinds of things will happen to you when you are not using a Browser which is well optimized or Browser without an ad blocker.When it comes to ad-blocker in the Brave browser, you can expect it to work extremely well and eventually block all the pop-ups and Ads as well without any issue at most of the times. 

It has features like selecting the intensity of the Ad-blocker i.e. Aggressive, Standard and Disabled. In addition, it also has Fingerprint blocking which I won’t recommend because the websites might not function usually. Also in the dashboard on the home screen of the brave browser, you can view a number of ads and tracks blocked which is quite interesting.

However, there are website owners who use locally hosted Ads through banners which the brave browser can’t remove or block. Also, these kinds of ads won’t bother you at all because they are used as a banner which will surely make no difference in the browsing experience of the user.

What are brave rewards?

All of us know that turning the ad-blocker on will result in the depletion of speed, user experience and so on which is not acceptable, because most of the ads are very rigid which eventually results in even worse experience.

Now the question arises. How will the publishers and the officials of a particular software company earn money if the Ads are blocked every time?

So this feature is not available in any of the browsers in the market currently which is good enough for the brave browser because having a feature or service which allows the user to earn is quite satisfactory and beneficial as well.

The brave browser features a mode where the user can turn the on the ad blocker and in this feature the user will get to see few of the classified ads which are mostly privacy protected, it ensures that none of the ads viewed is malicious or rigid.

Brave rewards

So when you turn the ad-blocker on in the brave browser, the amount of earning is divided into two parts i.e. one part goes to the user’s reward that is the brave rewards and the second part goes to the developers or the officials. The share is 85% and 15% respectively for the users and officials, further, the users can also claim the rewards and transfer it directly into the bank account or crypto wallet.

Also, in this mode, the ads for the contents on YouTube and some of the other platforms will be turned on because the content creators do deserve the share if the user is watching or reading their content on the internet.

Basic Attention Token

This is one of the most unique approaches made by Brave where the user can tend to contribute or in a way, we can say donate to the particular websites and content creators through BAT i.e. Basic Attention Token.

This feature can be managed in the brave rewards option in the settings gear where you can set the number Ads you want to see per hour and so on.Tokens can only be earned by two ways and i.e. adding it from the Crypto wallet manually or viewing Ads in the brave browser also sometimes Brave tends to reward tokens.

After you have some limited amount of tokens in your wallet, you can also go on and switch to the auto contribute option where you will have to set the amount needed to be contributed per month to the particular website.

Auto contribute Brave

Also, the website should join the publishers’ program which will help the websites to earn more money and also generate rewards for users. 

Privacy and security

These days, data and information of a particular person are one of the most valuable things in the internet world which results in higher demand for personal data.

In this condition hackers and some of the unauthorized websites tend to use the data of yours in a wrong manner to carry out illegal deeds and at the end of the day, you will be the one, who will be blamed for all the wrong deeds.You might not know but your data is worth more than you can imagine in the cyber world.

I can assure you that the brave browser is one of the most secure ones in the market currently.

Below are some of the features which you can see in the brave browser and which will secure you throughout the time you are browsing.

Brave shield

This is another special feature available in the brave browser which allows you to turn on all the security options while you are browsing in the brave browser.

Brave Shield

Basically this feature has all the options at one place regarding security privacy and protection which allows the user to switch it on or off without even searching for a particular option.

Still, you can really find some issues while browsing when the shield is turned on because the browser responds to all the websites in such a manner that sometimes you won’t be able to access few of the websites which are the third party or unauthorized even if you wish to, which sometimes gets quite irritating.

Brave script blocker

You might have noticed that there are some unwanted files which automatically come into your system while you visit a website, be it an authorized one or an unauthorized one.So, the brave Script blocker blocks all the scripts i.e. the unwanted cookies or data which is absolutely useless. 

It tends to disable all the malicious cookies or we can say viruses to enter the system which is very impressive.

Https upgrade

This feature helps you a lot as a user because it finds out a secure path for you on the internet which is very impressive.Basically this feature prevents you from visiting the unauthorized websites which are not at all secure and instantly block away from that particular website which is quite impressive at times.

Also in addition to that, it does not only secure the data of yours by blocking you away from malicious and harmful websites but also takes you to the secure version of that particular website at times when needed.

All this happens automatically and at the end, this feature ensures that all the security protocols and norms are functioning perfectly for the safety of your data and information in your system.

Tracker blockers

Tracks are basically the pathway through which you have visited a website.Brave blocks all the tracks because of obvious reasons. So, whenever you visit a website, there are chances that tracks may lead the hackers or sometimes the website owner or even your ISP to acquire your personal data and information from your device.

So, tracker blocker in the Brave browser blocks away from all the tracks through which a user can get hacked.

Finger-Print enabled security system

Yes, a brave browser does feature an option to enable the fingerprint reading where users can make sure that they are even more secure, and in the back, no one is accessing the data in their brave browser when they are not around.

Also website owner use google analytics to track user’s browser but if you use brave browser and enable fingerprint protection then they don’t able to track you easily.

Pros and Cons of brave

Here are few of the boons and bans that I found while using and researching about the brave browser. Yes, there might be some more points to be added to it but as of now these many issues and features have been found out.

Extensions compatible with chrome storeThe mic is not usable
Frequent customizationBrave shields broke few websites
Highly secureSome extensions are not compatible
Pleasing UISync is dis-functional
Multiple Profile
Highly Secure
Can earn rewards only while browsing

Easy management of search engine

So, this is one of the features that might seem quite common but let me tell you that it is indeed very useful on its own.

These days there are several search engines available in the market and everyone has their own choices which are quite obvious. This option in the browser allows you to choose between a few of the search engines or else you can also just feed the link to your wanted search engine and the browser will set into the default search engine until and unless you change it.

You can find the option to manage the search engines in the settings gear. Below is a screenshot.

Manage search engines in brave

Frequent and Easy customization

When you go on to compare brave browser with any other browser in terms of options available for customization then surely you will like it in Brave because the browser offers plenty of features to customize the browser as per the users with zero hassle.

You will find the option to customize the brave browser according to your needs within the home screen i.e. in the bottom right where you can see plenty of options to manage the home screen or dashboard. 

Customization of any browser is one of the most important factors and that’s quite obvious because very few people like the browser as it is. But, as per my likings, I would also recommend you to use the browser as it is because it is quite impressive and simple to use.

Further, you can also go to settings and discover more settings or enhance and customize the look of the brave browser as per your wish. You can find settings regarding pages, fonts (size, customizing fonts) and so on.

Below is a screenshot of all the customization options available in the browser. Also you can expect few themes to be available in the browser itself which is another good thing.

Brave customization

Brave Reader mode 

This feature helps you out when you are reading in your system. Basically, it allows you to customize the page you are reading according to your comfort of eyes such as changing the background colour and so on.

Brave browser Speed and performance

So, speed and overall performance of a browser is another most important factor that needs to be considered before you use a browser for your daily work.

We already know that the brave browser is based on chromium which is already good enough and let me tell you that if you are one of the chrome users then the experience is going to be quite identical and satisfactory as well.

Chromium is probably the best and in addition, the brave browser also features a strong Ad-blocker and other special features in Brave Shield which does the job for you as a user in a perfect manner for enhancing the speed and performance of the browser.

No Worries for Extensions 

Extensions are basically shortcuts to the platforms in the web which allows you to access the platform within the browser itself.

When we talk about extensions, one thing that comes to our mind is Chrome (Web store) because it began the trend of extensions in web browsers.

There are browsers in the market which tend to feature their own extension store which is decent enough but deep down we all know that web store is the best one.

Extensions Brave

The brave browser also tends to support almost all the extensions from the web-store which is very impressive because you will get thousands of verified platforms to be available in the web-store which you can run in Brave browser.

Still, there are some issues and i.e. some of the extensions present in the web-store are not compatible with brave browser because somehow the developers have built the extension especially for Chrome which I think is obvious.

Hassle-free multi-user experience

If you are one of the Chrome users then you already know that you can easily create multiple user accounts to use the browser.

The same is with the Brave browser, just go to the brave browser open it then click on the three-bar in the top right area where you can see the option for Create A New Profile then you will see a new window opened then set up it as a new user and done.

You can easily access the profiles after you visit the guest profile and there you can manage all the profiles too. Overall this feature is well optimized and very useful.

Brave profile management

Availability in different platforms

Well, you can easily predict that this browser is available in all the platforms. Let me give you an idea about the experience of both the MAC, LINUX i.e. the other platforms of computer systems and as well as mobile phones i.e. Android and iOS.

Computer Systems

When it comes to MAC and LINUX OS, you will find that both of them are quite identical to that of Windows which is quite obvious. Also, the downloading procedures in all the OS are quite similar to one another in computer systems.

In addition to that, you will be shocked to know that the user experience and all the features are also similar to that of Windows.


So, android is one of the most used mobile OS in the world and Brave is quite new in the Google Play Store. Still, you can expect it to be one of the best browsers in the market of Android.

Brave Private Web Browser
Brave Private Web Browser
Developer: Brave Software
Price: Free
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot
  • Brave Private Web Browser Screenshot

You can notice that all the security factors are similar to that of the features present in Windows which is again impressive because besides Chrome none of the browsers is that good and usable in mobiles these days.

However, there are some of the browsers which provide speed and performance but when it comes to security factors and user experience it is below average, one of the examples would be UC Browser which has been banned by many of the countries.


Well, just like any other application in iOS you can easily find it in the Apple store.You will find most of the features similar to that of Android ones which are obvious. Hence, if you have read the previous paragraphs then you already know.

Also, in smartphones you can easily change the appearance and also go on to listen or play background audios or videos but the browser will only play the audio which is also great because there are times when you wish to listen to the audio rather than watch the video.

NOTE: Also it is free in each and every platform which is another good reason to download it and at least try it for once. In addition to that, you will notice that the UI in Brave browser is way better than any other browsers in the mobile market which is filled with trash browsers.


Getting back all the stored data and saved pages or bookmarks in the browser is way too important when you are switching to other devices. Sync helps you to not lose the data and personalized stuff from the browser by backing it up to your specific account.

Sync helps you to not lose the data and personalized stuff from the browser by backing it up to your specific account.

Be it an android device or an iOS device, once you have logged in to the brave then you can further login to your account in any of your device or computer system and get back all the data.

Basically, all the bookmarks, history, saved items, passwords, extensions and every single thing you can sync it with the browser you log in to. This way you upgraded or switched to other devices and lost no data that was precious to you. Sync in the Brave Browser comprises a lot of features now which is just amazing for the users.

brave sync feature 1

Multiple device selection

Now users can easily sync multiple devices be it an iOS, Android, MAC or Windows system. It provides a unique code when you wish to add a new device or it can also allow you to sync the device by just scanning the QR code which pops-up in the brave window.

Selection of data to be synced

Basically, a user can just select the required data to be synced in the system which allows the users to just sync the required features or information which is in a way beneficial for the users. Also, sync won’t affect the device on the other side so the user can do it without any worries.

Overall, the sync feature is perfectly functional in the brave browser now and you can easily expect the browser-sync feature to get better and advanced with time which is indeed best for the users.

Memory and CPU usage

This is one of the main concerns for the users who are using an outdated or a system which is loaded with lower specs. 

Memory and CPU consumptions affect a lot when you function by minimizing the particular tool or software because when it consumes more you can expect the other functions in your system to not work perfectly i.e. slowly. It is quite obvious and there is nothing to worry about.

Let me tell you that the brave browser is based on Google’s open-source Chromium. But, you can expect the brave browser to indulge more and consume more of your CPU and memory because of all the high-end security and UI experience that you are getting with it.

Memory consumption of brave browser

Above is a screenshot of the task manager from my system.

You will also notice that rest of the browser except for some of the good ones, brave browser tends to consume more memory which is quite obvious because you are getting such facilities and optimized UI which are tremendous 

If you run any two browsers side by side let’s say UC and Brave then surely Brave will consume more and at the same time, you will also notice that the Brave browser offers a lot of features with an optimized UI.

Internet Data Consumption

Well, these days there is not an issue regarding this factor because most of the users use unlimited data packages which are kind of common. 

But, there are still some users who use limited data packages and do all their work, and eventually, they can’t afford to lose all the internet data while browsing.

Brave browser tends to block all the data consuming Ads and limits your internet data speed while you are browsing or downloading stuff.

Some flaws I found while using Brave browser

Basically, the Brave browser is one of the best web browsers out there in the market but we also can’t just ignore the loose ends and flaws in the application because it can truly affect a lot when it comes to the user experience which is terrible.

So, here are a few flaws that I found when I used it for a longer period of time.

Sync Break

Well, the brave browser also supports sync of accounts between devices which is good but recently. I have noticed that the sync process is not working properly and which is hampering users because there are users who use Brave as a primary browser in their devices and losing all the data is not at all what they want.

Syncing our accounts is one of the most important parts when it comes to switching between devices because when we change our device it’s new and setting it up and saving all the data, pages and all from the beginning takes a lot of time.

Brave Shield unwanted functionality 

The brave shield is another feature that carries the most important functions regarding privacy and security i.e. HTTPS upgrades, script blocker, tracker blocker, and all the factors that basically protect the users from hackers or intruders which is impressive and beneficial up to some extent.

But, when you go onto access any of the third-party websites it will automatically block it if there are even minor casualties which is common because not every website on the internet is secure enough and at this time if you want to access this particular website then you certainly can’t at it turns out to be irritating and annoying.

Suppose you are trying to access a website for your work or any emergency case and at the meantime you automatically get blocked off that website because of shields (to be particular- script blocker and HTTPS upgrades) then you will surely be disappointed and on the other hand, you can’t even turn the shield off because it would make your privacy and security level much fragile.

Hence, this is a big problem of all which should be resolved by the officials from Brave browser as soon as possible.


Extensions are one of the best features which all of us enjoy a lot.

You already must know that Brave browser supports extensions from chrome web store which is very impressive because these days everyone has a chrome browser and if they want to switch or use Brave then they can easily sync the extensions between both the browsers.

Yet, there is an issue and which is quite common and obvious i.e. Brave browser doesn’t support some of the extensions present because few of them are specially designed for chrome. But, you can expect plenty of extensions to work properly in Brave browser. 

Dysfunctional mic 

So, if you are confused and don’t know how it is a flaw? 

Then let me tell you that there are several applications and extensions which need a microphone for usage such as a video call with your friend in the Facebook Messenger in Brave browser. Eventually, you will not be able to use your mic in the brave browser because it doesn’t support mic.

How To Switch To Brave Browser

You must be one of the users using a Chromium-based browser or most probably a Chrome user and if you are not one of them then let me tell you that you are missing out on a lot of features which will blow your mind.

Below are the steps by which you can switch from any of the chromium-based browsers to Brave browser.

  1. Open up the browser which you were using previously, go on to option bar (mostly in the right upper corner).
  2. Then select the option for exporting the bookmarks.
  3. Once, you have done that, select the location where you need to save the HTML file i.e. the bookmarks.
  4. Then, go on and open the brave browser.
  5. Open up the options bar and go on to select the import option.
  6. Once you have done that, select the HTML file from the location where you have saved it.
  7. Then, just download the HTML file and you are done.

Still, there is an issue and i.e. you will not be able to copy all the customization that you have made which is unfortunate. But still, you could do it manually after you have installed the brave browser because it’s quite easy.


Why is the Brave Browser Different Than Other Browsers?

Just like other good browsers in the market, the brave browser also features a powerful Ad-blocker and a very resilient and optimized UI. But, the difference is that Ad-blockers from the rest of the browsers tend to block all the Ads and eventually content creators from several platforms won’t earn any revenue when you visit their content which is kind of not fair.
Also, the officials from brave browsers won’t earn money. So, brave have come up with the system brave rewards where both the users and the publishers get benefits. In addition, you can also choose the number of Ads to view which is another good feature for content creators.

Is the brave browser safer than Google Chrome and all the other browsers?

You can easily notice that all the browsers other than Chrome, Firefox and the Brave, none of the browsers are secure enough because data and identity is the most valuable thing in today’s era and let me tell you other browsers are not that good and loyal to you in terms of handling your data on the internet.
There is no doubt that Brave browser is probably the safest of all the browsers in the market currently because of all the security features in it and especially, the brave shield does the perfect job while you are surfing in the web. HTTPS upgrade. Script blocker, tracker blocker these are few of the features which ensure your security in the brave browser.

How can I redeem Brave rewards?

Well, just go on to the brave rewards in the settings gear and head on to redeem the rewards in your crypto wallet or else you can also redeem it directly into your bank account.

Do all the extensions from Chrome Web-store work in the brave browser?

Unfortunately, no because web-store is specially designed for chrome browser and the developers design all the extensions as per chrome browser which is quite obvious. This eventually results in browsers that are not compatible with few of the extensions in the web-store.

Is Brave browser free?

Yes, the brave browser is absolutely free across all the platforms.

Is the brave browser legal?

Yes, a browser has to clear a lot of requirements of the government of a particular country and obviously the brave browser has passed all the criteria, after all, it is one of the most secure browsers in the market. Also, there is no such allegation against the brave browser. So, you can expect it to be absolutely legal and safe as well.

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  1. Same here….Awesome browser but sync is broken. It is the only thing stopping me from making a complete switch. Hopefully it is resolved soon by the Brave Team.

  2. What’s up. I like Brave browser but there’s one sticking point that I have. That is the ‘Top Sites’. After a while it clogs your window. Is there anyway I can disable Top Sites? To me, it’s like thumbnails in Chrome which I hate. Thx .

  3. Quick question – when you did the test comparing web browsers….where your Brave shields turned off or on? That’s a huge difference.

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