9 Best YouTube Alternatives: That You Should Know!

You will be surprised to know that apart from YouTube there are other similar platforms that provide video streaming features. Just like YouTube, you can use these platforms to watch quality content.

Below are some of my top picks for the best YouTube alternatives and, I have explained why you should use these platforms as a viewer or as a creator?

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1. Vevo

Vevo videos supported platforms

You all have noticed the name Vevo at the bottom of many music videos that you have watched on YouTube. Vevo is one of the best alternatives for YouTube which allows you to enjoy your favorite music from your favorite artist.

It offers premium quality music videos, behind the scene footage, music videos, live performance of the artist, etc. Just like YouTube, it lets you comment on videos, follow channels and share your favorite video on social media platforms. 

Suited for: It is best suited for those who love to enjoy quality music videos and want to connect with their favorite artists.

Platform Support: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Fire OS, Windows, Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Boxee, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Host Premium Music VideosSome Videos are not suited for Children
Can follow and comment 
Can get featured playlists and new releases from all the genres 

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2. Hulu


Hulu is one of the best alternatives to YouTube which not only offers quality content to their viewers but also lets them download it to watch it offline. It is a platform that offers all kinds of TV Shows and hit movies current and classic.

It is an app where you will be able to access one of the largest streaming libraries with no ads. Hulu lets you create 6 profiles and offers live TV with 65+ top channels. 

Suited For: Best suited for those who are looking to enjoy hit movies and TV shows of all time

Platform Support: Android, iOS, Fire TV, PC & Mac, Web, PlayStation, Roku, Xbox

Offers Live TV with 65+ top channelAd-supported
You can download and watch offlineExpensive Add ons
Offers personalized TV experience 

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3. TED Talks

Ted Talk User Interface

If you are a businessman, designer, a techy person, or just a random guy who is interested in topics like technology, entertainment, design, etc then TED Talks is the best choice for you. As a YouTube alternative, it provides videos of conferences where people talk about many seminal topics including technology, science, nature, global warming, education, social change, and more.

As of now, it has over 3500+ videos that can boost your understanding of the world in a different way. There are a lot of things that you can learn while watching the videos on ted talk then on videos on YouTube that have no value.

Suited for: Best for any kind of person who is interested in understanding, learning, and growing.

Platform Support: Web, Android, iOS, SmartTV, Roku, FIreTV, Mobile, and Tablet.

Offers Videos and Podcasts, No of videos is very low compared to YouTube
Host more than 3500+ inspiring videos 
UI is clean and simple to use 

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4. Odysee

Odysee User Interface

One of the latest and more suited video streaming platforms for creators and viewers is Odysee. Odysee is a video platform based on blockchain technology LBRY, it welcomes all kinds of diverse content and healthy discourse.

It encourages people to support their favorite creators and also offers multiple ways through which creators can earn rewards like tipping from people, sharing content, and bringing new people to the platform. 

It is hurdle-free as you just need to have a channel to join over Odysee and it supports YouTube migration seamlessly. This way you will be able to migrate and make a channel on Odysee with your YouTube videos.

Suited for: Best for all kinds of creators and viewers, it is as people are saying, YouTube successor.

Platform support: Web, iOS 

Full control of the contentEarning is only received in the form of Crypto
even the consumers can earnThere is a minimum requirement for a YouTube sync program 
Can serve as a backup for videos 
YouTube sync feature 

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5. Vimeo

Vimeo User Interface

Looking for YouTube alternatives, Vimeo could be the best option for you as it provides easy-to-use and navigates user interface and quality content. It is one of the most famous video-sharing websites which hosts videos of far mature creators than YouTube who know what they are doing.

As a viewer, you can create an account and watch videos on Vimeo for free without any ads. But for creators, there is no free plan. To upload to Vimeo you have to purchase a plan and the plan starts with 7$ per month. For creators Vimeo provides a lot of controls over their videos sharing, it even allows you to customize the web player with your own branding.

Suited For: Vimeo is best suited for businesses and people who love to watch and create quality content with a friendly and positive community.

Platform Support: Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Nvidia Shield, Xbox One, PS4, Chromecast, Fire TV.

Works with Google AnalyticsNot free
No adsLess Traffic
Access to the video production teamNot favored by Google search algorithms
Customizable privacy setting 
Free Trial 

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6. Twitch

Twitch User Interface

Twitch is a gaming focus video platform made entirely for gamers. Although being launched in June 2011 it has evolved a lot and now it also includes sections for other category-type content. It mainly offers fairly niche-related content, unlike YouTube where you will find anything. This feature of providing niche-related content is the strongest advantage of Twitch. This is why it has grown so much as a gaming streaming platform.

As far as video monetization goes twitch doesn’t use ads to monetize their content on the platform. It allows creators to accept donations from their viewers. If you are the one who wants to earn money while playing games and streaming videos then twitch is the best option for you.

Suited For: Twitch is best for those who love to watch and create gaming niche video content.

Platform Support:  Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows

Positive CommunityNot much suited for non-gamers
Heaven for gamers 
Revenue through donation 
Alternative for YouTube gaming 

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IGTV user interface

IGTV or Instagram TV is a side project of Instagram which was launched in 2018 to counter the monopoly of YouTube over video creation. At present, it has over a billion monthly active users. IGTV is a platform that is more focused on vertical screen content, which is very easy to watch on a smartphone. 

Still, Instagram has not revealed any monetization plans for its creators but it is believed that in the future companies will roll out something for them. So, that creator can earn through their videos. IGTV has a vast library of video content related to multiple niches and the platform is very easy to use. and I am sure that you’re gonna love the vertical alignment content it provides.

Suited for: It is best for all kinds of creators and consumers and has videos related to every niche.

Platform Support: Web, Android, iOS

Portrait Mode video contentNo revenue for creators
Easy to use UILimited to vertical viewing
Excellent User BaseImprovement needed for Analytic tool

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8. DailyMotion

DailyMotion user interface

Dailymotion is another excellent platform that provides video hosting, sharing, and streaming features. It is almost similar to YouTube where you can publish videos, viewers can visit the website and watch the published videos for free, they can even like and comment.

The noticeable difference is that it provides very relaxing policies compared to YouTube. As a viewer you don’t need anything to watch videos, you don’t have to bother about creating an account, there is no age restriction but, all this freedom comes with a cost and hence there is no strong policy to counter republishing of the copyright content. 

Suited For: All the viewers out there who want to consume content with no restriction.

Platform support: Web, Android, iOS, Windows

Account creation is not mandatory for watching videosVideo Length Limit 60 min
NO age restrictionProne to privacy
Ad based revenueImprovement in analytical tools
Nice Interface 

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9. Facebook Watch

Watch Videos on Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch, a video focus service from Facebook was launched in August 2017. Since then we have seen videos being harboured in our feeds. Last year Facebook rolled out the new updated Facebook Watch which lets creators create and publish videos on its platforms while giving them access to all the necessary data and analytics which can help them grow their viewer base, just like on YouTube.

As you have guessed Facebook has a huge user base, if you are a creator I would definitely recommend you to look into this platform. Just like YouTube, the Facebook watch also has the same ad revenue-sharing monetization formula where it shares a part of its ads revenue with the creators.

Suited For: Best for those who are beginners to this video creation and YouTube monetization policy is too much for them.

Platform support: Web, Android, iOS 

Huge User BaseImprovements needed
Ad-revenue sharing 
Easy to watch videos 

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Is there an ad-free alternative to youtube?

Yes, there are platforms like Twitch or IGTV which are ads-free and offer a variety of niche-related content. you can enjoy videos without wasting time and data on ads.

Is Odysee next YouTube?

No one can predict the future but Odysee a video platform based on LBRY technology surely has potential and has been described as a decentralized alternative to YouTube. 

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