6 Best Wired Earphones Under 600 Rs For Best Sound Quality

Today, media consumption has become an integral part of our everyday life. With increasing options for earphones in the Newmarket, it can be quite tricky sometimes to find the perfect ones on a budget. Being an audiophile, I myself struggled to choose one, out of a wide variety of options. 

But, you don’t have to be overwhelmed anymore. In this article, I will be talking about the best-wired earphones you can buy for under 600 rs. So, if you want great-sounding earphones that don’t leave a hole in your pocket, then stick till the end. Let’s begin.

1. Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2 Earphones

Realme’s earphones are known for being stylish and offering great design, and certainly buds 2 don’t disappoint. Some of the best features of it are great bass, the built quality of the plastic used, and exceptionally strong cable. They have a braided jacket with TPU to make sure the cable lasts long, which is good to see in budget earphones. 

The earbuds have magnets in them so whenever you attach them, it pauses the music, a nice thing to see. Talking about audio, it comes with a robust 11.2mm bass boost driver for excellent bass. It can really drive bass lovers and people who play mobile games like BGMI or Freefire. Overall, a great option for anyone on a budget. 

Key Features

  • Tangle-free Cable
  • Sweatproof 1.3m long cable 
  • Black, blue, orange, green color options
  • Magnetic earbuds
Pros Cons
Stylish and durable designBass sometimes can interfere with the clarity of voices
Clear and loud sound output
Thumpy bass, good for gamers
Good quality non-tangible cable

Check Out Realme Buds 2

2. boAt Basshead 220/225

boAt Bassbuds 220 or 225

If you’re looking for a more stylish and good sound performance then Boat Basshead 225 can be the perfect option for you. What you will instantly notice in it are the polished metal earbuds which have a premium feel to them. There are multiple color options for every kind of user. The noise cancellation feature is something not many earphones have in this price segment. 

Despite metal earbuds, the earphones are really lightweight and you won’t notice the weight. Talking about the audio, the sounds seem very balanced. The bass and treble are well maintained. I personally love the flat cable, it is light and tangle-free. Overall, it’s a pretty good option for anyone looking for more balanced audio, for any kind of music.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting 1.2m flat cable 
  • Good quality mic
  • Black, Blue, Forest Green, Forest White, Molten Orange, Neon Lime, and Red color options
  • Clear and balanced audio
Pros Cons
Brushed metal used for earbudsNot much sturdy in ears
Multiple color optionsThe noise cancellation isn’t that great
The carrying case is included in the box
Ear hooks for extra support

Check Out boAt Bassbuds 220/225

3. Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 is probably the cheapest one on the list, but don’t be fooled looking at the price. It’s one of the best sounding earphones you can get under a budget. The materials used here are plastic and rubber but it never feels cheap by any means. It has comfortable ear tips which don’t come off easily, unlike the Boat ones on the list. 

Talking about the audio, I found the audio to be balanced and crisp. It’s just perfect for watching movies and listening to music with enhanced vocals. Might not be the best one for bass lovers, but overall, it sounds really great and is the best option in its price range. You can consider it if you don’t want to spend more and still don’t want to compromise. 

Key Features

  • Rubberized non-tangible cable
  • comfortable and sturdy ear tips
  • Most budget-friendly 
  • Black and red color options
Comfortable for long sessionsNot compatible with music like EDMs 
Doesn’t cost muchThe cable is not that strong
Balanced audio
Minimal design

Check Out Boult Audio BassBuds X1

4. Mi Basic

Mi Basic

Mi has become synonymous with budget-friendly tech peripherals, and gadgets, and so they haven’t been disappointed with their earphones either. The Mi Basic earphones, like the name, are one of the best earphones you can find under a tight budget. For sure there have been some compromises inbuilt quality, but it’s a pretty decent option.

The plastic used isn’t that strong, nor the cable is tangle-free, but when we talk about the sound quality, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s made well with balanced audio, suitable for most music lovers. The basics are not very strong, but the vocals are crisp and clear. The earphones don’t last for years, but you can still go for them if you are under a tight budget. 

Key Features

  • Super cheap
  • Only available in black color
  • Feels nice in the ears
  • Balanced audio
Pros Cons
Lightweight and doesn’t hurt earsCable feels cheap
Enhances vocals in songsGets tangled easily
Good quality ear tips Not suitable carrying while traveling
Decent microphone

Check Out Mi Basic

5. Ant Audio W56

Ant Audio W56

Coming from Ant Audio, a new player in the earphone industry, W56 is a very decent earphone on a budget. It’s mainly designed for people who don’t want to sacrifice their looks for good earphones. Its design ensures you get maximum comfort during long sessions of music. You will find brushed metal used here for the buds, which is good for the built quality.

The cable here is also flat and tangle-free, so you can carry it on the go. The audio quality is really good and very well-balanced. I have used it for more than a year and never faced any issues with comfort or quality. You can consider it if you want good-looking earphones on a budget so that you can carry them wherever you go. 

Key Features

  • Ear hooks for extra support
  • Decent bass and treble
  • Stylish looks
  • Good packaging 
Metal earbuds for better-built qualityBasic microphone
Intangible cable 
Very lightweight
Stylish looks

Check Out Ant Audio W56

6. pTron Boom Ultima 4D

pTron Boom Ultima 4D

If you are looking for the best earphones under a budget for mobile gaming, then there’s no better option than pTron Boom Ultima 4D. This can take your gaming experience to a whole new level, thanks to the dual drivers and thumpy bass. Even the minute sounds in BGMI, like footsteps, become enhanced and help you.

You will find plastic and rubber built here, decent enough for its price. The cable is quite strong and tangle-free. You will find TPE covers on the cable to ensure longer life. The built-in remote control in this earphone makes it pretty unique and very easy to use. You can use these for very long sessions as well without any issues. Overall, it’s the best option for gamers. 

Key Features

  • Dual drivers for better audio
  • Heavy and thumpy bass
  • Perfect for long sessions
  • Very sturdy built and cable
  • Available in black, white, and blue color options
Great microphoneNot suitable for music with more vocals
Tangle-free cable
Free carrying case
Sturdy and durable

Check Out pTron Boom Ultima 4D


Are Boult and boAt the same?

No. Both are Indian brands but are not from the same parent company. But both have many great earphones. 

Which wired earphones produce the best sound quality?

Under 600 rs, Realme buds 2 offer the best sound quality. The audio output is suited for almost every kind of music and is very balanced. 

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