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Learning from the internet has become a trend and it allows you to learn any topic or subject irrespective of the field you are working in or the college you are studying in. Many freshers are willing to start their career in a different sector, but due to reasons like linguistic, financial, distance, the age they can’t pursue their goals and these become a barrier for them. 

For these people, online courses are a blessing and if they have the completion certificate of the course then they can easily pursue their next step towards a better life.

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Choosing the Right Platform

There are many E-learning platforms where you can gain your knowledge and develop some skills and learn any subject you are passionate about. You can try different apps, e-learning software, e-books, websites, and e-learning video platforms. But I found websites are best as you will be able to see videos, articles and you are able to ask questions to teachers on some websites. Let us dive into the best website for free online courses with certificates that I handpicked for you.

1. E-Skill India 

E Skill India

This portal is an Indian government-certified website in which there are 1100+ diplomas as well as free certificate courses. There are more than 21 fields in which the certification can be done and easily by passing the test you avail yourself of the completion certificate. There are many innovative courses in the field of sewing, agriculture, languages, etc. 

This website is backed by some of the blue-chip giants like IBM, Prade, Microsoft, British Council, and this website provides you great knowledge and skill with the government certification, so it upholds the first position as it provides skills and the proof of those skills means the certificate is completely legit and free for all the kind of people.

Visit E-Skill India

2. Coursera


Coursera is an American open website where there are multiple free courses with respective certificates but in a more organized manner and standard form. There are more than 150 universities associated with those online platforms and there are more than 4,000 courses offered by Coursera. The course depends upon the level of knowledge you owe for the particular subjects or topic. 

They provide Shareable certificates which can be used in any of the fields. There are multiple quizzes for which they provide graded material and assignments that help you get flying colors in exams. They have the option of self-paced learning. There is no charge for the course as well as the certificate they offer you this certificate is completely free.

Visit Coursera

3. Academic Earth 

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a knowledge repository of free online courses. There are more than 10 fields or sectors in which the courses are offered. The courses at academic earth are at an advanced level which requires a great focus and hard work to pursue those courses. These courses are designed by top universities of the world like Berklee College. Finance from Colombia, Cornell University. 

This portal provides you with the best faculty and there are multiple quizzes and assignments which are bulgy for the learner to complete. This platform is purely for the professional and the one who wants to truly learn and develop an advanced skill. 

Visit Academic Earth

4. Alison 


With over 3 million graduates pursuing the certification course, the Alison website is considered one of the best online platforms to learn and acquire skills in any domain. The certificate they offer is reviewed based on the level of courses the individual has done.  

There are domains in which this free website has the expertise, such as language certification, Information technology Certification, Notary public certification, project management certification, Forklift operator license, etc. There are more than 200 diplomas and 5000+ certified free courses.

Visit Alison

5. Stanford Online

Stanford Online

One of the best and prestigious institutes in the world offers you some free online certified courses which can excel your careers. The outcome of these courses is way beyond the normal ones. Many topics are advanced and covered by only the best faculty in the world. The assignments and exams are pretty tough to solve but after the completion of this certificate, you can easily start a career in any field you want. The motive of Stanford online is to continue Stanford’s leadership in providing quality education by unleashing creativity and innovation in online learning. 

Some of them are design thinking, Autonomous robotic manipulation, the future of blockchain, and many management and finance programs are available on this website.

Visit Stanford Online

6. Udemy 


This portal provides you with the flexibility of accessing the course at any time and on any device, you can easily download those courses and can watch them in your free time. There are Q&A sections in which you resolve your doubts and question one to one with your mentor. They have more than 13,0000 + courses among them more than 8000 + courses are free and the rest of the courses are premium. 

You can get a discount coupon from the author which will allow you to get the course at discount or at a free price. Then you can complete that course and get the certificate. The only downside is that the portal is no longer associated with any former universities so the certificate has very little value in the market. Moreover, they are one of the best in structuring the course and many of the courses of computer science and finance are up to mark. 

Visit Udemy


Are Certificates of Online courses worth in resume?

Yes, Online courses will help you to strengthen your resume. In today’s world, Recruiters are shifting from degree-based hiring to skill-based hiring. So relevant skills backed with a certificate will surely make you ahead of the queue.

What courses can I do online?

There are thousands of courses for hundreds of topics, but you have to be practical as you won’t be able to do all the courses. You have to choose one course that you find resourceful and master it.

Which courses are best free or paid?

It depends on the teacher of the course, sometimes you get a quality course for free and sometimes your money is wasted on a course which provides only theoretical knowledge.

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