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There are times when our video files get corrupted because of some unwanted errors or viruses which is quite unfortunate but at the same time, we do have solutions because be it a creator’s video file or a regular person’s family video, both are equally precious to both the people.

1. Stellar Repair For Video

Stellar Repair for video is an effective program to repair corrupted and damaged video files that cannot be played in the system or any other media player. It can repair multiple severely damaged videos simultaneously during capture, file transfer, video editing, conversion, or processing.

Stellar Repair For Video save repaired 1

It supports all popular video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI and so on, and can easily fix many videos at once efficiently. Besides a normal mode, it also provides an advanced mode for repairing severely damaged videos.

Available for: Windows/MAC

Price: 59 USD for Advanced Package

49 USD for standard package

109 USD for Advanced Package with multiple PCs

Trial Or Free Version: No Trial Version

Highly Professional toolThe Demo version is useless
Easy to use
Refined and Simple UI
Less memory consumption
Preview available
Supports multiple video file types

2. Repairit

Wondershare video repair tool UI

This tool can be used for fixing videos from any mainstream storage/gadgets, for example, DSLRs, Action Cameras, Drones, External HDD, and so on. Users get to see auto-update options within the software which is great because searching for the website and downloading and setting the tool again is quite irritating.

Wondershare Video repair tool features various file support MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, WMV, ASF, and FLV files in the Windows version and on the other hand MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI, and FLV files for MAC version. This pretty much covers up the most used and compatible file types.

In addition, one can easily repair video within 3-4 steps which will hardly take two minutes. 

Available for: Windows/MAC

Price: 29.95 USD for 1 Month

39.95 USD for 1 Year

49.95 USD for Lifetime (All the packages include advanced repairing system with 1 PC)

Trial Or Free Version: No Trial Version

Performs pretty wellNo customization options
Lightweight softwarePricing
Perfectly optimized UICan’t save videos on the trial version
Compatible with all the devicesNo demo version
Very less resource consumption.
Less time-consuming.
Trusted developer

3. Yodot AVI Repair

Yodot AVI Repair tool is a reliable tool that allows users to repair the corrupted video files without any hassle, on many devices listed- iPads, iPhones, Windows PCs, and Macs. It provides a resilient and easy-to-use interface to easily repair corrupted video files within a few steps and within minutes.

Repair damaged AVI files on the hard drive, memory card, USB drive, iPod, etc. Offers a free trial version, with which you can evaluate your results and preview the repaired video file before restoring it.

Available for: Windows/MAC

Price: 69.95 USD with advanced service for 1 PC

Trial Or Free Version:  Trial (with one time repair)

Compatible with 2 of the most used OSSupports only AVI video files which keeps it a step back
Highly reliable
Easy to use UI
The trial version provides the user to trial for real
Great time management
Less power consuming

4. Grau GmbH Video Repair Tool

Repairs corrupted videos in various types, including.MOV,.MP4, .M4V, .3GP. Fix corruption in multiple video files at once, no limitations on the size of video files for repair, and user-friendly interface for easy operation without high-end requirements.

Video repair tool Grau

With very fewer requirements one can expect their jobs to be done in a perfect manner. There is also a Demo mode which allows the users to repair and preview the half of the video clip which is kind of manageable. Also, one can expect some professional clips shot on high-end cameras to be repaired effortlessly.

Available for: Windows/MAC

Price: 29.00 USD with all the included services for 1 PC

Trial Or Free Version:  Trial Version (only half of the clip is repaired)

Supports high-end camera shotsNumber of file formats is limited
Easy to use Demo mode allows only half of the video clip to be repaired
Less memory and resource consumptionBugs in the app (as per reviews)
Refined UI
Demo mode available

5. Remo Video Repair Tool

Remo Video Repair Tool is well developed to fix your corrupt videos in a simple way. It has two versions: one to repair AVI and another to repair MOV videos in a few clicks. Remo Repair MOV can repair numerous types of damage to MOV or MP4 files on your system in different circumstances.

Remo repair video UI

Simple interface to allow users to finish video repairing easily, repairing of MOV files shot with any digital camera, drone, the smartphone can be carried out effortlessly.

Available for: Windows/MAC

Price: 69.97 USD with all the advanced service and 1 PC

Trial Or Free Version: No Trial Version

Highly optimized UITwo different versions
Less power and resource consumptionNot compatible with most of the video file types
Easy to master

6. OneSafe Video Repair Tool

OneSafe Video Repair tool repairs the video file if the file is broken or damaged from storage media like a flash drive, memory card, hard drive, external hard drive. 

Onesafe video repair UI

Some of the most common causes leading to corruption is reformatting, header file corruption, improper system shutdown, file read and write error, virus attack, tablet download problems. OneSafe Video Repair repairs different video file types like WMV, ASF, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP and F4V broken due to any of the above reasons.

Available for: Windows (Almost all Windows versions)

Price: 69.00 USD with all the advanced services and 1 PC

Trial Or Free Version: Trial Version Available

Easy to use Not available for any OS rather than Windows
No AdsSupports fewer numbers of video file format
Less time consuming
Trusted developer 
Minimum spec requirement


How can I fix corrupted video files?

Just download any of the above listed tools and install it once you have done this, just select the particular video which is corrupted or damaged then just within minutes your job will be done without any hassle.
Within few clicks one can repair videos in any of the above listed tools within 3-4 steps.

How can I fix old videos?

Often, many of our videos when stored for a longer period of time are attacked by viruses or eventually get corrupted or damaged because of some windows changes which is quite common.
At these times all you have to do is download a Video repair tool and within minutes you can get your videos back effortlessly.

How do I fix a corrupt file that won’t open?

Well, it depends upon the particular file type and error. There are several repairing tools available in the market and one can easily get access to any of the Repairing tools without any issue. If you are one of the users dealing with Video files then above are the listed premium apps to repair video without any hassle.

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