5 Best Snapdrop Alternative For Wireless File Transfer

Snapdrop.net is a fantastic open-source tool for transferring files wirelessly between your devices. But we all know it faces issues quite a lot and sometimes it gets frustrating. we actually already did an amazing article on fixing snapdrop, but in case you are not satisfied with snapdrop anymore and looking for some better snapdrop alternatives.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to some amazing wireless file-sharing website that works exactly like snapdrop or even better. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight into the list!

1. Sharedrop.io


Sharedrop.io is also an open-source service that looks and works exactly like snapdrop, after all, it uses the same technology used by our trusty snapdorp.net.

The steps are the same here too. You first need open sharedrop.io on both of your devices connected to the same devices then select the user from the list, browse the file using your OS’s file explorer, and you are done. Is as simple as that. With Sharedrop.io you require all your devices to be on same WiFi network all time to get your files transferred.

Free and open-source.May or may not work all time.
No file size limit.Requires all-time internet connection.

2. Rdrop.link


rdrop.link is also a safe website to transfer your files between your devices using P2P. And the best part is that it doesn’t apply any kind of compression to your files and even has no file size limitations.

You simply need to visit rdrop.link and browse your files, to receive them you can either scan the QR code generated from any QR code scanning app or can revisit rdrop.link and enter the code provided to you earlier. With rdrop.link both the devices need to be connected on the same network and it too does require internet connection all the time.

Even provides a QR code option to download files.Created with sktch.io.
Files are end-to-end encrypted.Requires an internet connection to work.

3. Toffeeshare.com


Toffeshare is another online file-sharing website focused towards privacy and safety. Your files are end-to-end encrypted before sharing, so no complaints about that. Even toffeeshare has a pretty neat and responsive mobile app and windows app available on the Play store and Microsoft store for easier access through the website works completely fine as well.

Just like any other file-sharing website, you can browse to share the files by first visiting toffeshare.com to send files or can download the shared file using the QR or the link generated. And the best part about toffeshare, it does not require your devices to be on same network, so you can really just share link with anyone around the world and it should just work fine, though you have to keep open your host tab till the file is download on your other machine.

Windows and android software are available.Cluttered website.
Works even on other networks.Files sometimes get corrupted while transferring.

4. Wormhole.app


Wormhole is another free and awesome-looking website that uses end-to-end encryption to transfer your files too. Not only does a simple file-sharing wormhole even allow users to set the restrictions on the file download limit and when should the link file link expires, but get one:

Just visit wormhole.com and just click on “select files to send” and browse. And you will get an awesome animation till the file is fully encrypted and uploaded on the web to get shared. You have to try it yourself to experience how awesome it feels. Wormhole even even works on outside networks perfectly without creating any issues.

End-to-end encrypted.The website is heavy on resources.
Awesome interface with the option to custom file expiration.May not work on work on older browsers.

5. pCloud File Transfer

pcloud file transfer

pCloud takes it a step further by adding the ability to directly get mail with the file link for convenience. It works in a different way but is very efficient like the one mentioned above.

To use it just upload your files to transfer.pcloud.com and provide your email address and you will get your file download link in your mail inbox within seconds. As the service uses the email address to make you download your files, it doesn’t require having your both devices on same network and you can safely close your host tab without any issues.

By a well-known brand.Have to provide your email address.
Fast and functional.File limit of 5GB.


Why is snapdrop not working at all?

It happens quite often, the whole snapdrop service gets outage. To check if it’s down for everyone or just you, you can do a quick visit to a website named isitdownrightnow.com and search for snapdrop.net on the box provided, and it should give you full information about the same.

How can I make Snapdorp work?

It might happen your device is conflicting with the technologies snapdrop is using to work. You can try using snapdrop in a private window or set a firewall whitelist for the snapdrop website and it should work now.

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