5 Best Site To Download No Copyright Music

In this article, I will be talking about 5 of my favorite and best sites that you can use to download no copyright music without paying a penny! You can use this music in your videos with absolutely no restrictions. So, let’s get started. 

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1. NoCopyrightSounds


NoCopyrightSounds, or NCS, is a music label that launches royalty-free music that you can use in your video even for commercial purposes. It has its own site where you can browse and download or check out its youtube channel to find some of the best work from artists all over the world. NCS is one of the most popular sources to find copyright-free music and for good reasons. 

The music library is absolutely huge and you will never run out of options. You can find all the different genres and subgenres, and you can filter your searches by released years, duration, and more. The site is extremely easy to use. You will need to sign up and you’re ready to download royalty-free music. Overall, NCS is my favorite site for royalty-free music and you must check this out. 

Visit NCS

2. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive, commonly known as FMA, is one of the best sources to find royalty-free music for content creators. FMA has tied up with so many artists, radio stations, and music enthusiasts to bring you the best free music. Here you can either search for the songs by their name, artists, duration, license type or just browse through your favorite genres and hundreds of subgenres. 

You don’t even need to register on the website to download the music, which is something most users would want. But if you do, you can comment on the music, create friend lists, and more. Many of the songs are licensed under the Creative Common label, so make sure you have double-checked before downloading any songs from here. Overall, it is a really great source of quality music. 

Visit Free Music Archive

3. PremiumBeat 


PremiumBeat is a platform made by the well-known company Shutterstock, a stock image website. PremiumBeat has one of the most diverse and among libraries of music you can find. It boasts some of the music that you cannot find anywhere else. All its music is royalty-free and you can use them for commercial purposes. You just have to sign up and you can download all the music. 

Talking about the interface, it’s well designed and will give you vibes of the original Shutterstock website. Navigating and browsing for music is quite easy here, you can find any kind of music by browsing through the genres. And if you liked any music, you can find other music which is similar to it using the Search Similar Tracks option. Overall, it’s a really great source of free music. 

Visit PremiumBeat

4. Youtube Audio Library

Youtube Audio Library

If you’re looking to use the music in your YouTube videos and you don’t need to wander anywhere, Youtube has got you covered. In Youtube’s creator section you can find all the different kinds of music that you can use for free. And since it is directly provided by youtube, you will never have to worry about whether the music is really copyright-free. And using it is quite easy as well.

The topics you will get may not be as huge as other libraries, but it’s still a great source because you will be getting really high-quality music to use. You can search and filter the list based on mood, genres, instruments, and duration. In addition to these, you can also access many sound effects. So, overall, these things make YouTube Library a really good option for content creators. 

Visit YouTube Audio Library

5. Purple Planet

Purple Planet

Purple Planet is a less known but amazing platform to get royalty-free music for free. And like its name, the whole website is purles and indeed easy to use. You can browse through all the different categories of genres, moods, and search them as well. The library isn’t as huge as others on the list, but it is decent for any beginner. I found the music list is well made. 

If you’re willing to pay then you will get access to a much bigger library of royalty-free music for commercial use.  Using it is quite easy. The music tracks are well categorized and you can download all of them without even registering on the website. Overall, all these features make Purple Planet unique on its own and it’s definitely something worth checking out. 

Visit Purple Planet


How do I know if a song is copyrighted on YouTube?

One of the easiest ways to find whether a song is copyrighted is to head over to the Creator Studio of youtube, click on Create and then on Music Policies, and now search the song you want to check in the search box. Click on the particular song and you would be able to see whether it is available to use in the videos. 

Can I use royalty-free music for commercial use?

Yes. If the music is royalty-free then you’re allowed to use it for commercial use.


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